Interactive Map: Campaign Contributions To Tony Bennett Since 2008

Tony Bennett’s re-election campaign has received more than $1.3 million in contributions since the state superintendent’s initial election in November 2008. Roughly 40 percent of those contributions came from outside Indiana. We wrote up a list of the top five donors and we’ve posted the complete contribution data in a sortable table below the map. (We’ve also posted all of Democrat Glenda Ritz’s contributions on a separate page.) We’re curious about your feedback: Are there any contributions that catch your eye? Any patterns? Does this data raise any questions for you? Leave your answers in the comments section.

SOURCE: Indiana Secretary of State Campaign Finance Reports (November 2008 – July 2012)

Type in the box below to search for a donor to Bennett’s campaign by name, city, state, zip code or amount. You can also sort the data by size of donation, city, date or contributor by clicking on the arrows in the header of the table.

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Contribution Date
A+ Tutor U Learning Centers of Central Florida, LLC$500.0010/28/2011Orlando, FL 32804
Abro Facilities II LLC$1,000.0010/28/2011South Bend, IN 46628
Abro Facilities II LLC$500.002/27/2012South Bend, IN 46628
Aiming Higher$25,000.006/21/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Alan C. Stanford$150.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46240-2545
Alan E Leighton$250.007/29/2011Indianapolis, IN 46202
Alan Wimberley$150.0010/7/2011Pilot Point, TX 76258
Alex Johnston$250.002/7/2012New Haven, CT 6519
Alice L Walton$200,000.007/19/2012Bentonville, AR 72712
Allan B Hubbard$5,000.007/29/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Allan B Hubbard$2,500.0012/16/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Allan B Hubbard$5,000.006/1/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Allan B. Hubbard$500.002/10/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204
Allen Lucas Messer$250.009/29/2009Shelbyville, IN 46176
Amanda T Clark$150.0010/28/2011Tallahassee, FL 32303
American Federation for Children PAC$1,500.0010/28/2011Alexandria, VA 22314
American Federation for Children PAC$10,000.0012/8/2011Alexandria, VA 22314
Amie L. McIntosh$1,000.009/30/2010Zionsville, IN 46077
Amy Horton$250.006/21/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Analytical Engineering, Inc.$150.004/10/2012Columbus, IN 47201
Andre B Lacy$1,000.009/8/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Andre B Lacy$1,500.0010/7/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Andre B Lacy$2,500.005/21/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Andrew E Goebel$1,000.009/8/2011Evansville, IN 47708
Andrew J Cook$250.009/19/2011Wesfield, IN 46074
Andrew S Newkirk$250.009/23/2011Shelbyville, IN 46176
Ann Murtlow$500.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46236
Anna M Milligan$250.002/27/2012Granger, IN 46530
Anne C. Ogle$500.009/14/2009Columbus, IN 47203
Anne C. Ogle$225.009/30/2010Columbus, IN 47203
Anne C. Ogle$1,000.008/5/2011Columbus, IN 47203
Anne C. Ogle$500.009/19/2011Columbus, IN 47203
Anne C. Ogle$75.0010/7/2011Columbus, IN 47203
Anne Dickerson$1,000.002/8/2012New York, NY 10038
Anne Griffin$25,000.007/12/2012Chicago, IL 60611
Anne Hathaway$500.006/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46205
Anne Shane$1,000.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46220
Anne Shane$1,000.002/14/2012Indianapolis, IN 46220
Anne Shane$150.006/12/2012Indianapolis, IN 46220
Apangea Learning, Inc.$1,000.001/15/2009Pittsburgh, PA 15222
ARCH PAC Architects For Indiana Political Action Committee #99-3955$500.0012/29/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Arrizurieta & Associates LLC$500.003/28/2012Coral Gables, FL 33134
Asheesh Agarwal$100.009/14/2009Zionsville, IN 46077-9424
Ashley Gibson$100.006/27/2012Indianapolis, IN 46202
Azra Consulting Group Inc.$500.003/28/2012Lake Worth, FL 33467
Baker & Daniels, LLP$5,000.002/10/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204-1782
Baker & Daniels, LLP$5,000.0010/28/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204-1782
Baker & Daniels, LLP$2,500.009/7/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204-1782
Baker & Daniels, LLP$152.6012/11/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204-1782
Baker & Daniels, LLP$22.639/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204-1782
Barbara A. Shuey$250.005/10/2012Indianapolis, IN 46240
Barnes & Thornburg, LLP$5,000.001/5/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204
Barnes & Thornburg, LLP$5,000.009/14/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204
Barnes & Thornburg, LLP$5,000.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Barnes & Thornburg, LLP$5,000.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Barnes & Thornburg, LLP$500.003/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Beam, Longest And Neff, LLC$2,500.0012/12/2011Indianapolis, IN 46250
Bill D Townsend$500.003/14/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Bingham Greenbaum Doll LLP$3,000.006/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Blaine Trust$1,500.003/28/2012Winter Park, FL 32790
Bob Jones$500.009/7/2011Evansville, IN 47705
Bollinger Shipyards$1,000.001/24/2012Lockport, LA 70374
Bopp Coleson & Bostrom$2,500.009/14/2009Terre Haute, IN 47807
Borror for State Representative$250.004/14/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46816
Bose McKinney & Evans, LLP$5,000.0012/9/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204
Bose McKinney & Evans, LLP$5,000.009/8/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Bradley J Tandy$150.006/21/2012Winona Lake, IN 46590
Bradley J Toothaker$250.002/27/2012Edwardsburg, MI 49112
Bradley McDonald$250.005/9/2012Huntington, IN 46750
Brent M. Ehrman$500.009/14/2009Carmel, IN 46032
Brian Olson$1,000.002/9/2012Greenwich, CT 6830
Bruce L Greenburg$500.0010/28/2011Granger, IN 46530
Bryan Setser$150.0011/25/2011Raleigh, NC 27612
Bryce H Bennett Jr$250.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46206
Bryce H Bennett Jr$1,000.004/10/2012Indianapolis, IN 46206
Butler Kia$5,000.0012/12/2011Indianapolis, IN 46220
Butler, Fairman & Seufert, Inc.$1,000.006/2/2012Indianapolis, IN 46240
Byron Ernest Dba Hopeful Farms$200.0012/8/2011Sheridan, IN 46069
Byron L. Meyers$250.009/29/2009Indianapolis, IN 46256
C. Perry Griffith Jr.$500.005/10/2012Indianapolis, IN 46240
Cajun$2,500.0012/29/2011Baton Rouge, LA 70821
Cameron D Savage$500.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46205
Carl A Loesch$25.002/14/2012South Bend, IN 46615
Carl Heck$150.0011/2/2011Indianapolis, IN 46208
Carl Heck$25.002/21/2012Indianapolis, IN 46208
Carl L Chapman$500.009/7/2011Newburgh, IN 47630
Carol Forristall$300.0010/28/2011Macedonia, IA 51549
Cascade Partners LLC$250.002/27/2012Granger, IN 46530
Catherine Walsh$150.0010/28/2011Catonsville, MD 21228
Cathleen L Rooney$500.003/8/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Cathy N Lund$150.0011/21/2011Bouder, CO 80301
Charles Cook$150.0010/7/2011Double Oak, TX 75077
Charles E Cobb Jr$1,000.003/28/2012Coral Gables, FL 33114
Charles E Roemer IV$250.002/8/2012Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Charles E. Lanham$300.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46250
Charles P. White$100.001/15/2009Fishers, IN 46038
Charles R Rubright$500.009/8/2011Indianapolis, IN 46220
Charlie Feldhaus$50.0011/17/2008Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Charlotte Bollinger$250.002/8/2012Lockport, LA 70374
Charter Schools USA - Corp Off$1,500.002/8/2012Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308
Chester E Finn Jr$150.0010/7/2011Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Chris Murphy$120.002/15/2012South Bend, IN 46634
Chris Murphy$549.912/15/2012South Bend, IN 46634
Christel DeHaan$25,000.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Christel DeHaan$50,000.006/21/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Christine R Merchent$1,000.005/10/2012Noblesville, IN 46060
Christopher A Wolking$600.009/7/2011Evansville, IN 47714
Christopher Crabtree$50.0011/17/2008Greenwood, IN 46143
Chuck Hibbert$100.0011/17/2008Indianapolis, IN 46234
Citizens for Kruse$100.0012/12/2011Auburn, IN 46706
Comcast of Illinois/Indiana/Ohio, LLC$1,000.0012/12/2011Philadelphia, PA 19103
Connect 21 Inc.$150.0012/8/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Connections Academy LLC$1,000.001/15/2009Baltimore, MD 21202
Connections Academy LLC$1,000.008/6/2009Baltimore, MD 21202
Connie Lawson$250.005/10/2012Danville, IN 46122
Container Technology & Supply International, Inc. (DBA) Con-Tech International, Inc.$500.002/8/2012New Orleans, LA 70130
Craig and Wanda Anderson$500.006/1/2012Indianapolis, IN 46220
Craig G. Downing, Ph.D.$1,000.009/14/2009Carmel, IN 46033
Craig J Hintz$150.006/21/2012Warsaw, IN 46580
Craig W Johnson$1,000.005/10/2012Indianapolis, IN 46260
Crotty & Smyth$500.006/1/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Crowder's Drug Store, Inc.$500.002/27/2012Bedford, IN 47421
Crowder's Institutional Pharmacy, LLC$500.002/27/2012Bedford, IN 47421
Crowder's Professional Pharmacy, Inc.$500.002/27/2012Bedford, IN 47421
Cynthia J Noe$150.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46250
Dale Chu$250.008/5/2011New Haven, CT 6511
Dana M Cristee$500.007/29/2011Carmel, IN 46032
Daniel F Langan$150.0011/21/2011Harrisburg, PA 17112
Daniel J Elsener$250.009/19/2011Indianapolis, IN 46217
Daniel J Peterson$1,000.002/27/2012Bloomington, IN 47408
Daniel S Hermann$2,500.0012/29/2011Evansville, IN 47715
Daniel S Loeb$25,000.002/14/2012New York, NY 10023
Darell E. Zink, Jr.$2,500.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46240
David S Barker$150.004/10/2012Columbus, IN 47201
David & Susan Findley$350.006/21/2012Winona Lake, IN 46590
David A Schmidt$150.0011/21/2011Broadlands, VA 20148
David B Becker$5,000.0010/28/2011Fortville, IN 46040
David B York$250.005/10/2012Indianapolis, IN 46234
David Bego$1,000.0010/14/2011Indianapolis, IN 46250
David Bego$2,500.0012/8/2011Indianapolis, IN 46250
David Coleman$2,500.002/14/2012New York, NY 10003
David E Harris$200.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46236
David E Simon$1,000.003/8/2012Carmel, IN 46032
David Freitas$500.0010/28/2011Granger, IN 46530
David Goodwin$500.0011/19/2008Fremont, IN 46737
David J Bondy Jr$250.002/27/2012Baton Rouge, LA 70808
David Kerr$500.0010/28/2011Carmel, IN 46033
David L Trabert$150.0010/28/2011Wichita, KS 67228
David Long for State Senate$1,000.008/5/2011Fort Wayne, IN 46804
David M Findlay$1,000.006/21/2012Winona Lake, IN 46590
David Mills$500.0010/28/2011Zionsville, IN 46077
David P Buskill$250.0012/8/2011Indianapolis, IN 46220
David P Buskill$150.002/27/2012Indianapolis, IN 46220
David R. Day$250.008/5/2011Noblesville, IN 46060
David Saba$250.0012/13/2011Dallas, TX 75208
David Shane$150.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46220
David Shane$500.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46220
David Shane$2,500.003/28/2012Indianapolis, IN 46220
David T Fronek$500.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46290
David U Gogol$250.009/19/2011Washington, DC 20116
David W Goodwin$2,500.009/30/2010Angola, IN 46703
Dean V White$50,000.0011/21/2011Merrillville, IN 46410
Dean V White$50,000.003/8/2012Merrillville, IN 46410
Dean V White$25,000.006/8/2012Merrillville, IN 46410
DeBest Plumbing, Inc.$395.521/31/2012Boise, ID 83713
Deborah J Daniels$250.006/27/2012Indianapolis, IN 46250
Delbert Lynch$25.0011/17/2008New Albany, IN 47150
Dennis D Oklak$250.002/27/2012Indianapolis, IN 46260
Dennis E Brooks$150.0012/8/2011Indianapolis, IN 46250
Dennis Trinkle$500.003/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46256
Dezelan Insurance Agency, Inc.$500.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46220
Don Aquilano$500.0010/31/2011Carmel, IN 46032
Don McArdle$637.903/22/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Donald B Altemeyer$1,000.0012/27/2011Indianapolis, IN 46220
Donald E Knebel$250.004/25/2012Zionsville, IN 46077
Donald S Powers$200.0011/21/2011Munster, IN 46321
Donna Hutchison$150.0010/28/2011Boise, ID 83709
E Wayne Carter$50.007/8/2009Jeffersonville, IN 47130-4734
E Wayne Carter$50.007/8/2009Jeffersonville, IN 47130-4734
Eden F.L. Marceau-Piconi$1,000.005/13/2009Upper St. Clair, PA 15241
Edgerton L Henry$500.002/8/2012Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Edicians, Inc.$500.008/5/2011Noblesville, IN 46060
Edison Learning, Inc.$1,000.001/15/2009New York, NY 10175
Edison Learning, Inc.$1,000.009/14/2009New York, NY 10175
EdisonLearning, Inc.$1,250.007/5/2012Knoxville, TN 37902
Education Networks of America$500.001/15/2009Nashville, TN 37203
Education Networks of America$1,500.0012/2/2010Nashville, TN 37203
Education Networks of America$1,000.005/21/2012Nashville, TN 37203
Educational Services of America, Inc.$1,000.003/4/2009Nashville, TN 37217
Edward Engledow$150.009/30/2010Carmel, IN 46033-8644
Edward P Pence$150.004/10/2012Columbus, IN 47201
Edward S. Marflak$3,000.002/24/2010State College, PA 16803
Edward W Easton$1,000.004/10/2012Miami, FL 33172
EIMAGINE T GROUP INC$1,000.0011/21/2011Indianapolis, IN 46250
Elisabeth DeVos$5,000.006/12/2012Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Elizabeth M Brown$250.003/29/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46835
Ellen Haley$150.0010/28/2011Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Emilia R Shaffer$500.003/8/2012South Bend, IN 46617
Emma Nothman$250.008/5/2011San Francisco, CA 94107
Eric Bedel$250.003/30/2012Indianapolis, IN 46234
Eric J Smith$150.0010/28/2011Annapolis, MD 21403
Ernest W. Smith$100.001/5/2009New Albany, IN 47150
Florida Crystals Corporation$500.0010/28/2011West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Frances Marquardt$50.0011/17/2008Salem, CT 6420
Frances Marquardt$50.0011/17/2008Salem, CT 6420
Frank D Walker$250.006/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46290
Frank Fults$500.005/10/2012Carmel, IN 46033
Fred and Judy Klipsch$4,619.428/3/2011Carmel, IN 46032
Fred S. Klipsch$5,000.0012/2/2010Indianapolis, IN 46268-3182
Fred S. Klipsch$5,380.588/16/2011Indianapolis, IN 46268-3182
Frederick Geissinger$500.009/7/2011Evansville, IN 47725
Frost Brown Todd LLC$143.426/30/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204
Frost Brown Todd LLC$93.5512/30/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204
Frost Brown Todd LLC$1.3512/31/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Frost Brown Todd PAC$2,500.0012/2/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Frost Brown Todd PAC$2,500.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Frost Brown Todd PAC$1,000.003/30/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Frost Brown Todd PAC$2,500.005/21/2012Indianapolis, IN 46244
G. Douglas Abrams, PC$500.006/2/2012Indianapolis, IN 46220
Garrett Scharton$150.003/28/2012Noblesville, IN 46060
Gary G Pedigo$1,000.003/28/2012Greenwood, IN 46143
Gary J Lehman$500.004/14/2012West Lafayette, IN 47996
Gary L. Libs$250.0011/20/2008Floyds Knobs, IN 47119
Gary R. Chartrand Trust$5,000.0010/28/2011Ponte Vedra, FL 32082
Gene Bruce$200.002/14/2012South Bend, IN 46614
George Klein$2,500.001/24/2012New York, NY 10022
Gerard Robinson$160.0012/8/2011Henrico, VA 23233
Geupel DeMars Hagerman, LLC$250.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46250-7710
Gina Giacone$100.0012/15/2011Zionsville, IN 46077
Gordon St. Angelo$500.009/14/2009Indianapolis, IN 46260
Grace Terrell$1,000.002/8/2012Eagle, ID 83616
Grant County Republican Party$250.003/28/2012Marion, IN 46952
Gregg Sinders$100.0011/17/2008Hanover, IN 47243
Haller & Colvin, P.C. Attorneys at Law$250.003/29/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Hamilton County Republican Party$2,000.0011/24/2008Fishers, IN 46038
Harcourt Industries, Inc.$250.008/5/2011Milroy, IN 46156
Harry Gonso$284.8812/15/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
Hart N Hasten$1,000.0012/16/2011Indianapolis, IN 46260
Health Care Corporation$5,000.002/27/2012Bloomington, IN 47403
Heather Neal$150.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46234
Heather Neal$250.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46234
Heather Neal$25.0010/7/2011Indianapolis, IN 46234
Hebard & Hebard Architects, Inc.$200.002/27/2012South Bend, IN 46601
Hirons & Company Communications, Inc.$500.009/14/2009Bloomington, IN 47404
Hoosiers for Economic Growth PAC$5,000.0010/28/2010Indianapolis, IN 46206
Hoosiers for Economic Growth Political Action Committee$5,000.008/16/2011Indianapolis, IN 46206-2441
Hoosiers for Economic Growth Political Action Committee$10,000.009/7/2011Indianapolis, IN 46206-2441
Hoosiers for Economic Growth Political Action Committee$25,000.006/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46206-2441
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt$2,500.001/24/2012Orlando, FL 32819
Howard S. Rich$1,000.009/14/2009New York, NY 10012-5802
Indiana Academy of Ophthalmology, Inc.$2,500.001/15/2009Fishers, IN 46038
Indiana Home Care Corporation$5,000.002/27/2012Bloomington, IN 47403
Indiana Manufacturers Political Action Committee$250.009/19/2011Indianapolis, IN 46282
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$385.1111/18/2008Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$147.8611/18/2008Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$250.0011/18/2008Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$227.0012/8/2008Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$181.012/28/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$70.302/2/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$70.303/3/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$70.304/5/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$70.305/6/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$70.306/8/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$70.307/31/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$70.308/31/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$70.309/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$70.3010/31/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$70.3011/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$70.3012/31/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$151.848/31/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$151.849/30/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$151.8410/31/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$151.8411/30/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$151.841/10/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$159.431/31/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$318.872/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$318.874/4/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$318.875/2/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Republican State Central Committee$398.586/6/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Insulated Roofing Contractors$3,000.0011/20/2008Louisville, KY 40299
Insulated Roofing Contractors$5,000.009/19/2011New Albany, IN 47150
ISC Constructors, LLC$500.002/8/2012Baton Rouge, LA 70879
ITEACHUS, Inc.$300.0010/28/2011Denton, TX 76202
ITEACHUS, Inc.$2,500.0012/29/2011Denton, TX 76202
J Jeffrey Brown$500.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
J. Scott Enright$500.009/14/2009Carmel, IN 46033-9308
J.C. Huizenga$2,000.001/15/2009Grand Rapids, MI 49506
James A Henderson$150.004/10/2012Columbus, IN 47203
James B Hunt Jr.$1,000.005/10/2012Lucama, NC 27851
James B. Longest$2,500.008/5/2011Zionsville, IN 46077
James Bopp, Jr.$250.0012/2/2010Terre Haute, IN 47802
James C Neely$500.002/27/2012Bloomington, IN 47401
James C Shook Jr$1,000.005/10/2012Indianapolis, IN 46260
James D. Kemper$325.002/10/2009Indianapolis, IN 46256
James E Dora$1,000.009/7/2011Indianapolis, IN 46241
James E Dora$1,000.006/2/2012Indianapolis, IN 46241
James K Baker$10,000.009/7/2011Columbus, IN 47201
James M Barkley$2,500.006/2/2012Indianapolis, IN 46220
James M. Lusk$500.001/15/2009Brownsburg, IN 46112
James R Brotherson$500.002/27/2012Elkhart, IN 46514
James R McKinney$500.009/19/2011Evansville, IN 47711
James R Sutter$250.002/27/2012Marion, IN 46952
James R Sutter$2,000.003/28/2012Marion, IN 46952
James R Sutter$1,300.003/12/2012Marion, IN 46952
James T. Morris$1,000.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
James W Hillman$200.002/14/2012South Bend, IN 46614
Janet C Barresi$5,000.0010/28/2011Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Jason T Konesco$150.009/7/2011Indianapolis, IN 46205
Jason T Konesco$500.003/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46208
Jean Northernor$250.006/27/2012Warsaw, IN 46580
Jeannie Unruh$500.007/8/2009Floyds Knobs, IN 47119
Jeb Bush & Associates, LLC$1,000.003/28/2012Coral Gables, FL 33134
Jeff C Leffew$250.006/2/2012Fishers, IN 46038
Jeff Golc$187.083/21/2012Indianapolis, IN 4204
Jeff Southworth$250.003/28/2012Marion, IN 46952
Jefferson Scott Shreve$500.003/28/2012Bloomington, IN 47408
Jeffery L Griffith$150.0012/8/2011Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Jeffrey A Terp$1,000.005/10/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Jeffrey and Eda Terp$250.0012/16/2011Carmel, IN 46032
Jeffrey L Papa$25.0010/7/2011Zionsville, IN 46077
Jeffrey L Papa$150.0012/8/2011Zionsville, IN 46077
Jeffrey W. Taylor$500.009/14/2009Carmel, IN 46032-9688
Jeffrey W. Taylor$1,000.009/30/2010Carmel, IN 46032-9688
Jeffrey W. Taylor$2,500.008/5/2011Carmel, IN 46032-9688
Jeffrey W. Taylor$2,500.004/26/2012Carmel, IN 46032-9688
Jenifer M. Brown$200.002/10/2009Indianapolis, IN 46237
Jennifer Horvath$150.0012/8/2011Sellersburg, IN 47172
Jerry R Jones$500.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46220
Jill A Serbousek$150.006/27/2012Winona Lake, IN 46590
Jim C. Smith$25.007/8/2009Charlestown, IN 47111
Joan Hurley$25.0011/17/2008Sellersburg, IN 47172
Joanna L Blacketor$100.0011/21/2011South Bend, IN 46614
Joanna L Blacketor$30.0012/8/2011South Bend, IN 46614
John F. Ackerman$1,000.008/5/2011Carmel, IN 46032
John C Schroeder$500.0012/30/2011Evansville, IN 47714
John C. Lechleiter$1,000.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
John D Owen$250.006/2/2012Noblesville, IN 46060
John E Bush$500.0010/28/2011Coral Gables, FL 33146
John E. Rigsbee$500.009/14/2009Indianapolis, IN 46240
John F Popp$2,000.003/29/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46814
John Hammond$500.009/29/2009Indianapolis, IN 46202
John Hammond$250.005/10/2012Indianapolis, IN 46202
John L Earnest$500.003/28/2012Marion, IN 46952
John M. Dunn$500.009/7/2011Evansville, IN 47715
John Moody$200.0010/28/2010Sellersburg, IN 47172
John Mutz$2,000.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
John Mutz$1,000.005/10/2012Indianapolis, IN 46240
John Padget$150.0010/19/2011Key West, FL 33040
John Petry$1,000.002/8/2012New York, NY 10023
John Power$250.004/18/2012Munster, IN 46321
John Q Porter$150.0010/12/2011Rockville, MD 20850
John R Basham II$500.004/14/2012Lafayette, IN 47909
John R Hammond III$5,000.0012/29/2011Indianapolis, IN 46202
John R Hammond III$250.003/28/2012Indianapolis, IN 46202
John T Neighbours$1,000.005/10/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
John T. Neighbours$250.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46204
John W Brand$250.009/19/2011Lebanon, IN 46052
Jon D. Goldman$500.009/7/2011Evansville, IN 47715-4234
Jon M Bailey$500.009/8/2011Indianapolis, IN 46260
Jonathan D Sackler$2,500.002/8/2012Greenwich, CT 6830
Joseph M Erlinger$500.0011/21/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
Joseph P. Santucci, Jr.$500.009/14/2009Carmel, IN 46033
Joseph Slawek$2,500.003/29/2012St. Charles, IL 60174
Josh Smith$25.0011/17/2008Indianapolis, IN 46250
Joshua P Hollingsworth$250.006/2/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Joyce V Johnstone$200.002/14/2012Granger, IN 46530
Judith Eck$200.0012/5/2011South Bend, IN 46628
Julia Mann$500.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46250
Julie K. Griffith$250.0012/8/2011Carmel, IN 46032
K12 Management Inc.$5,000.0012/29/2011Herndon, VA 20171
Kathleen Shanahan$150.0011/21/2011Tampa, FL 33629
Kelley Buick GMC, LLC$1,000.003/29/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Kellie N Peters$500.0010/28/2011Cincinnati, OH 45243
Kenneth J Konesco$500.003/29/2012Fishers, IN 46037
Kenneth S Trump$250.0010/28/2011Cleveland, OH 44111
Kenneth Trump$200.0011/17/2008Cleveland, OH 44111
Kent Fisk$50.0011/19/2008Greenfield, IN 46140
Kerry M. Stemler$500.001/15/2009Sellersburg, IN 47172
Kerry M. Stemler$250.007/8/2009Sellersburg, IN 47172
Kevin and Carrie Modany$1,000.002/8/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Kevin and Carrie Modany$500.004/14/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Kevin J Kelly$500.002/14/2012Granger, IN 46530
Kevin Knight$250.009/29/2009Indianapolis, IN 46256
Kevin M Brinegar$250.009/8/2011Noblesville, IN 46060
Kevin M McAliley$1,000.009/19/2011New York, NY 10014
Kevin Ober$150.003/28/2012Fishers, IN 46037
Kevin Ober$331.0710/3/2011Fishers, IN 46037
Keystone Group LLC$100.001/15/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204
Kim Ellington$150.0010/28/2011Tallahassee, FL 32312
Kimberly A. Preston$150.0012/2/2010Indianapolis, IN 46202
Kimberly K Howell$250.003/29/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Knowledge Delivery Systems, Inc.$1,000.005/13/2009New York, NY 10038
Koch Development Corporation$5,000.009/14/2009Santa Claus, IN 47579
Koch Development Corporation$1,000.007/29/2011Santa Claus, IN 47579
Kyra Infotech Inc.$600.0010/28/2011Lakeland, FL 33813
Laken Sisko$250.009/23/2011Indianapolis, IN 46205
Larry M Davis$250.0010/28/2011Granger, IN 46530
Larry M Davis$250.002/27/2012Granger, IN 46530
Larry Sablosky$500.0010/28/2011Carmel, IN 46033
Lawrence H Garatoni$2,500.0010/28/2011Mishawaka, IN 46544
Lee Marchant$182.342/21/2012Bloomington, IN 47403
Lesa F Dietrick$250.006/27/2012Indianapolis, IN 46220
Leslie Ballard$250.0012/22/2011Terre Haute, IN 47804
LHO Indianapolis Hotel One, LLC dba Indianapolis Marriott$421.236/27/2012Indianapolis, IN 46225
Lifeline Data Centers, LLC$150.009/30/2010Carmel, IN 46082
Lillian Kellogg$150.0010/28/2011Nashville, TN 37203
Lincoln-Marti Schools LLC$500.003/28/2012Miami, FL 33135
Linda E White$500.009/7/2011Evansville, IN 47710
Linda S Doshi$200.002/14/2012Mishawaka, IN 46544
Lisa Ellen Haynes$200.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46208
Lisette Nieves$1,500.002/8/2012Brooklyn, NY 11238
Louis A Piconi$500.0010/28/2011Upper St Clair, PA 15241
Louis A Piconi$500.003/8/2012Upper St. Clair, PA 15241
Luba Casualty Insurance Company$1,000.002/8/2012Baton Rouge, LA 70898
Luke Messer$175.002/10/2009Shelbyville, IN 46176
M. Douglas Williams$5,000.003/8/2012Zionsville, IN 46077
M. Douglas Williams$1,000.005/10/2012Zionsville, IN 46077
M. H. Boldt$500.006/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46282-0200
MAM Title Consultants$1,000.003/28/2012North Miami, FL 33181
Manuel Alonso-Poch$200.003/28/2012Miami, FL 33133
Marc J Keller$250.003/14/2012New Hope, PA 18938
Marcia C Jochem$500.009/7/2011Evansville, IN 47720
Marcie A. Brown$250.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Margaret J. Terp$250.006/27/2012Indianapolis, IN 46202
Margo Demont$200.002/14/2012South Bend, IN 46114
Maria Slager$300.002/27/2012Edwardsburg, MI 49112
Maria V. Rives$2,000.003/28/2012Miami, FL 33143
Marilee J. Springer$100.002/10/2009Zionsville, IN 46077
Marina B Walne$150.0010/28/2011Houston, TX 77063
Mario Manfredi$50.0011/19/2008North Providence, RI 02911-1335
Mark D. Shireman$200.001/15/2009Lanesville, IN 47136
Mark D. Shireman$250.007/8/2009Lanesville, IN 47136
Mark E Hill$5,000.0010/28/2011Carmel, IN 46033
Mark E Hill$1,043.3010/25/2011Carmel, IN 46033
Mark J Fuson$200.0011/21/2011Terre Haute, IN 47803
Mark J. Richards$250.002/10/2009Indianapolis, IN 46236
Mark Michaloski$25.0011/19/2008Evansville, IN 47715
Mark P Telloyan$400.002/27/2012South Bend, IN 46614
Mark R Gerstle$500.004/10/2012Columbus, IN 47201
Martha D. Lamkin$100.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46205-2616
Mary Chambers$150.0010/11/2011Key West, FL 33040
Mary Corson$2,500.002/8/2012Greenwich, CT 6830
Mary K Reeder$500.006/2/2012Indianapolis, IN 46226
Mary Louise Miller$5,000.0010/28/2011Winona Lake, IN 46590
Math-360, LLC$150.005/10/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Matthew Greenfield$4,000.002/8/2012New York, NY 10028
Matthew Greenfield$1,082.072/2/2012New York, NY 10028
Matthew K. Kirby$250.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46205
Matthew M Fields$1,000.003/8/2012Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
Matthew Morgan$150.003/30/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Matthew P Voors$2.206/26/2011Zionsville, IN 46077
Maureen E Weber$250.006/27/2012Indianapolis, IN 46228
McGraw-Hill Companies$1,000.001/15/2009Hightstown, NJ 8520
McGraw-Hill Companies$500.0010/28/2010Hightstown, NJ 8520
McGraw-Hill Companies$1,000.0010/28/2010Hightstown, NJ 8520
McGraw-Hill Education Company$2,500.007/7/2011New York, NY 10121
Megan Robertson$250.006/8/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Melvin K Hawkins$1,000.002/27/2012Bloomington, IN 47401
Meridian Strategies LLC$500.0010/28/2011Tallahassee, FL 32301
Meyer Najam Corporation$1,000.007/29/2011Fishers, IN 46038
Meyer Najam Corporation$150.003/28/2012Fishers, IN 46038
Michael A. Blickman$125.002/10/2009Indianapolis, IN 46260
Michael A. Blickman$250.009/29/2009Indianapolis, IN 46260
Michael E Brosway Living Trust$150.0012/12/2011Indianapolis, IN 46220
Michael G Messner$150.0010/7/2011New York, NY 10022
Michael L Gibson$500.004/14/2012Lafayette, IN 47909
Michael L Smith$5,000.003/28/2012Carmel, IN 46033
Michael Millikan$500.006/29/2012Westfield, IN 46062
Michael Nader$750.004/18/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Michael R Bloomberg$40,000.006/29/2012New York, NY 10075
Michael R Humphrey$150.0010/28/2011Dallas, TX 75252
Michael R. Pratt$200.001/15/2009Carmel, IN 46032-5102
Michael T Dilts$500.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46205
Michael W. McConnell$200.0011/21/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
Mike Weaver$2,500.008/5/2011Carmel, IN 46032
Mike Weaver$2,500.009/19/2011Carmel, IN 46032
Mike Weaver$10,000.0012/12/2011Carmel, IN 46032
Mike Weaver$7,500.0012/31/2011Carmel, IN 46032
Mike Weaver$5,000.003/28/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Mike Weaver$10,000.004/3/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Monarch Beverage$125.0010/17/2011Indianapolis, IN 46236
Nancy E Lawton$250.006/21/2012Indianapolis, IN 46236
Natasha J Salyers$150.0012/8/2011Zionsville, IN 46077
Natasha J Salyers$250.006/27/2012Zionsville, IN 46077
Natasha J. Salyers$150.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46205
Nicholas F Hrisomalos M.D.$250.006/2/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Nicholas J Paradiso III$500.002/8/2012Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Nick J Rutigliano$500.005/10/2012Carmel, IN 46033
Norman E. Pfau, Jr.$2,500.009/30/2010Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Norman E. Pfau, Jr.$250.006/21/2012Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Norman E. Pfau, Jr.$10,000.007/5/2012Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Northeast Indiana PAC for Better Government LLC$15,000.004/10/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46808
Olbank PAC$500.009/7/2011Evansville, IN 47708
Olivia Guthrie$150.0010/7/2011Dallas, TX 75219
P. E. MacAllister$2,500.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46206
P. E. MacAllister$1,000.0012/27/2011Indianapolis, IN 46206
P. E. MacAllister$1,000.004/25/2012Indianapolis, IN 46206
Padget-Dekker Holdings Ltd.$500.003/28/2012Key West, FL 33040
Patricia C Laystrom$150.0010/28/2011Lake Zurich, IL 60047
Patricia Koch$200.0011/21/2011Santa Claus, IN 47579
Patricia P. Keiffner$150.009/30/2010Carmel, IN 46032
Patricia Tarpley Harrision$25.007/8/2009Floyds Knobs, IN 47119
Patrick M. Byrne$5,000.009/14/2009Park City, UT 84098
Paul C Shiverick$150.0010/7/2011New York, NY 10022
Paul Okeson$250.0010/7/2011Indianapolis, IN 46250
Paul Pastorek$1,000.009/23/2011River Ridge, LA 70123
Paul Pastorek$1,273.381/30/2012Ashburn, VA 20147
Paul Singer$10,000.004/10/2012New York, NY 10024
Paul T Jones II$5,000.005/10/2012Greenwich, CT 6830
Peggy B Lehner$150.0010/28/2011Dayton, OH 45429
People for Pritchard$100.009/23/2011Fishers, IN 46037
Performance Services Inc.$1,300.006/1/2012Indianapolis, IN 46280
Perkins Nichols Media$40.405/13/2009Indianapolis, IN 46250
Perry Watson III$200.002/27/2012Mishawaka, IN 46545
Peter G Stewart$250.002/8/2012Bozeman, MT 59715
Peter J Deputy$1,532.0010/6/2011Granger, IN 46530
Peter Rummel$500.002/14/2012Jacksonville, FL 32207
Peter Rummell$150.0010/19/2011Jacksonville, FL 32207
Phil Handy$1,000.0010/25/2011Winter Park, FL 32790
Philip C. Genetos$250.002/10/2009Indianapolis, IN 46220
Philip Durham$500.004/2/2012Muncie, IN 47302
Philip E Panzica$1,000.0010/28/2011Granger, IN 46530
R Bruce Dye$5,000.003/29/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46814
R. Bradley Skillman$250.005/10/2012Indianapolis, IN 46240
R. Wayne Estopinal$500.001/15/2009Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Rae J Mugnolo$300.0010/28/2011Chicago, IL 60611
Ralph E. Anderson, Real Estate$500.002/27/2012Bedford, IN 47421
Randall D Clark$250.006/12/2012Carmel, IN 46033
Raymond L. Snelling$25.007/8/2009Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Raymond P Henderson III$500.0010/28/2011Carmel, IN 46033
Rebecca J. Gardenour$100.002/10/2009New Albany, IN 47150
Rebecca J. Gardenour$25.007/8/2009New Albany, IN 47150
Rebecca J. Gardenour$200.006/12/2012New Albany, IN 47150
Rebecca Kubacki$500.006/27/2012Syracuse, IN 46567
Rebecca Kubacki State Representative$500.006/27/2012Syracuse, IN 46567
Reginald Brown$1,000.002/29/2012Alexandria, VA 22304
Rex Bolinger$150.0011/15/2011Noblesville, IN 46060
Rex E. Breeden$150.003/28/2012Columbus, IN 47201
Rexford C. Early$150.001/5/2009Indianapolis, IN 46240-2418
Richard D Crandall$250.0010/28/2011Mesa, AZ 85275
Richard DeVos Jr$5,000.0012/12/2011Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Richard DeVos Jr$5,000.006/12/2012Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Richard Freeland$966.153/22/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Richard M Rella$250.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
Richard Segal$1,000.002/8/2012Rye, NY 10580
Richmond Master Distributors Inc. dba Master Distributors$300.002/27/2012South Bend, IN 46628
RightCHOICE Managed Care, Inc.$1,000.002/10/2009Cincinnati, OH 45206
RightCHOICE Managed Care, Inc.$5,000.0011/21/2011Cincinnati, OH 45206
Rigsby Family Trust Account$2,500.0012/12/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
RMS Land Development Company LLP$500.0010/28/2011South Bend, IN 46614
RMS Land Development Company LLP$1,000.002/27/2012South Bend, IN 46614
Robert A Compton$5,000.007/29/2011Washington, DC 20008
Robert A Compton$5,000.005/10/2012Washington, DC 20008
Robert L. Bowen$2,500.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
Robert A. Compton$500.009/14/2009Germantown, TN 38139
Robert Behning$150.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46221
Robert C. Enlow$500.009/18/2009Indianapolis, IN 46228-2935
Robert C. Reiling Jr.$250.0011/21/2008Lafayette, IN 47902-0280
Robert C. Reiling Jr.$535.004/14/2012Lafayette, IN 47902-0280
Robert E Bartels Jr$750.002/14/2012South Bend, IN 46614
Robert E Bartels Jr$200.002/27/2012South Bend, IN 46614
Robert E Hawk$1,000.009/19/2011Noblesville, IN 46062
Robert E Hawk$2,500.003/22/2012Noblesville, IN 46062
Robert E Hawk$2,500.004/24/2012Noblesville, IN 46062
Robert Enlow$919.539/13/2011Indianapolis, IN 46220
Robert F Herzog$500.003/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46208
Robert F. Seidler$100.009/14/2009Indianapolis, IN 46228-1396
Robert J Schell$200.002/14/2012South Bend, IN 46617
Robert L Koch II$5,000.007/29/2011Evansville, IN 47114-0668
Robert L Koch II$1,000.009/7/2011Evansville, IN 47114-0668
Robert L Luddy$10,000.002/8/2012Raleigh, NC 27616
Robert L. Bowen$1,000.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46240
Robert L. Koch II$1,000.0010/28/2010Evansville, IN 47714-0668
Robert M Kent$1,000.009/7/2011Newburgh, IN 47630
Robert N Hochgesang$250.005/10/2012Avon, IN 46123
Robert T Goad$10,000.0010/7/2011Carmel, IN 46032
Robert T Grand$2,500.006/2/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Robert T. Grand,$500.0010/7/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Roger Hertog$25,000.005/21/2012New York, NY 10028
Rolfe M McCollister Jr.$1,000.002/8/2012Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Rollin M Dick$1,000.009/7/2011Zionsville, IN 46077
Rollin M Dick$250.0010/7/2011Zionsville, IN 46077
Rollin M Dick$500.0010/28/2011Zionsville, IN 46077
Rollin M Dick$2,500.0011/21/2011Zionsville, IN 46077
Rollin M. Dick$500.001/15/2009Zionsville, IN 46077
Rollin M. Dick$150.009/30/2010Zionsville, IN 46077
Ronald Jordan$250.004/5/2012Granger, IN 46530
Ronald T. Grooms$25.007/8/2009Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Ronda Hanning$2,000.003/29/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Rosemarie Cappabianca$150.0010/28/2011New York, NY 10022
Roy L. Lipner$500.009/14/2009Deerfield, IL 60015-4720
Roy R Mellinger$250.004/26/2012Fishers, IN 46037
Samuel C Schlosser$500.003/29/2012Plymouth, IN 46563
Samuel L. Montgomery$250.0011/20/2008Carmel, IN 46033
Sandi Jacobs$150.0010/28/2011Silver Springs, MD 20906
Sarah O'Brien$300.006/26/2012Avon, IN 46123
School Development HC LLC$1,000.003/28/2012Miami, FL 33143
Scott N Murphy$150.001/24/2012Marion, IN 46952
Sinet School Improvement Network Inc.$1,000.002/14/2012Sandy, UT 84094
Skillman for Indiana$2,500.004/25/2012Indianapolis, IN 46202
Slusser Family Partnership LLC$5,000.008/5/2011Fishers, IN 46037
SSA Consultants LLC$500.002/8/2012Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Stephanie Sample$100.006/27/2012Speedway, IN 46224
Stephen E Sterrett$1,000.009/8/2011Indianapolis, IN 46236
Stephen J Klotz$1,000.007/5/2012Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Stephen L Edwards$250.003/28/2012Marion, IN 46952
Stephen Russell$1,000.006/12/2012Indianapolis, IN 46235
Steve Gerber$150.0011/7/2011Granger, IN 46530
Steve Hackman$325.002/10/2009Zionsville, IN 46077
Steven E Chancellor$500.009/8/2011Evansville, IN 47716
Steven E Chancellor$500.0010/28/2011Evansville, IN 47716-5669
Steven E Chancellor$500.0010/28/2011Evansville, IN 47716-5669
Steven E Fivel$250.006/2/2012Carmel, IN 46032
Steven F. Walker$500.0010/28/2011Indianapolis, IN 46236
Steven Hartz$500.0010/28/2011South Bend, IN 46614
Steven Justus$50.0011/17/2008Hartford City, IN 47348
Steven K Humke$500.0010/28/2011Zionsville, IN 46077
Steven R Schreckengast$500.004/14/2012Lafayette, IN 47904
Steven R Schreckengast$210.004/18/2012Lafayette, IN 47904
Stuart K Brown$150.0010/28/2011Tallahassee, FL 32312
Stuart Minier$50.0011/19/2008Indianapolis, IN 46250
Stuart Summers$75.0011/17/2008Valparaiso, IN 46384
Susan E Chastain$500.009/8/2011Indianapolis, IN 46236
Susan Stagner$150.0010/28/2011Sylvania, OH 43560
Susan Stagner$150.0011/21/2011Sylvania, OH 43560
T. E. Reilly, Jr.$1,000.009/30/2010Indianapolis, IN 46260
Taft Stettinius & Hollister Better Government Fund$250.003/28/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Teresa Fusile$500.0010/28/2011Carmel, IN 46032
Teresa Lubbers for State Senate$250.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46220
Terri Schulz$150.0011/21/2011Indianapolis, IN 46220
The Biltmore Hotel$219.294/10/2012Coral Gables, FL 33134
The Consultants Consortium, Inc.$200.001/15/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204
The Corydon Group$1,000.0011/21/2011Indianapolis, IN 46282
The Corydon Group$760.2211/9/2011Indianapolis, IN 46282
The Horne Group$150.0010/28/2011Flemming Island, FL 32206
The McGraw-Hill Companies$500.0012/9/2009Hightstown, NJ 8520
The Med-Shoppe Pharmacy, Inc.$500.002/27/2012Bedford, IN 47421
The Power PAC$250.003/28/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Theodore D Dickman$250.003/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46260
Therese A Rooney$2,500.007/29/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
Therese A Rooney$1,250.009/19/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
Therese A Rooney$5,000.0011/21/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
Therese A Rooney$1,000.005/10/2012Indianapolis, IN 46240
Therese A Rooney$1,300.005/2/2012Indianapolis, IN 46240
Therese A. Rooney$1,000.001/5/2009Indianapolis, IN 46268-0446
Therese A. Rooney$5,000.001/15/2009Indianapolis, IN 46268-0446
Therese A. Rooney$5,000.0010/28/2010Indianapolis, IN 46268-0446
Third Point, LLC$902.902/2/2012New York, NY 10022
Thomas A Walsh$500.0011/21/2011Indianapolis, IN 46250
Thomas A Walsh$500.006/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46250
Thomas E. Wheeler$2,500.001/15/2009Zionsville, IN 46077
Thomas K Borne$250.003/29/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46814
Thomas L. Hefner$1,000.0010/28/2010Indianapolis, IN 46240
Thomas L. Hefner$1,000.008/16/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
Thomas W. Peterson$100.001/15/2009Zionsville, IN 46077
THP Global Strategies LLC$1,000.009/14/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204
THP Global Strategies LLC$500.009/14/2009Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tim Pitts$50.001/5/2009Fort Wayne, IN 46802-4110
Timothy Fath$250.0012/27/2011Marion, IN 46953
Timothy P Thoman$1,500.0010/28/2011Carmel, IN 46032
Timothy P. Thoman$500.001/15/2009Carmel, IN 46032
Timothy P. Thoman$500.009/14/2009Carmel, IN 46032
Timothy Riffle$250.004/25/2012Greenwood, IN 46143
Timothy S Borne$1,000.0012/8/2011Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Timothy S Borne$1,000.002/27/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Timothy S Borne$500.003/29/2012Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Toby McClamroch Committee c/o Somerset CPAS, P.C.$1,000.006/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46240
Todd Huston$1,000.008/5/2011Fishers, IN 46037
Todd J Wolfe$10,000.006/2/2012Indianapolis, IN 46228
Todd J Wolfe$2,624.006/3/2012Indianapolis, IN 46228
Todd Rokita Election Committee$1,000.005/21/2012Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tom Luna$160.0010/28/2011Nampa, ID 83686
Tom Luna$250.002/8/2012Nampa, ID 83686
Tracy D Graham$500.0010/28/2011Granger, IN 46530
Tracy D Graham$500.002/27/2012Granger, IN 46530
Trent Cowles$500.002/27/2012Indianapolis, IN 46202
Triple C Partnership$500.003/29/2012Logansport, IN 46947
Tripp Scott Attorneys at Law$5,000.003/28/2012Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Verizon$411.501/4/2010Folsom, CA 95763
Verizon Wireless$411.5012/29/2009Folsom, CA 95763-2167
Veteran Strategies Inc.$250.008/5/2011Indianapolis, IN 46237
Veteran Strategies Inc.$150.003/28/2012Indianapolis, IN 46237
Vicki Burch$500.004/10/2012West Lafayette, IN 47906
Vision Concepts LLC$2,500.0012/30/2011Indianapolis, IN 46236
W Scott Webber$500.0010/7/2011Carmel, IN 46032
Wayne F Henning$200.009/7/2011Evansville, IN 47715
Wayne O. Adams III$250.002/10/2009Indianapolis, IN 46260
Wayne O. Adams III$250.009/29/2009Indianapolis, IN 46260
Wayne S Schmidt$500.0012/29/2011Indianapolis, IN 46204
Weaver Fundraising, LLC$5,000.003/28/2012Noblesville, IN 46060
Weaver Popcorn, Inc.$5,000.003/29/2012Noblesville, IN 46060
White County GOP$250.001/5/2009Monticello, IN 47960
William E Oberndorf$10,000.005/21/2012Mill Valley, CA 94941
William F McConnell Jr$500.0010/28/2011Carmel, IN 46032
William L Shrewsberry Jr$250.003/29/2012Indianapolis, IN 46256
William S Oesterle$20,000.0012/30/2011Indianapolis, IN 46202
William V Drew$1,000.0012/12/2011Indianapolis, IN 46240
William V. Roberti Revocable Living Trust$150.0010/28/2011Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
William Zaggle$150.0010/19/2011Greeley, CO 80634
Wireless Generation, Inc.$1,000.009/29/2009Brooklyn, NY 11201
Yvette Dowd$50.0011/19/2008Scottsburg, IN 47170
Z P Zachariah$1,000.0011/21/2011Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308
Zack Dawes$150.0011/21/2011Austin, TX 78731
Zeff Weiss$250.009/29/2009Indianapolis, IN 46260
Zink Distributing Company LLC$65.0010/25/2011Indianapolis, IN 46227
Zink Properties, LLC$1,000.002/14/2012Indianapolis, IN 46227

Source: Indiana Secretary of State Campaign Finance Reports (November 2008 - July 2012)