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Yet Another Troubling Tidbit About Student Loan Debt

More borrowers are falling behind on their student loan payments than on their credit card payments for the first time since at least 2003, a report released this week from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows. Catherine Rampell has the story at Economix: Total consumer debt fell again in the third quarter… This figure has […]

Why We Probably Shouldn't Worry About A Slight Decrease In Scores On The SAT

The claim that only 43 percent of college-bound seniors are college ready is inaccurate, writes Matthew Di Carlo in his critique of the College Board’s report on SAT scores. From Shanker Blog: The difference between “43 percent of college-bound seniors” and “43 percent of SAT takers” is not just semantic. It is critical. The former […]

State Breaks Down College GPA, Remediation Rates By High School

By Brandon Smith The Indiana Commission for Higher Education released reports Monday aimed at helping high schools identify ways to improve students’ college readiness. The Commission’s college readiness reports look at Indiana’s 2010 high school graduating class. Though the only data available is from students who went to public colleges or universities, the Commission is hoping […]

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