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At the Park

We have some great parks in Indiana - theme parks, state parks, and even a wolf park!

Wolf Park

We take you to park and animal sanctuary where visitors can howl along with the resident wolves.

Roller Coaster Maintenance

Head south to Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN as we walk the tracks with the maintenance crew of The Voyage, the world’s number one wooden roller coaster.

Plant and Seed Exchange

We’re at Patoka Lake to talk with wildflower enthusiasts about the joy found in tracking down, discovering, and cultivating what others consider weeds.

Box Turtles

An Indiana DNR Herpetologist stops by with a turtle ambassador to explain the conservation laws related to box turtles – the consequences of taking turtles from their habitats might surprise you.

Davy Jay Sparrow and His Well-Known Famous Drovers

Regional favorites Davy Jay Sparrow and His Well-Known Famous Drovers bring their old-fashioned honky tonk to our studio.

Also On This Episode:

  • Spring Mill Potter: We visit the potter of Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell to learn what inspires her to be a historical interpreter in a working pioneer village.
  • Originally aired 6/2/2011