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Public Service

Meet public servants who stomp out bugs and local students who are doing volunteer work across the globe.

Books & Beyond

Meet the students who are members of the Global Village Living-Learning Center at Indiana University as they share their ongoing work with children in Rwanda.

Jury Duty

How does your name end up on a list for jury duty? Who decides who gets called? Is there any way to get out of serving? We go behind-the-scenes of the Monroe County Court to find out.

Bed Bugs

An update on the bed bug situation in our region and what’s being done to track them down and eliminate them. Joe also talks with a local expert who’s been on the front lines.

Jenn Cristy

Singer/Songwriter Jenn Cristy performs.

Also on This Episode

  • Restaurant Inspections: Tag along with a Health Inspector as we learn about what it takes to make code and what will shut a place down.

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the studio taping.

Originally aired 1/20/2011