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Mushroom Cup Mayhem at the Human Mario Kart Grand Prix

November 12, 2018
      An old photo of Central State Hospital behind several trees.

Hang on to your mustaches, it's-a-Mario time!

Revved up and ready to race, fans of Mario Kart gathered at the Circle City Industrial Complex in Indianapolis, on October 27th, to witness the real-life win of the coveted Mushroom Cup.

This Grand Prix, put on by Indianapolis's Punch Bowl Social and Do317, was perfect for all ages. Spectators became participants as they were given items to target the racers from the sidelines. Foam balls, water balloons and water soakers filled with baby oil slowed the racers down and made the track slick.

The course itself was loaded with mushrooms, shells, stars and other original items from the video game for the racers to use against each other. It began outdoors and teams of four and five, pedaling drift trikes, switched off in the pit stop to take turns completing the laps. The track eventually veered indoors where Rainbow Road colors dazzled and a fog machine was as blinding as squid ink.

In this unique version of Mario Kart, the bananas ran the show, setting up the course after each completed race. DJ Dicky Foxx turned the tunes while intermittent games of corn hole and ping-pong created winners off the track. Centerpoint brewery, along with a few food trucks, kept the party going into the night.

The first place winners rode off in their very own Triad Drift Trike with $500 cash, the trophy, a Super Nintendo System with Mario Kart and endless bragging rights as they adopted the esteemed title of Human Mario Kart Champions.

Mario sound effects courtesy of Nintendo