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Which Indiana Schools Are At The Highest Risk Of 'Failing'?

    The Next State Takeovers?
    School (District) Probation 2011 Improvement*
    John Marshall (IPS) 5 years -2.9%
    Stonegate (Charter) 4 years -16.9%
    New Horizons (IPS) 4 years -9.1%
    Dickinson (South Bend) 4 years -0.9%
    Glenwood (Evansville) 4 years 0.9%
    *Failing schools generally must improve ISTEP+ or ECA passage rates by 3% to get off of probation

    Statewide school performance numbers released Monday show five schools — including one charter — at the greatest risk of meeting the same fate next year as the seven “failing” schools now facing state intervention.

    State law mandates no school can get an “F” rating — indicating the school is on “academic probation” — more than five years in a row. In the sixth year of a school’s academic probation, the Indiana Department of Education must step in to close the school, take over the school, or bring in outside groups to help turn the school around.

    Indianapolis’s John Marshall Community High School is the only school in its fifth year on probation under Public Law 221.

    Four more schools have been on probation for four straight years:

    • Dickinson Fine Arts Academy, South Bend
    • New Horizons Alternative School, Indianapolis
    • Glenwood Leadership Academy, Evansville
    • Stonegate Early College High School for Science & Technology, Indianapolis (Charter school)

    How do these schools get off of probation? Increase their performance on state-required tests. If they can boost their passage rates by 3 percent or more, the schools can get off the list.

    If not? Then it’s state intervention all over again.


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