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When It Comes To Free Textbooks, Indiana Is The Exception

At the beginning of each school year, families in Indiana’s public schools are hit with bills that include activity fees, class fees and the largest line item- textbook fees. Textbook rental fees cost parents on average about $100 per child. Frustrating to most parents is the knowledge that Indiana is one of only eight states that charge for […]

How Much New Nationwide Academic Standards Could Cost Indiana

In Indiana and the 44 other states where they’re being implemented right now, education experts say the Common Core State Standards promise to affect everything: states’ evaluations of their schools, districts’ evaluations of their teachers, schools’ evaluations of their students — the list goes on. But successfully putting the new slate of academic standards into practice in […]

How Indiana Schools Are Fighting A Decrease In Teacher Collaboration Time

It’s no secret that job dissatisfaction among teachers has reached an all-time high. But among the predictable factors behind this trend — shrinking budgets, increasing class sizes, frustrations over policy — there’s another reason that’s not talked about as much: not enough teamwork. In a recent survey, 36 percent of U.S. teachers reported seeing time […]

Mailbag: Teaching Testing As A Literary Genre

Is it “mumbo-jumbo for ISTEP preparation” — or a “clever” approach to getting ready for high-stakes tests? Last week’s post on a Bloomington charter school’s practice of teaching a short unit on standardized testing as a literary genre garnered quite a few varied reactions. (If you missed the post, check it out here.) A shortened radio version […]

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