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WTIU and WFIU's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

December 12, 2018
        Happy holidays from WTIU and WFIU.

It’s mid-December, and you’re either way late on your gift buying or – let’s face it – way past when you should have taken care of it. We at WTIU and WFIU hear that, and we see you.

We sat down with a few of the people behind WTIU and WFIU shows like Afterglow, Earth Eats, Indiana Newsdesk, The Friday Zone and the new Journey Indiana (set to premiere on WTIU January 3) to offer up a few ideas for fans of their programs.

Plus, a few hosts and producers shared some of their more...memorable experiences with holiday gifts.

And of course, from all of us at WTIU and WFIU, have a safe and happy holiday season.