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Bloomington Residents Oppose Plans For Griffy Deer Cull


Bloomington residents opposed to a proposed deer cull at Griffy Lake say they want to see more data that shows the cull is necessary.

The proposed cull would allow nearly 30 trained local hunters to kill deer at the nature preserve within regulations outlined by the city.

Bloomington resident Anne Sterling testified at last night’s council meeting. She says she’s seen varying deer population estimates and hopes for a more in-depth analysis before a decision is made.

“How is that population expected to withstand being able to provide 220 hunting opportunities for folks who are not necessarily even from Bloomington coming in from outside of our city displacing tax payers," says Sterling.

Steve Cotter is the Natural Resources Manager for the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

He says the department is unsure how many deer are currently in the preserve, but research suggests maintaining one deer per five square feet to control the population.

The city contracted with White Buffalo Inc. last year to facilitate a deer cull that cost roughly 43 thousand dollars.

Cotter says the proposed local hunter led- cull would cost approximately $14,000 dollars- nearly one third of the previous cost.

If approved, the organized cull would be scheduled to begin November 17th.

The council will consider public comments and discuss the proposal again at a hearing next week.

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