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Sortable Table: Who’s Funding Your Representative?

In a mid-term election with no big races, education could prove to be the most important issue to voters.

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In a mid-term election with no big races, education could prove to be the most important issue to voters.

A few days ago, we told you education could be the biggest issue facing voters at the polls Tuesday in an otherwise lackluster mid-term. Today, we’ve gathered some evidence to prove that point.

Below is a sortable table of campaign donations to both state Senate and House candidates from education focused organizations: PACs, unions and individuals who are key stakeholders in Indiana education.

As you look through the tables, you’ll see there are significant donations from these organizations, and in the case of many candidates, education related donations funded most of the campaign.

There are two donors the fueled the most money into Republican and Democratic candidates: IPACE and HQE (how they’re represented in the table). Indiana Political Action Committee for Education, IPACE, is the political action committee affiliated with the Indiana State Teachers Association and are mostly funding Democratic candidates. On the other side, Hoosiers for Quality Education, a PAC affiliated with the Institute for Quality Education, is funding Republicans who advocate for school choice.

The information in the tables below are from public filings filed since the primaries in May. We only have information for General Assembly candidates, but to look up local school board filings check with the county clerk’s election office.

House of Representatives

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2Earl Harris (D)--
2Jayson Reeves (R)--
4Debora Porter (D)LPL Education Fund Laborer's Local 213 $1000
4Debora Porter (D)IPACE$87000
4Debora Porter (D)Indiana Federation of Teachers Cope Solidarity$250
4Debora Porter (D)Glenda Ritz$200
4Ed Soliday (R)HQE$25000
7David Niezgodski (D)--
7Mark Vogel (R)--
10Charles Moseley (D)IPACE$2000
10John Johnston (R)--
11James Metro (D)LPL Education Fund Laborer's Local 213 $1000
11James Metro (D)IPACE$49303.42
11James Metro (D)Indiana Federation of Teachers Cope Solidarity$100
11Michael Aylesworth (R)HQE$10000
11Michael Aylesworth (R)Scholastic Endeavors DBA Sylvan Learning Center$250
12Mara Candelaria Reardon (D)Indiana Federation of Teachers PAC$100
12Mara Candelaria Reardon (D)IPACE$20000
12Bill Fine (R)--
15Jim Wieser (D)IPACE$3000
15Hal Slager (R)--
16Rich Ludington (D)--
16Douglas L. Gutwein (R)--
19Shelli VanDenburgh (D)IPACE$54303.42
19Shelli VanDenburgh (D)Indiana Federation of Teachers Cope Solidarity$100
19Julie Olthoff (R)HQE$35000
21Jodi L. Buoscio (D)Glenda Ritz$200
21Timothy Wesco (R)--
22David C. Kolbe (D)--
22Michael L. Stinfer (I)--
22Curt Nisly (R)--
25Maurice O. Fuller (D)--
25Donald J. Lehe (R)--
27Sheila Klinker (D)IPACE$11303.42
27Sheila Klinker (D)Indiana Federation of Teachers$200
27Chuck Hockema (R)--
28Sean Shanley (D)--
28Jeffrey Thompson (R)--
29Joe Marcum (D)--
29Kathy Kreag Richardson (R)HQE$1000
30Chuck Sosbe (D)IPACE$5000
30Chuck Sosbe (D)Indiana Federation of Teachers$200
30Mike Karickhoff (R)--
32Bob Ashley (D)IPACE$5000
32Eric Turner (R)--
33Shon Byrum (D)--
33Zeb Sutton (L)--
33Greg Beumer (R)HQE$400
34Sue E. Errington (D)--
34Stuart A. Keenan (R)--
35Melanie Wright (D)IPACE$79303.42
35Melanie Wright (D)Glenda Ritz$200
35Melanie Wright (D)Indiana Federation of Teachers Cope Solidarity$250
35Jack Lutz (R)--
36Terri Jo Austin (D)--
36James Shelton (R)--
39David Russ (D)--
39Jerry Torr (R)--
42Mark Spelbring (D)IPACE$67000
42Mark Spelbring (D)Indiana Federation of Teachers Cope Solidarity$250
42Alan Morrison (R)HQE$25000
45Bionca Gambill (D)IPACE$10000
45Bionca Gambill (D)American Federation of Teachers$250
45Bruce Borders (R)--
46Jim Mann (D)IPACE$6303.42
46Bob Heaton (R)--
47Mike Reddick (D)--
47John Price (R)--
49Joshua O'Brien (L)--
49Welsey Culver (R)--
52Charlie Odier (D)IPACE$2000
52Ben Smaltz (R)HQE$500
53Ben Parker (D)--
53Robert Cherry (R)--
54Brad Owens (D)--
54Tom Saunders (R)--
55Glenn Bailey (D)--
55Cindy Meyer Ziemke (R)HQE$1000
56Phillip Pflum (D)Indiana Federation of Teachers Cope Solidarity$250
56Phillip Pflum (D)IPACE$5000
56Mark Brim (L)--
56Dick Hamm (R)HQE$500
59Zach Ellison (D)--
59Milo Smith (R)--
60Daymon Brodhacker (D)IPACE$4000
60Peggy Mayfield (R)HQE$1000
62Jeff Sparks (D)IPACE$47000
62Ashley A. Keith Qualkenbush (L)--
62Matt Ubelhor (R)HQE$33000
66Terry Goodin (D)Education Network of America$300
66Terry Goodin (D)AFT Indiana$250
66Terry Goodin (D)IPACE$27750
66Lisa Seng Shadday (R)--
68Rick L. Gill (D)--
68Jud McMillin (R)--
70Heidi Sellers (D)--
70Rhonda J. Rhoads (R)HQE$5000
71Steven R. Stemler (D)IPACE$500
71Russell Brooksbank (L)--
72Kevin Sue Bailey (D)Glenda Ritz$200
72Kevin Sue Bailey (D)IPACE$3000
72Ed Clere (R)--
73Douglas C. Leatherbury (D)IPACE$700
73Steven Davisson (R)--
74Christopher J. Coyle (D)IPACE$1000
74Lloyd Arnold (R)HQE$11000
75Steve Spinks (D)--
75Ron Bacon (R)--
76Tony Goben (D)--
76Wendy McNamara (R)
77Gail Riecken (D)Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union$100
77Jeremy Heath (R)--
78Stephen R. Melcher (D)IPACE$20000
78Holli Sullivan (R)HQE$15000
81Thad Gerardot (D)IPACE$2500
81Martin Carbaugh (R)--
82Mike Wilber (D)IPACE$2000
82David L. Ober (R)--
84Fred Haigh (D)IPACE$500
84Bob Morris (R)--
87Christina Hale (D)IPACE$41000
87Mike Friedman (R)--
89Debra S. Jenkins (D)Glenda Ritz $200
89Cindy Kirchhofer (R)HQE$22500
91Patrick Lockhart (D)IPACE$5500
91Bob Behning (R)Christel DeHaan$20000
91Bob Behning (R)Charter Schools USA$2000
91Bob Behning (R)Students First $1000
91Bob Behning (R)Stand For Children PAC (Oregon)$12000
91Bob Behning (R)Stand For Children PAC (Indiana)$197.49
92Karlee D. Macer (D)IPACE$30000
92John L. Couch (L)--
92Bradford Moulton (R)--
93Ryan Guillory (D)--
93Dave Frizzell (R)Indianapolis Education Association PAC$400
96Gregory W. Porter (D)Education Networks of America $500
96Margaret Peggy Jones (R)--
98Robin Shackleford (D)--
98Bill Levin (L)--

Source: Secretary of State


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1Frank Mrvan (D)--
1Ken Stevenson )R)--
6Roxanna Hanford (D)--
6Rick Niemeyer (R)HQE$2500
15Jack E. Morris (D)Glenda Ritz$200
15Jack E. Morris (D)LPL Educational Fund $2000
15Jack E. Morris (D)AFT Indiana$450
15Jack E. Morris (D)IPACE$26640
15Liz Brown (R)HQE$5000
23Bob Burkett (D)--
23Philip Boots (R)--
25Tim Lanane (D)--
25Robert Jozwiak (R)--
27Jerome (Jake) Hoog (D)--
27Rex Bell (L)--
27Jeff Raatz (R)HQE$5500
29J.D. Ford (D)IPACE$26303.42
29Mike Delph (R)HQE$1500
38Tim Skinner (D)IPACE$35000
38John Ford (R)--
39Steve Lindsey (D)IPACE$3000
39Eric Bassler (R)HQE$17500
39Eric Bassler (R)Students First PAC$1000
41Andy Talarzyk (D)--
41Damian Stanziano (L)--
41Greggory Walker (R)--
45Julie Berry (D)IPACE$59660
45Julie Berry (D)Federation of Teachers$450
45Jim Smith (R)HQE$25000
46Chuck Freiberger (D)IPACE$30303
46Ron Grooms (R)HQE$20000
47Richard D. Young Jr. (D)IPACE$50500
47Erin Houchin (R)HQE$27500
48Larry Vollmer (D)--
48Mark Messmer (R)HQE$3000

Source: Secretary of State



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