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The Death Of Cursive In Indiana?


...a thing of the past in Indiana schools? The state will no longer require cursive.

The story surfaced last week, but a directive from top Hoosier education officials making cursive instruction optional is now making the news rounds again. In the UK’s Daily Mail

As the old adage goes, the pen is mightier than the sword. But it appears the once untouchable writing implement may have met its match in Indiana, after the Department of Education said it will no longer require public schools to teach cursive writing.

…and TIME

Instead, students will be expected to become proficient in keyboard use. Seems like a smart move as being able to type efficiently is a vital skill in today’s world, as opposed to knowing how to write cursive, which — like being able to churn butter and knowing how to hitch a horse to a wagon — is no longer needed.

…and in The Daily Beast.

According to a state memo, students will be expected to learn keyboard proficiency instead. The practice may remain at some schools, however, as those that wish to continue teaching cursive will be allowed to do so; it will just no longer be required.


  • Jennifer Wright Head

    I am appalled that our schools in Indiana have the option of NOT teaching cursive writing. Where are our brains — who in this state has the audacity to supposedly push for quality education in our state and then allows the removal of a basic skill being taught our children! I do not care that people who immigrate to our country have difficulty with our language and our writing — if they chose to come here, then they apparently wanted ALL that we have to offer and need to acclimate themselves — NOT expect us to acclimate to their past!!!

    I am truly angry at a lot of what I see going on in Indianapolis — along with seeing things that are good coming from our dept. of ed.

    Stop — Think — Look at the talent that has come out of our state and the skills they left with. THey learned their math basics WELL — before adding algebra, etc.

    Our children need to learn the math tables, learn the basic math skills, incorporate all of that into their being! We are allowing children to use calculators and allowing them to NOT fully understand the functions and be able to cross reference within themselves so that they can use the math learned.

    Yes — I have at least two complaints re our education in Indiana — and we truly need to stop, think, and evaluate why we are promoting some of the changes that we have been making. I am an educator by profession in Indiana — and have worked with children who can be in advanced math classes but cannot transfer knowledge so that they can actually perform practical math unless TOLD which function to use. They truly don’t understand their math skills well enough to use them in real life!!!

    Stop — Think — make change very carefuly!!

    Jennifer Wright Head
    Evansville, Indiana

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