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What School Performance Can — And Can't — Tell Us About College Preparedness

In order to graduate, Indiana high schoolers have to take tenth grade tests in math and English language arts. The Indiana Department of Education takes a keen interest in seeing school-wide improvement on these tests, which factor into the school’s letter grade. But an Indiana University researcher has found that students who attend schools where […]

Why Some Educators Say The State’s A-F Grading System Isn’t An Improvement

Superintendents offered a harsh critique of the state’s A-F grading scale for public schools at the statehouse earlier this month, writes Karen Francisco of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: How uncomfortable Friday afternoon must have been for Republican members of the Indiana Select Commission on Education. Listening to hours of overwhelmingly critical testimony of the […]

College Student's Nervous System More Active While Asleep Than In Class

For those of you who think there’s not a lot going on inside the teenage brain… Well, if anything, this is good for a chuckle: A team of electrical engineers fitted a 19-year-old male college student with a sensor for a week as he went about his routine. The sensor recorded his electrodermal activity — a […]

Ask The Ed Reporters: Why Do Students Finish Degrees At For-Profit Colleges Faster?

On our post about for-profit colleges, commenter Slowlightening asks: Students can finish degrees faster at for-profit institutes [than at community colleges, as The Atlantic writes]. Why doesn’t the article ask why that is? Is it because classes are held at better hours? Or is it because classes require significantly less work? Why doesn’t the article talk […]

Could Indiana Set Higher Goals For AP Test & Dual Credit Scores?

An Indiana school’s state-issued letter grade rating could soon be based in part on how many students earn college credit or learn career-oriented skills before they graduate high school. A proposal to change the rating system — reflective of state superintendent Tony Bennett‘s “college and career readiness” goals — would call for 25 percent of a high […]

10 Things States Need To Collect Good Data On Students

For this first time this year, a national organization that advises states on how to track students’ education has listed Indiana as having all 10 “Essential Elements” of good education data. When the Data Quality Campaign started its effort in 2005, no state’s data collection policies comprised all 10 elements — and Indiana’s only covered […]

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