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Why Parents Of Students With Dyslexia Say Indiana Schools Need To Rethink Reading

When Jackie Stein saw her daughter struggling to learn to read, she asked Alex’s first grade teacher how she could help. The teacher’s response surprised her: Alex was developmentally appropriate. If the Steins were worried, they could work more with their daughter at home. So Jackie tried to help her daughter with reading. Alex continued […]

Lawmaker Says Indiana Needs Formal Rules Governing Seclusion Rooms

An Indiana lawmaker says the state needs to address the use of seclusion and restraint in public schools, reports Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith. Sen. Randy Head, R-Logansport, told members of the autism study committee that last year teachers used duct tape to restrain a student with special needs. He says the medical community and […]

What The Indiana Department Of Education Says About Seclusion Rooms

Ohio limits the use of seclusion rooms in mental institutes and children’s residential facilities, but not in public schools, writes StateImpact Ohio‘s Molly Bloom and The Columbus Dispatch‘s Jennifer Smith Richards: Some teachers say that seclusion rooms are effective tools when used properly. No law governs seclusion rooms, and the Ohio Department of Education has provided little guidance […]

How Much Raising The Debt Ceiling Could Cost Indiana Schools If Deal Isn't Reached

The American Association for School Principals released a report Tuesday detailing how schools are bracing for the possibility of across the board federal spending cuts, writes Alyson Klein for Education Week: Of those surveyed, 69.4 percent are betting they’ll have to cut professional development, and 58.1 percent say they’d expect to cut enrichment, after-school, and […]

How Indiana Took Sides In A Debate Over Deaf Schools

Reported by Gretchen Frazee Members of the deaf community have long debated whether deaf students should use medical hearing devices and be mainstreamed into the hearing culture, or whether they should be enrolled in schools that provide a more specialized education and promote the use of sign language. In Indiana, that debate has come to […]

Why Special Education Advocates Are On Edge Over New Teacher Licensing Rules

Becoming a teacher is no longer a matter of earning an education degree. College graduates are taking more alternative tracks into teaching that don’t involve going back to school for another four years. But some colleges of education worry a change to Indiana’s teacher licensing rules could make it too easy to earn credentials to […]

Will 'No Child' Waivers Leave Behind At-Risk Students?

Congressional Democrats and civil rights groups have been waving red flags over the Obama administration’s plans to waive key requirements of the No Child Left Behind act for states, and it looks like federal education officials have noticed. They’re concerned the formal requests for “flexibility” Indiana and ten other states sent to the U.S. Department of Education […]

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