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Purdue North Central Attendance Costs Jump 69 Percent In Three Years

Purdue University’s North Central Campus in Westville, Ind., came in at number six on a list of colleges whose costs of attendance have increased the most over the past few years. The list is part of a site the U.S. Department of Education launched Thursday as part of an effort to make data about student and government spending on higher ed more easily available.

Between 2006 and 2009, the site shows only five other schools nationwide whose cost of attendance increased more than PNC, which showed a 69 percent increase in cost over that three year period. (complete chart below jump)

U.S. Department of Education

From “Net price” refers to the cost of attendance (tuition, books, room and board, etc.) minus average U.S. government financial aid.

The site was launched as part of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, passed in 2008 to make college costs more transparent.

People haven’t needed price calculators, however, to feel the sting of rising college costs — and a statistic featured on the Pew Research Center’s Daily Number shows that Americans are increasingly questioning whether those high costs are worth it.

Of those Pew surveyed, 57 percent reported they felt higher education institutions provide a “fair” or “poor” value for the amount students and parents spend:

Pew Research Center

(Also, big hat-tip to the On Campus blog at Minnesota Public Radio on the Pew numbers)


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