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Meet Your New Boss: EdPower


EdPower is the smallest of the companies selected to operate one of the "failing" IPS school.

EdPower is the only Indiana based company selected to take over one of the “failing” high schools in Indianapolis. Unlike the other two operators, EdPower is not a large organization, operating only two schools; the Charles A. Tindley Accelerated Academy and the Challenge Foundation Academy both in Indianapolis.

The company also runs a consulting division which specializes in technology and professional development.  The group is authorized by the mayor’s office to conduct site visits and assessments at other charter schools in Indianapolis.

Charles A. Tindley Accelerated Academy performs at almost exactly the state average on the ISTEP+ test and on its high school assessments.  However, it does perform considerably better than many other schools in the area.

The Challenge Foundation Academy performs about ten percentage point below the state average on the ISTEP+ test.  However, it does perform at a higher level than other comparable schools in its area.


The Challenge Foundation Academy is not operated by or affiliated with EdPower.  It is managed by one of the same officers in charge of the Charles A. Tindley Accelerated Academy.


  • Barring38

    Mr. Robinson will make a great positive difference at Arlington. Structures, discipline, solid academic implementation, and parental involvement are the keys to the success of a quality education in the public schools system. The Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School is an example of such.

    • StateImpact Indiana

      Thanks for your comment… Do you have a personal experience with Tindley — are you a teacher, parent, student, admin??

  • KilljoyKacie

    The concept behind Tindley is groundbreaking, but it lacks the administrative strength to fulfill the needs of failing schools. Teacher turnover is excessive, hours endless, support & resources lacking. As a previous Tindley employee, I can only hope I am proven wrong. But, I fear EdPower may not be the panacea for IPS.

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