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For States Struggling To Keep Up, Cuts To Federal Special Education Funding Won't Be Permanent

States whose spending on special education drops below the prior year’s level will still get hit with financial penalties, writes Alyson Klein for Education Week, but a tweak to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act will make the reduction in federal support temporary: Under maintenance of effort—or MOE, in wonky Washingtonspeak—states can’t cut their own […]

Why Parents Of Students With Dyslexia Say Indiana Schools Need To Rethink Reading

When Jackie Stein saw her daughter struggling to learn to read, she asked Alex’s first grade teacher how she could help. The teacher’s response surprised her: Alex was developmentally appropriate. If the Steins were worried, they could work more with their daughter at home. So Jackie tried to help her daughter with reading. Alex continued […]

Lawmaker Says Indiana Needs Formal Rules Governing Seclusion Rooms

An Indiana lawmaker says the state needs to address the use of seclusion and restraint in public schools, reports Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith. Sen. Randy Head, R-Logansport, told members of the autism study committee that last year teachers used duct tape to restrain a student with special needs. He says the medical community and […]

Indianapolis Student Bridges Deaf And Hearing Culture

When she was less than two years old, the Katters decided to teach their daughter sign language and enroll her in classes at the Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) in Indianapolis. Neither of Margaret Katter’s parents is deaf, but her mom is a speech language pathologist and her aunt is an audiologist. “All along […]

Deaf Student Uses Cochlear Implant To Hear, Learn

If there were a poster child for cochlear implants, Grant Phillips would be it. When Phillips was born, he was completely deaf. After exploring several options, his parents heard about a new procedure that had been shown to restore hearing loss at a very successful rate. The first surgeries and FDA studies for cochlear implants, […]

How Indiana Took Sides In A Debate Over Deaf Schools

Reported by Gretchen Frazee Members of the deaf community have long debated whether deaf students should use medical hearing devices and be mainstreamed into the hearing culture, or whether they should be enrolled in schools that provide a more specialized education and promote the use of sign language. In Indiana, that debate has come to […]

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