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Memory Chain

The White Stag

The newest segment of Memory Chain begins with a 19th Century German poem and brings us to the winter landscapes of Indiana for a rare encounter with nature.

Special Thanks to:  The Densford Family, Juno Bea Cahn, Roxanne Nagosky, Brian Garvey, Kathy Norris, and Rebecca Vaughn

Produced & Directed by:  Susanne Schwibs

Written & Narrated by:  Tom Roznowski

“Der Weisse Hirsch” by Ludwig Uhland (1815); translated by A.B. (Harvardiana, 1838) and Eugene Field (1913).

Illustrations by Emma Scharff (n.d.)

Archival Images Provided by:

The Prelinger Archives

The Library of Congress

Monroe County History Center


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