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Indiana School Voucher Program Will Go Forward During Lawsuit

Marion County

Marion County Court Judge Michael D. Keele.

Indiana’s private and parochial school voucher program can go forward even as it faces a court challenge, an Indianapolis judge ruled Monday night.

Marion Superior Court Judge Michael Keele decided not to halt the program because arguments against it — namely, the vouchers violate the separation of church and state by using public money to fund religious schools — are unlikely to succeed at trial.

A spokesperson for the Indiana State Teachers Association, which backed the lawsuit, said he was disappointed by the ruling, and the organization will evaluate its options going forward.

Indiana attorney general Greg Zoeller, charged with defending the program, issued a statement calling the ruling “a victory for Hoosier students and families currently utilizing the choice scholarship program.

“The court’s ruling indicates there is not an immediate need to halt the program and disrupt the start of the school year for these students,” the statement read.

Voucher program supporter School Choice Indiana issued a statement praising Keele’s decision.

“This is a victory for all low- and middle-income Indiana families who strive to provide quality education to their children by finding a school that fits their learning needs,” the statement read.

Indiana Public Broadcasting statehouse reporter Brandon Smith reported on this story from Indianapolis.



  • Anonymous

    Citizens are not taxed to provide public funds to support the teacher’s union or it’s members. Nor are they taxed to support the the education buracracy. Citizens are taxed to provide an education for children. It is the duty of the parents to determine where the best available use of their children’s educational tax dollars can be found.

  • Jabine

    I think this should be a wake up call to all public school systems administrators, teachers and unions. They wouldn’t be pulling the kids if the schools were teaching them. Drop bad teachers without interference, cut salaries of administration people at those schools that are perfoming badly, cut the concentration on tests and start really teaching again. Union officials need to start looking at their complicity in keeping teachers who aren’t teaching just to save their salaries (union leaders). Really, do any of you actually care about these kids or it is just numbers, test scores and salaries? I don’t think so.

  • NO voucher provider

    Citizens who do not have children are still taxed to provide education for the children in their district and they should not have to send their money to private schools that do not support the education and beliefs they believe in. In fact Citizens that do no have children often pay more in taxes than those with children in that they do not have dependent exemptions on state/federal taxes which often has to be used to support schools if property taxes do not cover everything.

  • AJFoyt1966

    It has NEVER been about the children for the Teachers’ unions. It has ALWAYS been about the power to extract more funds from the taxpayer. Sure there are union teachers who actually care, but they should care enough to embrace the opportunity for kids to get a good education, regardless of who might be delivering it.

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