Doc Counsilman: Making Waves

Photo Gallery

These photos span the course of Doc Counsilman's career, from young athlete to Army pilot, from swim coach to record-breaker. Select any thumbnail to enter the gallery and view larger versions of the photos.

Young SwimmerOSU Coach Mike PeppeButterflyOhio State DaysJames and MarjorieShipping OffMarj CounsilmanArmy PortraitBomber CrewService MedalsEarly ScienceRoyer Pool Construction1960-61 IU TeamIn the Locker RoomFamily PortraitTravelingPace ClockKevin Berry1969-70 IU TeamNCAA ChampionshipInto the PoolGary HallGary Hall and Mark SpitzMarj at WorkDoc with 1973 TeamPartnersJim MontgomerySwim CampChannel Swim TrainingDover BeachGreasing UpEscort BoatChannel SwimShore in SightOn the Other Side

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