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Why does WTIU need to raise money?

WTIU is a public television station licensed to Indiana University. To support our mission and commitment to viewers throughout Central and Southern Indiana, WTIU must raise funds to help pay for programs, broadcast equipment, staff and operating expenses.

Does WTIU receive tax money, if so, why is it so important that I donate money to become a member?

WTIU does not directly receive money from your taxes. When public broadcasting began operations the federal government created the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). The CPB receives appropriations from the federal government marked to support local television stations, programming and improvements to the public broadcasting system as a whole. WTIU applies for funds to this organization every year and adheres to the guidelines established by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in order to continue to receive their support and continue affiliation with PBS. Distribution from CPB is determined by market size. Currently, WTIU receives about 15 percent of our annual budget from the CPB.

How do I decide how much to contribute?

The amount you contribute is entirely up to you. With an annual contribution of $40 or more (or $25 for IU full-time students), you will receive a full year’s subscription to our monthly viewing guide. The MemberCard, good for two-for-one dining and entertainment savings, is available with a gift of $75 or more. As a donor of $5 or more monthly (as a sustaining member) or $60 or more annually, you will also receive the added benefit of WTIU Passport, which provides you with extended access to the PBS streaming video you love. Contributions at higher levels often qualify for special thank-you gifts.

If I give to WTIU Public Television, does it also make me a member of WFIU Public Radio?

Many of our WTIU members also support WFIU, but they do so with separate contributions. Each station has its own budget and pays for programming separately. Both stations are licensed to Indiana University.

Why am I getting a renewal or reminder notice after I paid my pledge?

The most likely answer is that your payment and our notice just crossed in the mail. If you believe your account is in error, please contact the Membership Department at 812-855-6114 or e-mail us at to verify that we received your contribution and have posted it to the correct membership account.

Where can I use my WTIU MemberCard for discounts?

There are a variety of restaurants, museums, arts and cultural attractions, wineries, lodging venues and online merchants that accept the WTIU MemberCard. To view the list of benefits, visit our MemberCard Benefits page.

When will my thank-you gift arrive?

On average, delivery takes about two to three weeks. However, national demand for an item sometimes slows down our distributors and causes delays in our ability to mail your thank-you gift. We will try to notify you if that is the case. WTIU assures you of quality. If you open your gift and discover that it’s wrong or damaged, or you are unhappy with your thank-you gift, we will gladly replace it or offer an alternative in most cases*. Just contact us at 812-855-6114 or e-mail

* Tickets are nonexchangeable, and WTIU does not give refunds for ticketed events if the event is occurring at the scheduled date and time. Wheelchair accessible seat requirements should be requested at the time of pledge due to limited availability.

Why haven’t I received my tickets yet?

Tickets are mailed separately from thank you letters, and are usually mailed close to the event date. If you have not received your ticket close to the event, please call the Membership Department to let us know.

Why are the thank-you gifts WTIU offers during pledge drives so expensive? Why can’t I buy these items at a regular retail price?

As a public television station, WTIU relies on community support for a great deal of our funding. The DVDs, CDs, books, or other items we offer during our on-air fundraising campaigns are intended as a “thank-you” gift for supporting the station with a contribution, not as a retail transaction. To encourage viewers to become members of the station, we suggest various pledge levels and offer the individual items or packages as special perks for contributing at that level.

How does a Sustaining Membership work?

Sustaining Members make a commitment to the station to continue their membership support beyond a one-year timeframe. Sustaining members give a minimum of $5.00 per month and use either Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from their checking or savings account or a monthly transaction to a credit or debit card. For more information, click here.

I just got a renewal notice when I renewed my membership only a few months ago. Why?

Timing is everything. Our computer system saw that your most recent payment was outside the normal time period for a renewal. When this happens, the payment is recognized as an “additional gift” for the year. A quick call to our Membership Department at 812-855-6114 will have your membership record updated to reflect your gift as your renewal contribution.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes, but under current tax laws in the United States, only the amount of your contribution that exceeds the amount of any goods provided to you is tax-deductible as a charitable contribution. So if you requested a thank-you gift such as a program DVD, book, tickets, or any other item, the fair-market value of that item is not tax-deductible. The tax receipt you receive from the IU Foundation will detail your contribution, the fair market value of your selected gift, and the resulting deductible amount.

Why do you hold all those on-air membership campaigns?

In order to continue to provide our service of broadcasting award-winning PBS and local programs, we rely on a variety of fundraising activities. One of the most effective of these activities is using our own broadcast air to encourage viewers to become members and to remind members to renew their support to help pay for the valuable service we provide.

We do pay close attention to feedback from our viewers and members, and we continually try to improve the quality of our on-air campaigns so that they offer minimum disruption to your viewing pleasure. We also continue to look for ways to keep the amount of on-air fundraising to a minimum. In fact, we usually hold only three campaigns per year, while most PBS stations hold four.

Does WTIU exchange or sell names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses from its mailing list?

No. We may, however, purchase mailing lists from other sources in a continuing effort to bring in new members. Sometimes duplications do slip through, so please forgive us
if this happens to you, and disregard any further duplication notices.

Can I make a donation in memory/honor of someone else?

You can make a fully tax-deductible memorial or tribute gift online by clicking here. A personal note will be sent to the person of your choosing.

I am a current member. Why are you sending me renewal notices months prior to my membership expiration date?

Because it’s so important that we keep our members, we start sending out renewal notices in advance of your membership’s expiration. If you renew early, you’ll still get a full year’s membership; your membership will be extended for a full 12 months from your current expiration date.

What if my program guide didn’t arrive this month? There are several possible answers to this question. Have you moved?

We may not have your correct address. Your membership may have expired. Your copy may have been lost in the mail. Whatever the reason, e-mail or call the Membership Department at 812-855-6114. We’ll gladly send you another copy.

Can I access my Program Guide online?

Yes. You can save WTIU money and resources by requesting an electronic version of our monthly program guide. Just contact the Membership Department at 812-855-6114 or to discontinue delivery of the paper copy.

How can I become a volunteer for WTIU?


How can I include WTIU in my will or living trust?

You can make a gift (bequest) to WTIU through your will or living trust by designating a percentage of your total estate, the residue or a portion of the residue, or a specific dollar amount. See our Gift Planning Options page for sample bequest language and WTIU’s Federal Tax I.D. Number to provide to your attorney.

How can I give a gift of stock?

Giving appreciated stock to WTIU can mean tax benefits for you. Call Nancy Krueger at 812-855-2935 or e-mail her at for more information.

How do I find out if my company has a matching gift program?

Contact your Human Resources office. Many employers share your commitment to public television and will show it by doubling your pledge of support. Visit our Matching Gifts page for a partial list of employers who participate in matching employee charitable gifts.

If your company has a matching gift program and is not listed, please email the name of the company

Where can I buy WTIU productions?

You can buy DVDs or Blu-rays of a number of WTIU productions at ShopTIU. You can also make your purchase by phone, by calling 812-855-6114 or 800-662-3311. Either way, your purchases will help support WTIU. And don’t forget to use your discount code for 15% off your purchase if you are a WTIU member!

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If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us!

WTIU Membership, 1229 E. 7th Street,
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phone: 812-855-6114

For your security, please do not email any financial account numbers.