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The Miami Nation

Join The Weekly Special as we explore Indiana's earliest people, the Miami Nation, to learn more about their heritage and rich cultural preservation.

Miami All Nations Gathering

Photo: WTIU

The Miami of Indiana gather in the arena during the All Nations Gathering held in Rockville, IN, on June 4, 2012.

On This Episode

  • All Nations Gathering:  From haunting flutes to the dances of honor, The Weekly Special joins the Miami Nation of Indiana during their annual gathering.
  • Living Language:  Every year, a unique summer camp takes place among the Miami Nation, to bring language alive for young generations.
  • Seven Pillars:  For hundreds of years, this natural wonder served as a central meeting place for Native Americans throughout the midwest.
  • Fate of a People:  Chief Buchanan provides an update on the ongoing efforts to receive official recognition for the Miami Nation of Indiana.