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April 12, 2018


The Seiberling Mansion

In 1889, Monroe Seiberling built an iconic mansion; today, it is home to the Howard County Historical Society, and features numerous exhibits.

April 12, 2018


Kokomo Opalescent Glass

Founded in 1888 by chemist Charles Edward, Kokomo Opalescent Glass is the oldest stained-glass manufacturer in the US, producing handmade glass for 130 years.

April 12, 2018


Kokomo Automotive Museum

When Kokomo’s Elwood Haynes invented the “Pioneer,” one of America’s first cars, he sparked an explosion of automobile production that continues today.

February 22, 2018


Leora Brown School

Built in 1891 as segregation became Indiana law, Corydon's Leora Brown School is Indiana's oldest and longest standing school for African American children.

February 8, 2018


Women’s Improvement Club

As Tuberculosis raged across Indianapolis, a group of African American women joined together to demand better healthcare and education for their community.

January 25, 2018


Grand Illusion

In an unknown time or place, a grand circus came to an Indiana town, featuring exotic animals, valiant warriors, and mysteries still left to the imagination.

January 25, 2018


Rebuilding the Howe Car

In 1896, Bloomington jeweler Joshua Howe, built the town’s first horseless carriage; a century later, two Bloomington men set out to rebuild the legacy.

September 14, 2017


A Mandolin and a High Tenor Voice: Brown County Jamboree

In part two of a three-part series examining bluegrass history, discover how a Bean Blossom music festival transformed into the Brown County Jamboree.

September 7, 2017


A Mandolin and a High Tenor Voice: Bean Blossom

In part one of a three-part series examining bluegrass history in Indiana, learn how a popular 1930s pastime in the town of Bean Blossom inspired a festival.

June 22, 2017


The History of Columbus’ Architectural Mecca

As Chairman of Cummins, J. Irwin Miller set Columbus on a global path, creating the Cummins Foundation to transform the city into a modern architectural mecca.

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