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Indiana Summer Bucket List (But Everything Has Air Conditioning)

(Pixabay, Becca Costello)

Summer has officially begun, so it's time to start checking things off your summer bucket list. But let's face it: it's really, really hot this week, plus thunderstorms are on the radar for the next couple of days.

So how can Hoosiers enjoy summer when stepping outside makes us want to cry? Check out our Ultimate Summer Bucket List (Inside Edition) for all the exciting (and air conditioned) activities you can't miss.

Visit the state's first cat cafe in Indianapolis


Catch a free planetarium show at Ball State University

The Charles W. Brown Planetarium at BSU is an immersive theater where state-of-the-art technology transforms the 52-foot dome into a simulation of the night sky as seen from Earth and from space.

Watch a free show every Friday night until the end of August: Into the Darkness, Tombaugh's Planet, or Planet Nine.

Go to a Peru Amateur Circus performance


Or, visit the circus museum in French Lick.

Cool off with some ice cream

Try the one of the state's best ice cream shops, ranked by online reviewsThe Chief in GoshenValpo Velvet in ValparaisoZaharakos in Columbus or Hartzell's in Bloomington.

Browse the Medical History Museum

Take an educational trip to some historic sites

Discover something incredible at the Lily Library

Indiana University's archival library in Bloomington never ceases to amaze. From a first-edition copy of Frankenstein to rare Orson Welles recordings to four Academy Award statues to the largest collection of mechanical puzzles in the world, there's always something new to discover.


Feeling nerdy? Visit the Hall of Heroes comic book museum

Located in Elkhart, the Hall of Heroes includes action figures, props and collectibles celebrating the history of comic books.

Check out a museum you've never visited before

Indiana has no shortage of museums all over the state, but you could check out a few in one day in Indianapolis:

Go underground: the hidden catacombs of Indianapolis

Another underground option: Bluespring Caverns

Take a boat tour through southern Indiana's Bluespring Caverns, where it's always a cool 54 degrees all year long. You can even brave the cave on an overnight adventure.

Check out the Basketball Hall of Fame Museum

Are you really a Hoosier if you aren't passionate about basketball? Brush up on your hoops history at the 14,000 square foot museum that promises to bring you close to the action of Indiana high school basketball.

See the recently-renovated West Baden Springs Hotel dome

The historic West Baden Springs Hotel is shining a little brighter after a series of renovations last year. When you step into the dome at night, the atrium lights up with all of the colors of the rainbow.

Eat your way through the state on one of the food trails

The Indiana Foodways Alliance has created nearly 20 separate trails for Hoosiers to enjoy food around the state. Don't miss the pie trail, Soda-licious trail, Spirited Brews, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, or BBQ.

Take the kids to the free indoor playground at Columbus Commons

The Commons in Columbus is a community gathering place, event space and, for the youngest visitors, a sprawling, brightly colored indoor playground.

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