Doc Counsilman: Making Waves

Jim Montgomery

Jim MontgomeryJim Montgomery was the first person to swim 100 meters freestyle in under fifty seconds—a feat equivalent to breaking the four minute mile in track. He was one of the best freestyle swimmers in the country during his days at Indiana University.

Doc Counsilman coached Montgomery at both collegiate and Olympic levels. Montgomery brought home 3 gold medals from Montreal in 1976 in the 100-meter freestyle, the 400-meter medley relay, and the 800-meter free relay.

While swimming for Doc at Indiana, Montgomery was NCAA Champion in 200-yard freestyle, 400-yard free relay, 800-yard free relay in 1974; 400-yard free relay, 800-yard free relay in 1975; 100-yard freestyle, 200-yard freestyle in 1976; and 400-yard medley relay in 1977. He was a 21 time All-American, and a member of 1974-77 Big Ten Championship teams.

Jim Montgomery holds a place in the Indiana University Hall of Fame and the International Hall of Fame.

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