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Memory Chain

Sound Lesson

Explore the mystery of harmonics with the National Association of Piano Tuners and discover the haunting melodies of the wind as created by the Aeolian Harp.

In Memory of Deb Munson (1954-2014)

Special Thanks to:  David Jensen (Antique Temperament & Tuning), Carey Bean (Wylie House & Museum), Cindy Smith, Nancy Krueger, Brian Garvey

Produced & Directed by:  Susanne Schwibs

Written & Narrated by:  Tom Roznowski

Archival Images Provided by:

Bretzman Collection

Indiana Historical Society, with special thanks to:  Susan Sutton, Dorothy Nicholson

Library of Congress

Aeolian Harp and Recordings Courtesy of:  Kenneth Turkington (Walden Winds)


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