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In Which Districts Do Most Students Use Private School Vouchers?

The Indiana Department of Education last week released an updated report on the state’s school choice scholarship program, often called school vouchers.

The report showed the state is spending $18 million more on the program than it did last school year. In the first few years of the program, it was saving the state money, according to a calculation crafted by the General Assembly.

These scholarships allow a student from a low-income family that meets a specific set of criteria to use state money to attend a private school.

The program started in 2011 and in the first years, it grew exponentially. But although the number of students is still growing, it’s starting to level off.

Take a look at our interactive map to see where the most students are using school vouchers. The school districts located on the map mean a student using a voucher lives within that school district’s boundaries.


  • chad hatten dallas

    good story

    • TP

      It might be a good story but it’s a terrible news article. It is vague and presents more questions than anything else. It’s like an office memo.

  • Julian Hook

    The most common symbol I see on the map is a small red circle, which is not explained in the legend. They look like small rural school districts, so I might guess that perhaps it means no students in those districts used vouchers. But the legend for the yellow circle reads “0 to 50,” which sounds as if it includes zero. So what are the red circles?

    • bengal tiger

      Click on them … they tell reader the name and address of the school district.

  • bengal tiger

    Folks …………. you do realize that it is us taxpayers that are paying for kids to go to PRIVATE school, using these school vouchers. AND NOT THE PARENTS.

    Did you also know that our idiot Governor signed a bill into law 5 years ago, that his band of crooks in the State Legislature put together ………………… that puts us taxpayers on the hook for paying for those school vouchers for PRIVATE SCHOOL education, but that PRIVATE SCHOOL can also be religion-based school as well. BAM !!!

    That $18 Million of “State” money …….. yeah, from our pockets.

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