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EdWeek: Tony Bennett Has A New Gig

Then-state superintendent Tony Bennett speaks on the floor of the Indiana House in April 2012.

Kyle Stokes / StateImpact Indiana

Then-state superintendent Tony Bennett speaks on the floor of the Indiana House in April 2012.

We’ve known Tony Bennett had returned to the Hoosier State since resigning as Florida’s education chief over his handling of A-F letter grades while he was Indiana’s state superintendent.

We haven’t known how Bennett was making his living — until EdWeek‘s Catherine Gewertz posted this on his next gig:

Bennett told me that he is serving as a consultant to ACT on its new Aspire testing system, working on test development, government relations (better known as lobbying), and other things.

“I’m doing everything from soup to nuts, helping them with a number of issues, giving them a chief’s perspective on things,” he said.

A spokesperson for ACT Inc. “could not confirm” to EdWeek that Bennett would be lobbying for the company.

But as Gewertz explains, the move puts Bennett — who was instrumental in bringing the Common Core State Standards to Indiana — in a position to help ACT with its Common Core-aligned test.


  • Bilgewater

    Saints have mercy–now he’s back here in Indiana trying to mess up something else! He has no place in any educational institution in our state, or anything remotely connected to education.

    I was really hoping that he would disappear from everyone’s radar. With time, perhaps he would gain the courage to become honest about what works in education, what’s important, and how he could help teachers instead of hinder them.

    If Bennett wants to contribute *meaningfully* to education, I suggest he go substitute teach in a school he labeled as failing. Better yet, why not have him in an unruly class that has no wish to learn and no desire to succeed?

    • Bilgewater

      Plus, he should never have any position of influence in any public education establishment. He should never be given a podium (pulpit) and his microphone should be taken away forever.

  • WisdomfromM2

    I will never believe an ACT test score again, especially from 2014 forward. Any company that deals with high stakes testing and would hire him as a consultant needs to seriously question that decision.

  • DL22014

    Wow I did not know people felt that way. Those are strong statements, what’s behind that?

  • JDC

    What we all need to do is remember that Mike Pence is behind Bennett all the way and how does this speak for someone we call governor? I for one will not vote for anyone who can’t fix what we have without starting over so all bad moves can be covered up. Indiana does not need paid pre-school we do more attention paid to good

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