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Summer Savings: A Breakdown Of IU's Tuition Discount


In October, Indiana University officials cut summer tuition and fees by 25 percent for all in-state undergraduate students starting in 2012. Out-of-state students would receive an equivalent benefit.

Here’s how much a student taking 15 hours during the summer would save, according to university figures:

Resident Undergraduate Non-Resident Undergraduate
Based on 15 credit hours, plus fees Summer ’12 Rate Discounted Summer ’12 Rate Savings Summer ’12 Rate Discounted Summer ’12 Rate Savings
Bloomington $4,408.46 $3,279.40 $1,129.06 $13,792.16 $12,663.10 $1,129.06
IUPUI $3,951.16 $2,963.30 $987.86 $13,132.66 $12,144.80 $987.86
IUPU Columbus $3,814.71 $2,860.96 $953.75 $12,996.21 $12,042.46 $953.75
South Bend $3,276.09 $2,457.00 $819.09 $8,547.69 $7,728.60 $819.09
East $3,053.31 $2,289.92 $763.39 $8,345.61 $7,582.22 $763.39
Northwest $3,188.79 $2,430.07 $758.72 $8,449.14 $7,690.42 $758.72
Kokomo $3,004.84 $2,253.60 $751.24 $8,058.19 $7,306.95 $751.24
Southeast $2,929.95 $2,197.47 $732.48 $7,980.45 $7,247.97 $732.48
SOURCE: Indiana University; does not count program-specific or university division fees; tuition cuts do not apply at IPFW, which is administered by Purdue.

And here’s a per-credit-hour breakdown:

Resident Undergraduate Non-Resident Undergraduate
Tuition (per credit hour, Summer ’12) Summer ’12 Rate Discounted Summer ’12 Rate Savings Summer ’12 Rate Discounted Summer ’12 Rate Savings
IU Bloomington $263.45 $197.59 $65.86 $889.03 $823.17 $65.86
IUPUI $247.90 $185.92 $61.98 $860.00 $798.02 $61.98
IUPU Columbus $247.90 $185.92 $61.98 $860.00 $798.02 $61.98
IU South Bend $199.62 $149.71 $49.91 $551.06 $501.15 $49.91
IU Northwest $196.53 $147.40 $49.13 $547.22 $498.09 $49.13
IU East $193.94 $145.45 $48.49 $546.76 $498.27 $48.49
IU Southeast $193.80 $145.35 $48.45 $530.50 $482.05 $48.45
IU Kokomo $193.47 $145.10 $48.37 $530.36 $481.99 $48.37
SOURCE: Indiana University; tuition cuts do not apply at IPFW, which is administered by Purdue University.

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