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Sortable Table: Who’s Funding Your Representative?

A few days ago, we told you education could be the biggest issue facing voters at the polls Tuesday in an otherwise lackluster mid-term. Today, we’ve gathered some evidence to prove that point. Below is a sortable table of campaign donations to both state Senate and House candidates from education focused organizations: PACs, unions and […]

Election 2013 Results: Muncie Voters Reject Referendum To Save School Bus Fleet

UPDATED, 9:30 p.m. Eastern — Voters in Muncie Community Schools rejected a referendum Tuesday night that district officials had hoped would ensure their school bus fleet could stay on the roads next school year. The ballot question, which would’ve cost the taxpayers an additional $3.3 million in total, failed by 642 votes. Nearly 54 percent of […]

The Most Interesting Thing In The AP’s Latest Education Email Story

“Appointed state superintendent.” That’s the eighth bullet point on a draft of Tony Bennett’s nine-point 2011 legislative wish-list — part of an email string the Associated Press published over the weekend. All of these bullet points ended up in a piece of legislation in the General Assembly. Most of these wish list items, from school choice […]

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