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A Discussion On Free Community College And The Need In Indiana

President Obama wants to make community college free for all students, an idea he briefly outlined during his State of the Union speech this week. We’ve reported on what this would look like in Indiana and the challenges students already face when trying to navigate the cost and logistics of higher education. StateImpact Indiana’s Claire McInerny […]

Why Community Colleges Can't Add Enough Online Courses To Meet Demand

Community colleges across the country aren’t adding online courses fast enough to satisfy a growing demand for modern, job-oriented training, according to a recent Instructional Technology Council report. The ITC, however, recognized Ivy Tech’s online Manufacturing Production and Operations program as the kind of online degree that can translate into a decent job: At a […]

Why Helping College Students Catch Up Might Be Keeping Them Behind

Remediating students who enter college without college-level skills costs the state $35 million a year, Indiana higher education officials say — but only a quarter of these students will earn a diploma within six years. Time to rethink remediation? From The Augusta Chronicle: Thousands upon thousands of students don’t continue in college because they don’t pass […]

The Four Major Education Themes in Obama’s 2012 State of the Union

This is a guest post from Molly Bloom, a reporter for our sister site, StateImpact Ohio. The post originally appeared here. Education came second only to Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! in President Barack Obama’s 2012 State of the Union remarks Tuesday night. Making college less expensive for students continues to be a key talking point for the Obama administration. In the State of the […]

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