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When you make an endowed gift, the principal remains untouched and the interest from your gift will supplement our programs  in perpetuity, yielding greater returns over time. You can fund an endowed account with cash, securities or a gift in your will. Create your own fund, or contribute to an existing fund!

Make a gift to an existing WFIU or WTIU Fund

WFIU has four  open endowment funds that we want to grow:

Create and Name your own Endowed Fund

For a gift of $25,000 or more (or an equivalent pledge spread over several years), you can create your own family legacy to support a favorite program area such as:

  • WFIU Arts Desk Fund
  • Early Music Fund for Harmonia
  • WTIU Indiana Documentary Fund
  • Arts, Performance, and Culture Fund
  • Science, Environment, and Nature Fund

Endowment funds for WFIU and WTIU are managed by professional investors at the Indiana University Foundation.


Pat Harbison blows his horn

The Al Cobine fund supports jazz initiatives on WFIU; now you can donate online directly to the fund!

Donate to Al Cobine Fund »


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