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August 8, 2013


Sonrise Llama 4-H Club

The Sonrise Llama Club does more than just teach responsibility; they also reach out into the community to change minds and provide surprising companionship.

August 8, 2013


The Fancy Flyers 4-H Club

Meet an unlikely 4-H club, the Fancy Flyers, to learn more about pigeons. From judging to companionship, they're more than your average bird!

January 12, 2012


A Walk in the Woods

From lumber to extreme sports, Indiana's forests offer Hoosiers much more than a nice walk in the woods.

July 28, 2011


At the County Fair

It's fair time and Pam and Joe take to the fairgrounds to share stories of chickens, tractors, hogs, quilting, and more!

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