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Vouchers: How Many Students From Your District Have Left For Private School

Kyle Stokes / StateImpact Indiana

Gov. Mitch Daniels talks to students at Our Lady of Hungary in South Bend last fall. The school benefited from a boost in enrollment last year from the state's voucher program.

The number of Indiana students participating in the state’s voucher program more than doubled in the program’s second year.

Some 9,324 students are attending private schools using state-funded vouchers this year. That’s up from 3,919 in 2011-12, making Indiana’s program the fastest growing in the country. Next year there’s no limit on the number of vouchers the state can award.

Forty-eight schools who didn’t participate in the program last year are now included on the list of institutions that accept vouchers, bringing the total to 289.

(You can find out how many students from your school corporation are participating in the voucher program after the jump.)

Indianapolis Star reporter Scott Elliott posted a great breakdown of the numbers on his blog. He also does a nice job of explaining why Indiana’s program is growing so much faster than a similar program in nearby Ohio:

Indiana’s big numbers are due in large part to the design of the program, which is less limited than those in other states. Ohio is the only other state that has a statewide program, but it restricts vouchers to communities with failing schools. Wisconsin and Louisiana each limit them to one city — Milwaukee and New Orleans, respectively.

Indiana’s program is open to any student meeting the income guidelines — anywhere in the state. … Eligibility for vouchers depends on family income and size. A family of four that earns less than $42,000 annually can receive up to 90 percent of the state aid for a child’s public school education. Families of four making $42,000 to $62,000 can receive 50 percent of the state aid amount.

The majority of students participating for the 2012-13 school year are receiving the maximum voucher amount for their school corporation. The other 1,741 students are receiving the partial, 50 percent aid amount. We’ve included those voucher amounts in our sortable table below:

Show rows.
Corp Name
2011 Vouchers
2012 Vouchers
50% of Tuition Support Per ADM
90% of Tuition Support Per ADM
Alexandria Com School Corp318$3093.06$5567.5
Anderson Community School Corp139267$3293.18$5927.72
Argos Community Schools2$2820.52$5076.94
Avon Community School Corp830$2503.32$4505.98
Bartholomew Con School Corp2552$2682.71$4828.87
Batesville Community Sch Corp9$2534.47$4562.04
Baugo Community Schools29$2667.75$4801.96
Beech Grove City Schools1532$2973.56$5352.41
Benton Community School Corp28$2858.22$5144.79
Bremen Public Schools24$2719.25$4894.65
Brown County School Corporation15$2814.27$5065.69
Brownsburg Community Sch Corp1537$2488.87$4479.97
C A Beard Memorial School Corp12$2891.93$5205.48
Carmel Clay Schools1123$2407.84$4334.11
Carroll Consolidated Sch Corp10$2745.09$4941.16
Center Grove Com Sch Corp1237$2416.35$4349.42
Centerville-Abington Com Schs48$2719.87$4895.76
Central Noble Com School Corp3$2819.03$5074.25
Clark-Pleasant Com School Corp1850$2672.17$4809.9
Clarksville Com School Corp916$3116.77$5610.19
Clay Community Schools38$2791.42$5024.55
Community Schools of Frankfort2$3087.76$5557.97
Concord Community Schools918$2863.54$5154.37
Covington Community Sch Corp410$2734.12$4921.41
Crown Point Community Sch Corp830$2469.3$4444.75
Culver Community Schools Corp12$3289.78$5921.6
Daleville Community Schools3$2738.18$4928.72
Danville Community School Corp34$2523.06$4541.51
Decatur County Com Schools6$2705.24$4869.44
DeKalb Co Ctl United Sch Dist1019$2630.53$4734.95
DeKalb Co Eastern Com Sch Dist36$2893.44$5208.19
Delaware Community School Corp12$2630.41$4734.74
Delphi Community School Corp4$2783.9$5011.02
Duneland School Corporation55$2541.07$4573.93
East Allen County Schools90163$2735.23$4923.41
East Gibson School Corporation1$2903.3$5225.93
East Noble School Corp1245$2739.21$4930.58
East Porter County School Corp47$2483.45$4470.21
East Washington School Corp14$3022.65$5440.76
Eastbrook Community Sch Corp28$2649.01$4768.22
Eastern Greene Schools6$3076.69$5538.05
Elkhart Community Schools44124$3058.32$5504.98
Elwood Community School Corp2$3101.43$5582.57
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp121336$2832.88$5099.19
Fairfield Community Schools66$2588.16$4658.7
Fayette County School Corp39$2929.94$5273.9
Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp35$2886.8$5196.23
Fort Wayne Community Schools3931165$3060.34$5508.61
Franklin Community School Corp929$2695.45$4851.82
Franklin County Com Sch Corp610$2728.2$4910.77
Franklin Township Com Sch Corp57111$2594.07$4669.32
Frankton-Lapel Community Schs25$2546.88$4584.38
Garrett-Keyser-Butler Com215$2781.52$5006.74
Gary Community School Corp131270$3844.56$6920.2
Goshen Community Schools1966$3073.6$5532.49
Greater Clark County Schools2571$2791.68$5025.02
Greater Jasper Con Schs716$2539.82$4571.68
Greenfield-Central Com Schools712$2588.52$4659.34
Greensburg Community Schools15$2785.37$5013.67
Greenwood Community Sch Corp1227$2713.76$4884.77
Griffith Public Schools1822$2737.81$4928.06
Hamilton Community Schools5$3060.63$5509.13
Hamilton Heights School Corp4$2586.02$4654.84
Hamilton Southeastern Schools1858$2434.95$4382.91
Hanover Community School Corp7$2485.33$4473.6
Huntington Co Com Sch Corp2441$2661.27$4790.28
Indianapolis Public Schools6441262$3689.53$6641.16
Jay School Corp1831$2803.38$5046.09
Jennings County Schools922$2865.93$5158.68
John Glenn School Corporation23$2663.36$4794.05
Kankakee Valley School Corp527$2600.94$4681.69
Knox Community School Corp1$2994.15$5389.46
Kokomo-Center Twp Con Sch Corp17$3012.59$5422.66
Lafayette School Corporation28108$3003.49$5406.29
Lake Central School Corp1124$2417.07$4350.72
Lake Ridge Schools1517$3584.69$6452.44
Lake Station Community Schools13$3296.3$5933.34
Lakeland School Corporation1$2895.32$5211.58
LaPorte Community School Corp732$2780.37$5004.67
Lebanon Community School Corp516$2711.69$4881.04
Logansport Community Sch Corp720$2887.6$5197.67
Loogootee Community Sch Corp22$2998.85$5397.93
M S D Bluffton-Harrison2$2917.13$5250.84
M S D Decatur Township1938$2930.48$5274.86
M S D Lawrence Township74189$2798.77$5037.79
M S D Martinsville Schools9$2757.6$4963.68
M S D Mount Vernon313$2925.91$5266.64
M S D of New Durham Township2$2770.41$4986.73
M S D Perry Township92215$2858.86$5145.96
M S D Pike Township88200$2932.57$5278.63
M S D Steuben County47$2766.87$4980.36
M S D Wabash County Schools25$2633.59$4740.46
M S D Warren County22$2738.21$4928.78
M S D Warren Township110209$3025.88$5446.58
M S D Washington Township73160$2812.77$5062.98
M S D Wayne Township45103$3098.47$5577.25
Maconaquah School Corp11$3191.85$5745.33
Madison Consolidated Schools966$2766.6$4979.88
Madison-Grant United Sch Corp411$2830.25$5094.46
Marion Community Schools43113$3564.28$6415.7
Merrillville Community School41103$2842.1$5115.78
Michigan City Area Schools99165$3073.52$5532.33
Middlebury Community Schools625$2587.99$4658.38
Milan Community Schools1$2759.03$4966.26
Mill Creek Community Sch Corp14$2677.61$4819.69
Mississinewa Community School Corp720$2895.25$5211.44
Mitchell Community Schools8$2763.01$4973.43
Monroe County Com Sch Corp1160$2637.12$4746.82
Monroe-Gregg School District2$2619.27$4714.68
Mooresville Con School Corp99$2581.16$4646.08
MSD Southwest Allen County1344$2420.78$4357.41
Mt Vernon Community Sch Corp99$2438.36$4389.05
Muncie Community Schools1955$3205.68$5770.22
New Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch2155$2704.41$4867.95
New Castle Community Sch Corp11$2872.77$5170.99
New Prairie United School Corp36$2594.91$4670.83
Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United52$2546.26$4583.27
Noblesville Schools633$2471.25$4448.24
North Adams Community Schools837$2784.16$5011.48
North Daviess Com Schools42$2898.81$5217.86
North Gibson School Corp610$2759.93$4967.88
North Judson-San Pierre Sch Corp19$3255.37$5859.67
North Knox School Corp8$3209.41$5776.93
North Lawrence Com Schools440$2734.73$4922.52
North Miami Community Schools1$2887.85$5198.12
North Newton School Corp612$2850.23$5130.42
North Spencer County Sch Corp915$2733.3$4919.94
North Vermillion Com Sch Corp5$3070.9$5527.62
North West Hendricks Schools19$2464.17$4435.5
Northeast Dubois Co Sch Corp32$2707.51$4873.51
Northern Wells Com Schools58$2595.98$4672.76
Northwest Allen County Schools1346$2426.09$4366.97
Northwestern Con School Corp21$2664.46$4796.03
Northwestern School Corp2$2680.54$4824.98
Oak Hill United School Corp511$2710.53$4878.96
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp2261$2500.53$4500.96
Plainfield Community Sch Corp417$2507.19$4512.94
Plymouth Community School Corp427$2827.4$5089.32
Portage Township Schools1330$2773.72$4992.7
Porter Township School Corp11$2572.41$4630.34
Prairie Heights Com Sch Corp4$3106.33$5591.39
Randolph Southern School Corp2$2961.56$5330.82
Rensselaer Central School Corp412$2725.88$4906.58
Richland-Bean Blossom C S C77$2600.18$4680.32
Richmond Community Schools2283$3180.82$5725.47
Rossville Con School District1$2537.96$4568.34
Rush County Schools616$2688.52$4839.33
School City of East Chicago78175$3843.81$6918.87
School City of Hammond112272$3228.47$5811.24
School City of Hobart910$2701.5$4862.7
School City of Mishawaka2170$2950.52$5310.94
School Town of Highland39$2594.85$4670.73
School Town of Munster2$2456.64$4421.96
School Town of Speedway11$3025.81$5446.45
Scott County School District 128$3426.06$6166.9
Scott County School District 21029$2798.63$5037.54
Seymour Community Schools1018$2760.75$4969.36
Shelby Eastern Schools22$2883.34$5190
Shelbyville Central Schools617$2816.55$5069.78
Shenandoah School Corporation11$2639.31$4750.76
Sheridan Community Schools34$2755$4959
Smith-Green Community Schools42$2771.79$4989.22
South Bend Community Sch Corp374733$3140.4$5652.72
South Central Com School Corp46$2570.98$4627.76
South Dearborn Com School Corp218$2646.68$4764.02
South Harrison Com Schools2$2729.28$4912.7
South Knox School Corp14$2601.75$4683.15
South Madison Com Sch Corp35$2578.53$4641.35
South Spencer County Sch Corp1214$2769.82$4985.68
Southeast Dubois Co Sch Corp1$2640.52$4752.94
Southeast Fountain School Corp12$2806.91$5052.43
Southern Hancock Co Com Sch Corp32$2499.76$4499.57
Southwestern Con Sch Shelby Co2$2797.01$5034.61
Southwestern-Jefferson Co Con415$3211.44$5780.59
Spencer-Owen Community Schools2$2805.57$5050.02
Sunman-Dearborn Com Sch Corp316$2550.37$4590.67
Taylor Community School Corp12$2994.93$5390.87
Tippecanoe School Corp2672$2612.28$4702.1
Tippecanoe Valley School Corp5$2837.05$5106.69
Tipton Community School Corp58$2616.05$4708.89
Tri-Central Community Schools12$2854.12$5137.42
Tri-Creek School Corporation45$2491.34$4484.42
Tri-Township Cons School Corp3$2906.48$5231.66
Triton School Corporation12$2793.01$5027.42
Twin Lakes School Corp2$2783.23$5009.81
Union Co/Clg Corner Joint Sch Dist11$2805.78$5050.41
Union Township School Corp1$2505.77$4510.38
Union-North United School Corp3$2791.16$5024.09
Valparaiso Community Schools918$2517.24$4531.02
Vigo County School Corp2758$2812.31$5062.16
Vincennes Community Sch Corp419$2925.66$5266.19
Wa-Nee Community Schools77$2662.69$4792.84
Wabash City Schools28$3316.26$5969.27
Warrick County School Corp320$2521.67$4539.01
Warsaw Community Schools619$2764.4$4975.92
Washington Com Schools3184$2876.44$5177.59
Wawasee Community School Corp37$2732.58$4918.64
West Clark Community Schools1118$2578.6$4641.48
West Lafayette Com School Corp4$2742.45$4936.41
Western School Corp24$2520.01$4536.02
Western Wayne Schools610$3007.52$5413.53
Westfield-Washington Schools39$2477.66$4459.78
Whiting School City610$3583.54$6450.38
Whitko Community School Corp317$2694.63$4850.33
Whitley Co Cons Schools317$2765.16$4977.29
Zionsville Community Schools13$2638.53$4749.35

Source: Indiana Department of Education


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