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Monroe County Council Begins Review of 2019 Budget Proposal

A public comment session on the 2019 budget will be held on October 2nd at the Monroe County Courthouse. (Alex Eady, WTIU/WFIU News)

Tuesday night, the Monroe County Council began the first of several work sessions to review the proposed 2019 budget.

The council reviewed budget plans in several areas including solid waste management, judicial courts and probation.

Councilmembers approved moving two probation positions to the general fund.

They allocated $2.5 million to cover personnel, supplies and service expenses. The positions were previously funded out of the Court Alcohol and Drug Services Fund. But money in that fund has been declining and officials worried that it couldn’t support the positions.

Councilman Geoff McKim says relocating the probation positions to the general fund ensures they continue to be funded and it shows they’re a priority.

“It is also something we as a community need to invest in. I mean, I think we all say were for alternatives to incarceration and I think this is kind of where the rubber hits the road, and so I definitely support keeping it in one of the tax funds," McKimm says.

The council will continue to review the budget during sessions this week, including proposals for the county jail, prosecutor and sheriff’s office.

A public comment session on the budget will be held on October 2nd at the Monroe County Courthouse.

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