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Fair Oaks Mall Oversight Board Created To Guide Purchase, Redevelopment

An oversight board headed by Columbus Mayor Jim Lienhoop has been created to oversee the purchase and redevelopment of the former Fair Oaks Mall.

The city hopes to purchase the property and turn it into a recreational sports center.

Lienhoop says the board will be in place for years to come and will change as the goals of the property do. 

"It will review the plans that will devolp in terms of cash flow for next to make sure that we set aside sufficient money," Lienhoop says. "It will review the purchase agreement that we will execute with the sellers and it will make sure that we bring all the tennants on board."

The facility will be split into several sections, including a retail area. Columbus Regional Health will also occupy part of the building. The remaining space will be used for recreation and park activities.

Lienhoop says the makeup of the 8-member appointed board could change over time.

"Once we get it then we’ll switch the mission which will be one of management and planning for the future," Lienhoop says. "And that will probably require a little different set of skills. So I would imagine there might be some changes in the board makeup at that time." 

The board plans to complete the purchase in December, and spend the entirity of 2019 planning how to best use the space. 

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