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Earth Eats: How to Make Refreshing Basil Lemonade

June 19, 2018
        Basil lemonade close-up
Photo: Jacob Lindauer / WFIU

Rampant dehydration, second-degree sunburns, working up a sweat walking to your car – they all mean one thing: summer’s here!

Going out for a Sunday bike ride or an evening in the garden can be worth the heat. But if a few hours of triple-digit temperatures are enough to send you headed inside for a tall drink of something, anything, today’s recipe is for you.

We met up with the crew from WFIU’s Earth Eats at FARMbloomington and had owner and Chef Daniel Orr show us how to bring fresh basil from the garden to the glass with a simple herb lemonade.

After about 10 minutes and just a few ingredients, you can make a beverage that’s a beautiful deep green color and surprisingly smooth to drink.

For a written version of the recipe, you can head to the Earth Eats website. Just keep in mind that the lemonade in the video recipe is more concentrated.

And for even more drinks, desserts, entrees and more, you can check out even more recipes over at Earth Eats. (via WFIU Earth Eats)