Sortable Table: IREAD-3 Results By Individual School

This table shows what percentage of students in each Indiana school passed the IREAD-3 exam in March 2012. The state requires every third grader to take the 40-question, 72-minute test of their reading skills. Students who did not pass in March were required to retake the test over the summer. Statewide, 84 percent of third graders passed the exam.

We’ve also posted a map of results for each school district, but use the table below to see how well an individual school’s students performed on the March 2012 IREAD-3 test.

You can search for a district or school by typing in the box below labeled “Filter.” You can also click the arrows next to the labels in the table’s header to sort the results by Corporation Name, School Name, or Percent Passing.

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Corporation Name
School Name
Percent Passing
21st Century Charter Sch of Gary21st Century Charter Sch of Gary88.0
Adams Central Community SchoolsAdams Central Elementary Sch92.2
Alexandria Com School CorpAlexandria-Monroe Intermediate90.3
Anderson Community School CorpTenth Street Elementary Sch69.5
Anderson Community School CorpErskine Elementary School77.6
Anderson Community School CorpAnderson Elementary School83.0
Anderson Community School CorpEastside Elementary School83.9
Anderson Community School CorpValley Grove Elementary Sch84.2
Anderson Preparatory AcademyAnderson Preparatory Academy67.4
Andrew AcademyAndrew Academy65.2
Andrew J Brown AcademyAndrew J Brown Academy72.2
Argos Community SchoolsArgos Community Elementary84.8
Aspire Charter AcademyAspire Charter Academy62.0
Attica Consolidated Sch CorpAttica Elementary School84.2
Avon Community School CorpPine Tree Elementary School87.8
Avon Community School CorpWhite Oak Elementary School90.0
Avon Community School CorpHickory Elementary School91.2
Avon Community School CorpCedar Elementary School92.3
Avon Community School CorpMaple Elementary Sch92.4
Avon Community School CorpSycamore Elementary School93.3
Avon Community School CorpRiver Birch Elementary94.6
Barr-Reeve Com Schools IncBarr Reeve Intermediate Sch96.8
Bartholomew Con School CorpClifty Creek Elementary Sch73.1
Bartholomew Con School CorpLillian Schmitt Elem School84.4
Bartholomew Con School CorpL F Smith Elementary84.9
Bartholomew Con School CorpTaylorsville Elem School85.1
Bartholomew Con School CorpParkside Elementary School87.0
Bartholomew Con School CorpW D Richards Elementary Sch87.0
Bartholomew Con School CorpSouthside Elementary School89.2
Bartholomew Con School CorpMount Healthy Elementary Sch90.2
Bartholomew Con School CorpCSA Lincoln Campus91.3
Bartholomew Con School CorpRockcreek Elementary School91.4
Bartholomew Con School CorpCSA Fodrea Campus94.0
Batesville Community Sch CorpBatesville Primary School95.5
Baugo Community SchoolsJimtown Intermediate School86.2
Beech Grove City SchoolsCentral Elementary School86.8
Benton Community School CorpBoswell Elementary School83.3
Benton Community School CorpPrairie Crossing Elementary Sch84.6
Benton Community School CorpOtterbein Elementary School93.3
Blackford County SchoolsMontpelier School67.9
Blackford County SchoolsSouthside Elementary School86.7
Bloomfield School DistrictBloomfield Elementary School89.3
Blue River Valley SchoolsBlue River Valley Elem School84.2
Bremen Public SchoolsBremen Elem/Middle School86.9
Brown County School CorporationHelmsburg Elementary School80.0
Brown County School CorporationVan Buren Elementary School83.8
Brown County School CorporationNashville Elementary School87.5
Brown County School CorporationSprunica Elementary School100.0
Brownsburg Community Sch CorpDelaware Trail Elementary School85.4
Brownsburg Community Sch CorpCardinal Elementary Sch89.0
Brownsburg Community Sch CorpReagan Elementary91.1
Brownsburg Community Sch CorpBrown Elementary Sch92.8
Brownsburg Community Sch CorpWhite Lick Elementary School92.8
Brownsburg Community Sch CorpEagle Elementary Sch93.5
Brownstown Cnt Com Sch CorpBrownstown Elementary School79.6
Burris Laboratory SchoolBurris Laboratory School97.4
C A Beard Memorial School CorpKennard Elementary School82.6
C A Beard Memorial School CorpKnightstown Elementary School84.5
C A Beard Memorial School CorpCarthage Elementary School94.4
Cannelton City SchoolsCannelton Elem & High School83.3
Carmel Clay SchoolsOrchard Park Elementary Sch90.1
Carmel Clay SchoolsCherry Tree Elementary School91.4
Carmel Clay SchoolsWoodbrook Elementary School92.5
Carmel Clay SchoolsForest Dale Elementary School92.7
Carmel Clay SchoolsCollege Wood Elementary Sch93.4
Carmel Clay SchoolsSmoky Row Elementary Sch93.7
Carmel Clay SchoolsMohawk Trails Elementary Sch93.8
Carmel Clay SchoolsCarmel Elementary School94.0
Carmel Clay SchoolsPrairie Trace Elementary Sch94.3
Carmel Clay SchoolsWest Clay Elementary96.9
Carmel Clay SchoolsTowne Meadow Elementary Sch97.8
Carmel Clay SchoolsMOSAICS School***
Carroll Consolidated Sch CorpCarroll Elementary92.7
Caston School CorporationCaston Elementary School90.7
Center Grove Com Sch CorpPleasant Grove Elem Sch86.2
Center Grove Com Sch CorpNorth Grove Elementary School91.3
Center Grove Com Sch CorpSugar Grove Elementary Sch93.9
Center Grove Com Sch CorpCenter Grove Elem School95.0
Center Grove Com Sch CorpMaple Grove Elementary School95.9
Centerville-Abington Com SchsCenterville-Abington Elem School94.5
Central Noble Com School CorpWolf Lake Elementary School82.1
Central Noble Com School CorpAlbion Elementary School84.9
Challenge Foundation AcademyThe Challenge Foundation Academy86.3
Charter School of the DunesCharter School of the Dunes58.7
Christel House AcademyChristel House Academy91.8
Clark-Pleasant Com School CorpPleasant Crossing Elementary84.9
Clark-Pleasant Com School CorpBreak-O-Day Elementary School86.7
Clark-Pleasant Com School CorpClark Elementary School88.2
Clark-Pleasant Com School CorpWhiteland Elementary School91.8
Clarksville Com School CorpClarksville Elementary School78.8
Clay Community SchoolsEast Side Elementary School68.9
Clay Community SchoolsForest Park Elementary School70.9
Clay Community SchoolsVan Buren Elementary School82.9
Clay Community SchoolsMeridian Street Elem School85.2
Clay Community SchoolsStaunton Elementary School89.3
Clay Community SchoolsJackson Township Elem School89.5
Clay Community SchoolsClay City Elementary School92.6
Clinton Central School CorpClinton Central Elem School89.3
Clinton Prairie School CorpClinton Prairie Elem School92.8
Cloverdale Community SchoolsCloverdale Elementary School92.0
Community Montessori IncCommunity Montessori70.3
Community Schools of FrankfortSuncrest Elementary Sch77.2
Community Schools of FrankfortGreen Meadows Intermediate Elem80.3
Concord Community SchoolsConcord South Side Elem School72.1
Concord Community SchoolsConcord West Side Elem School75.0
Concord Community SchoolsConcord East Side Elem School77.9
Concord Community SchoolsConcord Ox-Bow Elementary Sch85.5
Covington Community Sch CorpCovington Elementary School83.6
Cowan Community School CorpCowan Elementary School93.7
Crawford Co Com School CorpMarengo Elementary School77.3
Crawford Co Com School CorpLeavenworth Elementary School86.2
Crawford Co Com School CorpPatoka Elementary School88.2
Crawford Co Com School CorpMilltown School91.3
Crawford Co Com School CorpEnglish School100.0
Crawfordsville Com SchoolsMeredith Nicholson Elem Sch79.0
Crothersville Community SchoolsCrothersville Elementary Sch83.7
Crown Point Community Sch CorpTimothy Ball Elementary Sch83.6
Crown Point Community Sch CorpLake Street Elementary School83.6
Crown Point Community Sch CorpJerry Ross Elementary School95.6
Crown Point Community Sch CorpSolon Robinson Elementary Sch96.6
Crown Point Community Sch CorpDouglas MacArthur Elem Sch97.1
Crown Point Community Sch CorpDwight D Eisenhower Elem Sch97.8
Culver Community Schools CorpCulver Elementary School84.6
Daleville Community SchoolsDaleville Elementary School97.0
Damar Charter AcademyDamar Charter Academy***
Danville Community School CorpSouth Elementary School90.7
Decatur County Com SchoolsSouth Decatur Elementary Sch90.7
Decatur County Com SchoolsNorth Decatur Elementary Sch92.4
DeKalb Co Ctl United Sch DistWaterloo Elementary School83.7
DeKalb Co Ctl United Sch DistCountry Meadow Elem School86.8
DeKalb Co Ctl United Sch DistMcKenney-Harrison Elem School88.3
DeKalb Co Ctl United Sch DistJames R Watson Elem School91.2
DeKalb Co Eastern Com Sch DistButler Elementary School72.5
DeKalb Co Eastern Com Sch DistRiverdale Elementary School92.9
Delaware Community School CorpEaton Elementary School83.6
Delaware Community School CorpAlbany Elementary School90.2
Delaware Community School CorpRoyerton Elementary School95.3
Delphi Community School CorpDelphi Community Elementary School86.7
Discovery Charter SchoolDiscovery Charter School93.5
Dr Robert H Faulkner AcademyDr Robert H Faulkner Academy89.5
Duneland School CorporationBailly Elementary School87.6
Duneland School CorporationNewton Yost Elementary School88.0
Duneland School CorporationBrummitt Elementary School88.5
Duneland School CorporationLiberty Elementary School89.9
Duneland School CorporationJackson Elementary School97.1
East Allen County SchoolsPrince Chapman Academy52.3
East Allen County SchoolsHoagland Elementary School81.7
East Allen County SchoolsMeadowbrook Elementary School82.9
East Allen County SchoolsWoodburn Elementary School87.2
East Allen County SchoolsCedarville Elementary Sch92.1
East Chicago Lighthouse CharterEast Chicago Lighthouse78.0
East Chicago Urban Enterprise AcadEast Chicago Urban Enterprise Acad64.7
East Gibson School CorporationBarton Twp Elementary76.9
East Gibson School CorporationOakland City Elementary School85.4
East Gibson School CorporationFrancisco Elementary School85.7
East Noble School CorpRome City Elementary School68.6
East Noble School CorpNorth Side Elementary School84.5
East Noble School CorpWayne Center Elem Sch86.0
East Noble School CorpAvilla Elementary School90.6
East Noble School CorpSouth Side Elementary School94.0
East Porter County School CorpWashington Twp Elementary School93.7
East Porter County School CorpKouts Elementary School94.1
East Porter County School CorpMorgan Township Elementary School94.8
East Washington School CorpEast Washington Elem Sch93.7
Eastbrook Community Sch CorpEastbrook South Elementary83.7
Eastbrook Community Sch CorpEastbrook North Elementary92.5
Eastern Greene SchoolsEastern Greene Elementary School84.7
Eastern Hancock Co Com Sch CorpEastern Hancock Elem School78.6
Eastern Howard School CorpEastern Elementary School99.1
Eastern Pulaski Com Sch CorpEastern Pulaski Elem Sch88.9
Edinburgh Community Sch CorpEast Side Elementary School88.4
Elkhart Community SchoolsHawthorne Elementary School53.5
Elkhart Community SchoolsBeck Elementary School63.3
Elkhart Community SchoolsOsolo Elementary School66.3
Elkhart Community SchoolsBeardsley Elementary School66.7
Elkhart Community SchoolsWoodland Elementary School68.7
Elkhart Community SchoolsDaly Elementary School71.2
Elkhart Community SchoolsFeeser Elementary School71.8
Elkhart Community SchoolsBristol Elementary School73.3
Elkhart Community SchoolsRiverview Elementary School75.0
Elkhart Community SchoolsCleveland Elementary School75.5
Elkhart Community SchoolsMonger Elementary School78.6
Elkhart Community SchoolsPinewood Elementary School84.5
Elkhart Community SchoolsEastwood Elementary School90.4
Elwood Community School CorpElwood Elementary School84.5
Eminence Community School CorpEminence Elementary School94.6
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpGlenwood Leadership Academy50.0
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpCedar Hall Community School52.4
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpDexter Elementary School58.9
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpCaze Elementary School59.2
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpLodge Community School61.4
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpLincoln School66.7
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpEvans School67.2
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpFairlawn Elementary School68.8
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpDelaware Elementary School71.4
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpDaniel Wertz Elementary Sch72.1
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpTekoppel Elementary School74.7
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpStockwell Elementary School78.4
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpHarper Elementary School81.8
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpHighland Elementary School87.4
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpVogel Elementary School88.3
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpHebron Elementary School90.4
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpStringtown Elementary School90.7
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpWest Terrace Elementary Sch91.1
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpOak Hill Elementary91.4
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpCynthia Heights Elem Sch94.8
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpScott Elementary School94.9
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpEvansville Psychiatric Center***
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpYouth Day Treatment Center***
Fairfield Community SchoolsMillersburg Elementary School86.4
Fairfield Community SchoolsNew Paris Elementary School90.0
Fairfield Community SchoolsBenton Elementary School90.9
Fall Creek AcademyFall Creek Academy69.2
Fayette County School CorpMaplewood Elementary School68.6
Fayette County School CorpGrandview Elementary School82.8
Fayette County School CorpFayette Central Elementary84.6
Fayette County School CorpEastview Elementary School88.9
Fayette County School CorpFrazee Elementary School90.2
Fayette County School CorpEverton Elementary School90.6
Flanner House Elementary SchoolFlanner House Elem Sch (Charter)26.1
Flat Rock-Hawcreek School CorpHope Elementary School78.7
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsNorthcrest Elementary School56.5
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsFairfield Elementary School57.0
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsMerle J Abbett Elementary Sch58.1
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsMaplewood Elementary School62.9
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsLevan R Scott Academy63.2
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsSouth Wayne Elementary School67.6
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsAdams Elementary School67.9
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsBloomingdale Elementary Sch72.7
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsForest Park Elementary School72.7
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsWaynedale Elementary School73.4
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsFranke Park Elementary School73.6
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsHarrison Hill Elementary Sch74.0
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsLindley Elementary School75.4
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsWashington Center Elem Sch76.3
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsFrancis M Price Elem Sch77.6
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsStudy Elementary School78.7
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsSaint Joseph Central School80.5
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsArlington Elementary School81.2
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsWeisser Park Elem Sch81.4
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsRobert C Harris Elem Sch82.5
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsLincoln Elementary School83.6
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsJ Wilbur Haley Elementary Sch86.3
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsBrentwood Elementary School86.8
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsWillard Shambaugh Elem Sch86.8
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsIndian Village Elementary Sch87.0
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsNebraska Elementary School87.5
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsFred H Croninger Elem Sch88.0
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsJohn S Irwin Elementary Sch88.5
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsJeff H Towles Intermediate School89.7
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsWashington Elem School90.0
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsGlenwood Park Elementary Sch90.1
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsMabel K Holland Elem Sch91.0
Franklin Community School CorpWebb Elementary School69.8
Franklin Community School CorpNeedham Elementary School86.5
Franklin Community School CorpCreekside Elementary Sch88.7
Franklin Community School CorpNorthwood Elementary School93.5
Franklin Community School CorpUnion Elementary School94.3
Franklin County Com Sch CorpBrookville Elementary School81.6
Franklin County Com Sch CorpLaurel School82.8
Franklin County Com Sch CorpMount Carmel School88.2
Franklin Township Com Sch CorpArlington Elementary School84.5
Franklin Township Com Sch CorpMary Adams Elem Sch89.0
Franklin Township Com Sch CorpLillie Idella Kitley Elementary90.2
Franklin Township Com Sch CorpBunker Hill Elementary School91.1
Franklin Township Com Sch CorpThompson Crossing Elementary Schl93.1
Franklin Township Com Sch CorpSouth Creek Elementary99.0
Frankton-Lapel Community SchsFrankton Elementary School90.6
Frankton-Lapel Community SchsLapel Elementary School92.2
Fremont Community SchoolsFremont Elementary School87.1
Frontier School CorporationFrontier Elementary89.8
Galileo Charter SchoolGalileo Charter School64.3
Garrett-Keyser-Butler ComJ E Ober Elementary School75.9
Gary Community School CorpDr Bernard C Watson Acad for Boys45.7
Gary Community School CorpJefferson Elementary School52.7
Gary Community School CorpBailly Preparatory Academy56.5
Gary Community School CorpBeveridge Elementary School57.1
Gary Community School CorpBrunswick Elementary School59.8
Gary Community School CorpDaniel Webster Elem Sch62.7
Gary Community School CorpJacques Marquette Elem School68.1
Gary Community School CorpDaniel Hale Williams Elem Sch70.7
Gary Community School CorpFrankie W McCullough Acad for Girl81.3
Gary Community School CorpGlen Park Acad for Excel in Lrn88.2
Gary Community School CorpBenjamin Banneker Achievement Ctr100.0
Gary Lighthouse Charter SchoolGary Lighthouse Charter School80.4
Geist Montessori AcademyGeist Montessori Academy97.0
Goshen Community SchoolsChamberlain Elementary School75.4
Goshen Community SchoolsWest Goshen Elementary School76.7
Goshen Community SchoolsChandler Elementary School77.8
Goshen Community SchoolsPrairie View Elementary School78.8
Goshen Community SchoolsWaterford Elementary School80.9
Goshen Community SchoolsModel Elementary School82.0
Goshen Community SchoolsParkside Elementary School87.7
Greater Clark County SchoolsMaple Elementary School63.6
Greater Clark County SchoolsBridgepoint Elementary School71.8
Greater Clark County SchoolsPleasant Ridge Elem School79.5
Greater Clark County SchoolsNorthaven Elementary School79.7
Greater Clark County SchoolsParkwood Elementary School82.4
Greater Clark County SchoolsW E Wilson Elementary85.2
Greater Clark County SchoolsSpring Hill Elementary School85.3
Greater Clark County SchoolsRiverside Elementary School85.9
Greater Clark County SchoolsJonathan Jennings Elem Sch87.8
Greater Clark County SchoolsUtica Elementary School89.0
Greater Clark County SchoolsThomas Jefferson Elem Sch92.1
Greater Clark County SchoolsNew Washington Elem School95.2
Greater Jasper Con SchsTenth Street School82.6
Greater Jasper Con SchsIreland Elementary School96.9
Greencastle Community Sch CorpTzouanakis Intermediate Sch86.5
Greenfield-Central Com SchoolsJ B Stephens Elementary School88.1
Greenfield-Central Com SchoolsWeston Elementary School89.3
Greenfield-Central Com SchoolsHarris Elementary School91.0
Greenfield-Central Com SchoolsEden Elementary School91.8
Greensburg Community SchoolsGreensburg Elementary86.2
Greenwood Community Sch CorpGreenwood Northeast Elem Sch81.3
Greenwood Community Sch CorpSouthwest Elem Sch89.2
Greenwood Community Sch CorpWestwood Elementary Sch90.7
Greenwood Community Sch CorpV O Isom Central Elem School93.0
Griffith Public SchoolsEldon Ready Elementary School71.4
Griffith Public SchoolsElsie Wadsworth Elem Sch87.0
Griffith Public SchoolsBeiriger Elementary School93.8
Hamilton Community SchoolsHamilton Community Elem Sch92.3
Hamilton Heights School CorpHamilton Heights Elem School91.2
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsHarrison Parkway Elem School91.4
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsNew Britton Elementary School92.3
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsCumberland Road Elem School94.5
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsFishers Elementary School94.6
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsHoosier Road Elementary School95.1
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsSand Creek Elementary95.1
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsBrooks School Elementary95.3
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsLantern Road Elementary Sch95.5
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsFall Creek Elementary School95.9
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsGeist Elementary School97.0
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsDurbin Elementary School97.1
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsThorpe Creek Elementary97.8
Hanover Community School CorpJane Ball Elementary School86.9
Hanover Community School CorpLincoln Elementary School92.1
Hoosier Acad Virtual CharterHoosier Acad Virtual Charter Sch63.1
Hoosier Academy - IndianapolisHoosier Academy - Indianapolis84.0
Hoosier Academy - MuncieHoosier Academy - Muncie***
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpLincoln Elementary School76.8
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpNorthwest Elementary School88.9
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpFlint Springs Elementary90.0
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpLancaster Elementary School90.1
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpRoanoke Elementary School95.8
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpAndrews Elementary School96.8
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpSalamonie School100.0
Imagine Life Sciences Acad - EastImagine Indiana Life Sci Aca-East33.7
Imagine Life Sciences Acad - WestImagine Ind Life Science West45.5
Imagine MASTer AcademyImagine MASTer Academy69.4
Imagine MASTer on BroadwayImagine Schools on Broadway68.3
IN Connections Acad Virtual PilotIN Connections Acad Virtual Pilot84.3
IN Sch for the Blind & Vis ImprdIndiana School For The Blind***
Indiana Math and Science AcademyIndiana Math & Science Academy72.1
Indiana Math Science Academy NorthIN Math & Science Acad North93.5
Indiana School For The DeafIndiana School For The Deaf0.0
Indianapolis Public SchoolsJoyce Kilmer School 6943.0
Indianapolis Public SchoolsGeorge H Fisher School 9347.1
Indianapolis Public SchoolsClarence Farrington School 6148.2
Indianapolis Public SchoolsFrancis Scott Key School 10350.0
Indianapolis Public SchoolsWashington Irving School 1452.8
Indianapolis Public SchoolsThomas D Gregg School 1553.3
Indianapolis Public SchoolsRiverside School 4453.6
Indianapolis Public SchoolsBrookside School 5453.8
Indianapolis Public SchoolsCharles W Fairbanks Sch 10554.1
Indianapolis Public SchoolsFloro Torrence School 8356.5
Indianapolis Public SchoolsJames Whitcomb Riley Sch 4356.9
Indianapolis Public SchoolsLew Wallace School 10756.9
Indianapolis Public SchoolsKey Learning Community Elem Sch57.1
Indianapolis Public SchoolsLouis B Russell Jr School 4858.1
Indianapolis Public SchoolsElder W Diggs School 4258.2
Indianapolis Public SchoolsJames Russell Lowell School 5159.1
Indianapolis Public SchoolsChristian Park School 8259.2
Indianapolis Public SchoolsAnna Brochhausen School 8861.1
Indianapolis Public SchoolsEliza A Blaker School 5561.9
Indianapolis Public SchoolsJonathan Jennings School 10962.5
Indianapolis Public SchoolsWilliam Penn School 4962.6
Indianapolis Public SchoolsRalph Waldo Emerson School 5863.4
Indianapolis Public SchoolsArlington Woods Elementary School65.1
Indianapolis Public SchoolsCenter for Inquiry III66.7
Indianapolis Public SchoolsCarl Wilde School 7967.0
Indianapolis Public SchoolsRaymond F Brandes School 6567.3
Indianapolis Public SchoolsCold Spring School67.6
Indianapolis Public SchoolsRobert Lee Frost School 10669.1
Indianapolis Public SchoolsGeorge S Buck Elementary School70.0
Indianapolis Public SchoolsWilliam McKinley School 3970.1
Indianapolis Public SchoolsGeorge W Julian School 5773.3
Indianapolis Public SchoolsWilliam A Bell School 6073.3
Indianapolis Public SchoolsDaniel Webster School 4673.4
Indianapolis Public SchoolsEleanor Skillen School 3474.0
Indianapolis Public SchoolsMeredith Nicholson School 9674.4
Indianapolis Public SchoolsFrederick Douglass School 1975.0
Indianapolis Public SchoolsTheodore Potter School 7475.7
Indianapolis Public SchoolsWendell Phillips School 6376.4
Indianapolis Public SchoolsJames A Garfield Sch 3177.4
Indianapolis Public SchoolsPaul I Miller School 11478.8
Indianapolis Public SchoolsMary E Nicholson School 7079.4
Indianapolis Public SchoolsRousseau Mc Clellan 9180.0
Indianapolis Public SchoolsStephen Collins Foster Sch 6781.2
Indianapolis Public SchoolsFrancis W Parker School 5683.8
Indianapolis Public SchoolsCenter For Inquiry85.4
Indianapolis Public SchoolsCenter for Inquiry II94.1
Indianapolis Public SchoolsErnie Pyle School 9094.9
Indianapolis Public SchoolsMerle Sidener Gifted Academy100.0
Indpls Lighthouse Charter SchoolIndpls Lighthouse Charter School70.6
Irvington Community SchoolIrvington Community School89.7
Jac-Cen-Del Community Sch CorpJac-Cen-Del Elementary92.6
Jay School CorpWestlawn Elementary Sch78.9
Jay School CorpGeneral Shanks Elem School86.4
Jay School CorpJudge Haynes Elementary Sch86.5
Jay School CorpBloomfield Elementary School88.9
Jay School CorpRedkey Elementary School89.7
Jay School CorpEast Elementary School92.9
Jay School CorpPennville Elementary School100.0
Jennings County SchoolsNorth Vernon Elementary School80.6
Jennings County SchoolsScipio Elementary School81.3
Jennings County SchoolsSand Creek Elementary Sch86.0
Jennings County SchoolsBrush Creek Elementary School90.9
Jennings County SchoolsHayden Elementary School91.7
Jennings County SchoolsGraham Creek Elementary School97.6
John Glenn School CorporationWalkerton Elementary School83.3
John Glenn School CorporationNorth Liberty School87.7
Joshua AcademyJoshua Academy72.7
Kankakee Valley School CorpWheatfield Elementary School83.6
Kankakee Valley School CorpDeMotte Elementary School93.5
Knox Community School CorpKnox Community Elementary School82.6
Kokomo-Center Twp Con Sch CorpPettit Park School63.2
Kokomo-Center Twp Con Sch CorpBon Air Elementary Sch66.3
Kokomo-Center Twp Con Sch CorpBoulevard Elementary School73.1
Kokomo-Center Twp Con Sch CorpElwood Haynes Elementary School78.6
Kokomo-Center Twp Con Sch CorpSycamore Elementary Sch86.3
Kokomo-Center Twp Con Sch CorpLafayette Park Elementary Sch87.2
Lafayette School CorporationMiami Elementary School69.0
Lafayette School CorporationVinton Elementary School71.2
Lafayette School CorporationThomas Miller Elementary Sch78.0
Lafayette School CorporationMurdock Elementary School80.5
Lafayette School CorporationAmelia Earhart Elem Sch86.3
Lafayette School CorporationEdgelea Elementary School86.5
Lafayette School CorporationGlen Acres Elementary School88.0
Lake Central School CorpProtsman Elementary School87.2
Lake Central School CorpKolling Elementary School88.6
Lake Central School CorpHoman Elementary School89.3
Lake Central School CorpPeifer Elementary School91.9
Lake Central School CorpJames H Watson Elem Sch92.4
Lake Central School CorpGeorge Bibich Elementary Sch92.7
Lake Ridge SchoolsLongfellow Elementary School71.7
Lake Ridge SchoolsGrissom Elementary School74.4
Lake Ridge SchoolsHosford Park Elementary86.8
Lake Station Community SchoolsAlexander Hamilton Elementary Sch84.8
Lake Station Community SchoolsCarl J Polk Elementary School87.1
Lake Station Community SchoolsVirgil I Bailey Elementary School87.2
Lakeland School CorporationLima-Brighton Elementary70.0
Lakeland School CorporationWolcott Mills Elementary Sch73.9
Lakeland School CorporationParkside Elementary School87.7
Lanesville Community School CorpLanesville Elementary School87.8
LaPorte Community School CorpHailmann Elementary School77.0
LaPorte Community School CorpKingsbury Elementary School77.9
LaPorte Community School CorpRiley Elementary School86.0
LaPorte Community School CorpKingsford Heights Elem Sch87.2
LaPorte Community School CorpF Willard Crichfield Elem Sch88.2
LaPorte Community School CorpHandley Elementary School88.9
LaPorte Community School CorpLincoln Elementary School92.9
LaPorte Community School CorpIndian Trail Elem Sch100.0
Lawrenceburg Com School CorpCentral Elementary School84.7
Lebanon Community School CorpHattie B Stokes Elementary School78.0
Lebanon Community School CorpHarney Elementary School87.2
Lebanon Community School CorpPerry Worth Elementary School90.7
Lebanon Community School CorpCentral Elementary School98.5
Liberty-Perry Com School CorpSelma Elementary School86.7
Linton-Stockton School CorpLinton-Stockton Elementary95.1
Logansport Community Sch CorpLandis Elementary School83.3
Logansport Community Sch CorpColumbia Elementary School83.6
Logansport Community Sch CorpFranklin Elementary School84.5
Logansport Community Sch CorpFairview Elementary School86.5
Loogootee Community Sch CorpLoogootee Elementary School87.1
M S D Bluffton-HarrisonBluffton-Harrison Elem Sch93.4
M S D Boone TownshipHebron Elementary School96.4
M S D Decatur TownshipValley Mills Elementary Sch74.8
M S D Decatur TownshipBlue Academy83.0
M S D Decatur TownshipStephen Decatur Elem Sch83.8
M S D Decatur TownshipGold Academy84.4
M S D Decatur TownshipWest Newton Elementary School85.7
M S D Lawrence TownshipHarrison Hill Elem Sch58.0
M S D Lawrence TownshipWinding Ridge Elementary School61.0
M S D Lawrence TownshipBrook Park Elementary School63.4
M S D Lawrence TownshipCrestview Elementary School67.2
M S D Lawrence TownshipSkiles Test Elementary School71.0
M S D Lawrence TownshipForest Glen Elem Sch77.0
M S D Lawrence TownshipIndian Creek Elem Sch77.3
M S D Lawrence TownshipMary Evelyn Castle Elem Sch77.9
M S D Lawrence TownshipSunnyside Elementary Sch78.2
M S D Lawrence TownshipOaklandon Elementary School81.0
M S D Lawrence TownshipAmy Beverland Elementary88.2
M S D Martinsville SchoolsParagon Elementary School81.8
M S D Martinsville SchoolsCentral Elementary School85.7
M S D Martinsville SchoolsCharles L Smith Elem School88.4
M S D Martinsville SchoolsPoston Road Elementary School91.2
M S D Martinsville SchoolsGreen Township Elem Sch92.5
M S D Martinsville SchoolsSouth Elementary Sch93.2
M S D Martinsville SchoolsBrooklyn Elementary School94.3
M S D Martinsville SchoolsCenterton Elementary School100.0
M S D Mount VernonWest Elementary School84.1
M S D Mount VernonFarmersville Elementary Sch85.4
M S D Mount VernonMarrs Elementary School94.1
M S D North Posey Co SchoolsNorth Elementary School90.7
M S D North Posey Co SchoolsSouth Terrace Elem Sch91.2
M S D of New Durham TownshipWestville Elementary School87.5
M S D Perry TownshipClinton Young Elem Sch67.7
M S D Perry TownshipWinchester Village Elementary70.6
M S D Perry TownshipAbraham Lincoln Elem Sch71.7
M S D Perry TownshipHomecroft Elementary School72.7
M S D Perry TownshipSouthport Elementary School75.0
M S D Perry TownshipWilliam Henry Burkhart Elem80.0
M S D Perry TownshipGlenns Valley Elem Sch85.3
M S D Perry TownshipMary Bryan Elementary Sch85.4
M S D Perry TownshipJeremiah Gray-Edison Elem85.7
M S D Perry TownshipRosa Parks-Edison Elem86.1
M S D Perry TownshipDouglas MacArthur Elem School88.0
M S D Pike TownshipCollege Park Elem Sch64.1
M S D Pike TownshipEastbrook Elementary School66.1
M S D Pike TownshipDeer Run Elementary67.8
M S D Pike TownshipCentral Elementary School72.4
M S D Pike TownshipSnacks Crossing Elem Sch73.0
M S D Pike TownshipFishback Creek Public Aca79.3
M S D Pike TownshipGuion Creek Elementary School81.1
M S D Pike TownshipEagle Creek Elementary School83.8
M S D Pike TownshipNew Augusta Pub Aca-South89.5
M S D Shakamak SchoolsShakamak Elementary School81.8
M S D Southwest Allen CountyHaverhill Elementary School83.9
M S D Southwest Allen CountyCovington Elementary School88.8
M S D Southwest Allen CountyWhispering Meadow Elem Sch88.9
M S D Southwest Allen CountyDeer Ridge Elementary91.0
M S D Southwest Allen CountyAboite Elementary School95.3
M S D Southwest Allen CountyLafayette Meadow School98.6
M S D Steuben CountyCarlin Park Elementary School84.3
M S D Steuben CountyHendry Park Elementary School84.6
M S D Steuben CountyRyan Park Elementary Sch95.7
M S D Steuben CountyPleasant Lake Elem Sch100.0
M S D Wabash County SchoolsMetro North Elementary School89.2
M S D Wabash County SchoolsSouthwood Elementary School91.7
M S D Warren CountyWarren Central Elem Sch87.5
M S D Warren CountyPine Village Elementary Sch88.0
M S D Warren CountyWilliamsport Elementary Sch88.9
M S D Warren TownshipEastridge Elementary School74.0
M S D Warren TownshipLakeside Elementary School77.4
M S D Warren TownshipPleasant Run Elementary Sch80.0
M S D Warren TownshipLiberty Park Elementary Sch81.5
M S D Warren TownshipBrookview Elementary School81.6
M S D Warren TownshipGrassy Creek Elementary Sch82.0
M S D Warren TownshipHawthorne Elementary School83.8
M S D Warren TownshipSunny Heights Elementary Sch84.0
M S D Warren TownshipLowell Elementary School89.7
M S D Washington TownshipNora Elementary School56.6
M S D Washington TownshipGreenbriar Elementary School61.6
M S D Washington TownshipFox Hill Elementary Sch68.3
M S D Washington TownshipSpring Mill Elementary School81.5
M S D Washington TownshipJohn Strange Elementary Sch82.8
M S D Washington TownshipAllisonville Elementary Sch84.1
M S D Washington TownshipCrooked Creek Elementary Sch85.9
M S D Wayne TownshipMcClelland Elementary School61.7
M S D Wayne TownshipNorth Wayne Elem School65.8
M S D Wayne TownshipGarden City Elementary School66.7
M S D Wayne TownshipStout Field Elementary School69.5
M S D Wayne TownshipWestlake Elementary School71.2
M S D Wayne TownshipBridgeport Elementary School78.7
M S D Wayne TownshipChapelwood Elementary School79.3
M S D Wayne TownshipMaplewood Elementary School80.4
M S D Wayne TownshipRhoades Elementary School80.7
M S D Wayne TownshipRobey Elementary School83.2
M S D Wayne TownshipChapel Glen Elementary School87.2
Maconaquah School CorpMaconaquah Elementary School89.2
Madison Consolidated SchoolsDeputy Elementary School78.9
Madison Consolidated SchoolsEmery O Muncie Elem School80.3
Madison Consolidated SchoolsDupont Elementary School85.0
Madison Consolidated SchoolsLydia Middleton Elem School91.2
Madison Consolidated SchoolsRykers' Ridge Elementary School92.1
Madison Consolidated SchoolsAnderson Elementary School93.0
Madison-Grant United Sch CorpPark Elementary School90.0
Madison-Grant United Sch CorpSummitville School93.9
Madison-Grant United Sch CorpLiberty Elementary School***
Manchester Community SchoolsManchester Elem School86.7
Marion Community SchoolsFrances Slocum Elem School55.1
Marion Community SchoolsAllen Elementary School57.1
Marion Community SchoolsJohn W Kendall Elem School80.0
Marion Community SchoolsRiverview Elementary School83.1
Medora Community School CorpMedora Elementary School42.1
Merrillville Community SchoolHomer Iddings Elem Sch80.2
Merrillville Community SchoolJohn Wood Elementary School82.8
Merrillville Community SchoolEdgar L Miller Elem Sch83.1
Merrillville Community SchoolHenry P Fieler Elem Sch85.7
Merrillville Community SchoolJonas E Salk Elem Sch89.2
Michigan City Area SchoolsNiemann Elementary School51.2
Michigan City Area SchoolsPine Elementary School61.3
Michigan City Area SchoolsKnapp Elementary School62.3
Michigan City Area SchoolsMarsh Elementary School68.8
Michigan City Area SchoolsJoy Elementary School75.8
Michigan City Area SchoolsLake Hills Elementary School76.5
Michigan City Area SchoolsCoolspring Elementary School77.3
Michigan City Area SchoolsSpringfield Elementary School83.0
Michigan City Area SchoolsEdgewood Elementary School86.4
Middlebury Community SchoolsJefferson Elementary School87.6
Middlebury Community SchoolsOrchard View Sch89.1
Middlebury Community SchoolsMiddlebury Elementary School94.1
Middlebury Community SchoolsYork Elementary School94.5
Milan Community SchoolsMilan Elementary School89.5
Mill Creek Community Sch CorpMill Creek East Elementary87.7
Mill Creek Community Sch CorpMill Creek West Elementary95.5
Mississinewa Community School CorpNorthview Elementary School85.9
Mitchell Community SchoolsBurris Elementary School91.7
Monroe Central School CorpMonroe Central Elem School90.1
Monroe County Com Sch CorpMarlin Elementary School70.7
Monroe County Com Sch CorpFairview Elementary School75.0
Monroe County Com Sch CorpHighland Park Elem Sch84.8
Monroe County Com Sch CorpSummit Elementary School84.9
Monroe County Com Sch CorpLakeview Elementary School87.3
Monroe County Com Sch CorpTempleton Elementary School87.5
Monroe County Com Sch CorpUnionville Elementary School88.9
Monroe County Com Sch CorpClear Creek Elementary School88.9
Monroe County Com Sch CorpGrandview Elementary School89.1
Monroe County Com Sch CorpArlington Heights Elem Sch90.2
Monroe County Com Sch CorpUniversity Elementary School90.5
Monroe County Com Sch CorpBinford Elementary School90.6
Monroe County Com Sch CorpChilds Elementary School100.0
Monroe-Gregg School DistrictMonrovia Elementary School86.5
Monument Lighthouse Charter SchoolMonument Lighthouse Charter Schl70.6
Mooresville Con School CorpNewby Memorial Elem Sch85.7
Mooresville Con School CorpNeil Armstrong Elem Sch89.6
Mooresville Con School CorpNorth Madison Elem Sch92.1
Mooresville Con School CorpNorthwood Elementary School92.3
Mooresville Con School CorpWaverly Elementary School95.7
Mt Vernon Community Sch CorpMt Comfort Elementary School93.1
Mt Vernon Community Sch CorpFortville Elementary School94.8
Mt Vernon Community Sch CorpMcCordsville Elementary School96.9
Muncie Community SchoolsLongfellow Elementary School53.8
Muncie Community SchoolsEast Washington Academy71.8
Muncie Community SchoolsStorer Elementary School76.7
Muncie Community SchoolsGrissom Elementary School77.9
Muncie Community SchoolsWest View Elementary School78.8
Muncie Community SchoolsSutton Elementary School79.5
Muncie Community SchoolsSouth View Elementary School81.9
Muncie Community SchoolsMitchell Elementary School87.2
Muncie Community SchoolsNorth View Elementary School87.3
Nettle Creek School CorpHagerstown Elementary School88.5
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchS Ellen Jones Elementary Sch67.5
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchFairmont Elementary School72.1
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchSlate Run Elementary School80.9
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchMount Tabor School81.5
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchGreen Valley Elementary Sch86.8
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchGrant Line School89.1
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchFloyds Knobs Elementary School95.0
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchGeorgetown Elementary School95.1
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchGreenville Elementary School95.6
New Castle Community Sch CorpParker Elementary School62.1
New Castle Community Sch CorpEastwood Elementary School82.1
New Castle Community Sch CorpWilbur Wright Elementary School84.9
New Castle Community Sch CorpSunnyside Elementary School85.7
New Castle Community Sch CorpWestwood Elementary School89.1
New Castle Community Sch CorpJames Whitcomb Riley Elem School94.0
New Community SchoolNew Community School81.8
New Harmony Town & Twp Con SchNew Harmony Elem & High Sch***
New Prairie United School CorpPrairie View Elementary Sch90.6
New Prairie United School CorpOlive Township Elem Sch93.9
New Prairie United School CorpRolling Prairie Elem Sch95.0
Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson UnitedIndian Creek Intermediate Sch99.2
Noblesville SchoolsNoble Crossing Elementary School84.7
Noblesville SchoolsStony Creek Elementary School86.9
Noblesville SchoolsHazel Dell Elementary School92.6
Noblesville SchoolsNorth Elementary School92.6
Noblesville SchoolsWhite River Elementary School95.4
Noblesville SchoolsHinkle Creek Elementary Sch95.7
North Adams Community SchoolsNorthwest Elementary87.6
North Daviess Com SchoolsNorth Daviess Elementary School90.6
North Gibson School CorpBrumfield Elementary78.8
North Harrison Com School CorpNorth Harrison Elementary Sch90.0
North Harrison Com School CorpMorgan Elementary School93.7
North Judson-San Pierre Sch CorpNorth Judson-San Pierre Elem Sch83.9
North Knox School CorpNorth Knox Intermediate83.7
North Lawrence Com SchoolsDollens Elementary School78.4
North Lawrence Com SchoolsStalker Elementary School82.8
North Lawrence Com SchoolsFayetteville Elementary Sch86.7
North Lawrence Com SchoolsLincoln Elementary School86.7
North Lawrence Com SchoolsNeedmore Elementary School88.1
North Lawrence Com SchoolsShawswick Elementary School88.5
North Lawrence Com SchoolsParkview Intermediate School89.0
North Lawrence Com SchoolsSpringville Elementary School92.5
North Lawrence Com SchoolsHeltonville Elementary School94.4
North Miami Community SchoolsNorth Miami Elem School93.4
North Montgomery Com Sch CorpLester B Sommer Elem Sch80.0
North Montgomery Com Sch CorpPleasant Hill Elementary School82.9
North Montgomery Com Sch CorpSugar Creek Elem Sch86.4
North Newton School CorpLincoln Elementary School85.2
North Newton School CorpLake Village Elementary Sch91.7
North Newton School CorpMorocco Elementary School92.6
North Putnam Community SchoolsBainbridge Elementary School85.1
North Putnam Community SchoolsRoachdale Elementary School89.1
North Spencer County Sch CorpNancy Hanks Elementary Sch83.3
North Spencer County Sch CorpDavid Turnham Edl Ctr93.1
North Spencer County Sch CorpLincoln Trail Elementary Sch97.6
North Spencer County Sch CorpChrisney Elementary School100.0
North Vermillion Com Sch CorpNorth Vermillion Elem Sch80.7
North West Hendricks SchoolsNorth Salem Elementary School92.5
North West Hendricks SchoolsPittsboro Elementary95.7
North White School CorpNorth White Primary School92.0
Northeast Dubois Co Sch CorpDubois Elementary School85.4
Northeast Dubois Co Sch CorpCelestine Elementary School100.0
Northeast School CorpDugger Elementary School74.1
Northeast School CorpShelburn Elementary School75.9
Northeast School CorpFarmersburg Elementary School82.4
Northeast School CorpHymera Elementary School82.8
Northeastern Wayne SchoolsNortheastern Elementary Sch90.7
Northern Wells Com SchoolsOssian Elementary88.2
Northern Wells Com SchoolsLancaster Central School92.9
Northwest Allen County SchoolsArcola School84.2
Northwest Allen County SchoolsHuntertown Elementary School84.7
Northwest Allen County SchoolsEel River Elementary School90.7
Northwest Allen County SchoolsPerry Hill Elementary School91.2
Northwest Allen County SchoolsHickory Center Elementary Sch93.5
Northwest Allen County SchoolsCedar Canyon Elementary Sch97.3
Northwest Allen County SchoolsOak View Elementary Sch98.6
Northwestern Con School CorpTriton Central Elementary School87.3
Northwestern School CorpHoward Elementary School93.3
Northwestern School CorpNorthwestern Elementary Sch96.1
Oak Hill United School CorpSweetser Elementary School95.5
Oregon-Davis School CorpOregon-Davis Elementary Sch97.5
Orleans Community SchoolsOrleans Elementary School82.5
Padua AcademyPadua Academy91.3
Paoli Community School CorpThroop Elementary School88.1
Paramount School of Excellence IncParamount School of Excellence84.6
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpWalt Disney Elementary School72.3
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpMeadow's Edge Elementary Sch80.0
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpElsie Rogers Elem Sch84.3
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpMoran Elementary School85.2
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpElm Road Elementary School85.9
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpMadison Elementary School90.9
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpBittersweet Elementary School91.1
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpMary Frank Harris Elementary Sch95.3
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpNorthpoint Elementary Sch96.2
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpPrairie Vista98.7
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpHorizon Elem Sch98.9
Perry Central Com Schools CorpPerry Central Elem School84.1
Peru Community SchoolsElmwood Primary Learning Center86.1
Pike County School CorpWinslow Elementary School85.7
Pike County School CorpPetersburg Elementary School90.3
Pike County School CorpOtwell Elementary School100.0
Pioneer Regional School CorpPioneer Elementary School84.6
Plainfield Community Sch CorpCentral Elementary School94.9
Plainfield Community Sch CorpVan Buren Elementary School95.0
Plainfield Community Sch CorpBrentwood Elementary School96.8
Plymouth Community School CorpWashington Elementary School87.5
Plymouth Community School CorpMenominee Elementary School91.7
Plymouth Community School CorpJefferson Elementary School95.0
Plymouth Community School CorpWebster Elementary School100.0
Portage Township SchoolsCentral Elementary School81.8
Portage Township SchoolsEthel R Jones Elem Sch83.8
Portage Township SchoolsPaul Saylor Elementary School84.3
Portage Township SchoolsCrisman Elementary School85.1
Portage Township SchoolsSouth Haven Elementary School86.8
Portage Township SchoolsWallace Aylesworth Elementary87.8
Portage Township SchoolsRowena Kyle Elementary School89.4
Portage Township SchoolsGeorge L Myers Elem Sch94.5
Porter Township School CorpPorter Lakes Elementary School89.4
Porter Township School CorpBoone Grove Elementary School100.0
Prairie Heights Com Sch CorpPrairie Heights Elem Sch85.6
Randolph Central School CorpWillard Elem School85.5
Randolph Central School CorpDeerfield Elementary School86.7
Randolph Eastern School CorpNorth Side Elementary School78.1
Randolph Southern School CorpRandolph Southern Elem Sch96.4
Renaissance Academy Charter SchoolRenaissance Academy Charter Schl80.0
Rensselaer Central School CorpVan Rensselaer Elementary School88.1
Richland-Bean Blossom C S CEdgewood Intermediate School87.2
Richland-Bean Blossom C S CStinesville Elementary School96.6
Richmond Community SchoolsC R Richardson Elem Sch53.3
Richmond Community SchoolsHighland Heights Elem Sch61.3
Richmond Community SchoolsVaile Elementary School65.8
Richmond Community SchoolsElizabeth Starr Acad for Young Ent71.1
Richmond Community SchoolsPaul C Garrison Elem Sch76.5
Richmond Community SchoolsCrestdale Elementary School82.0
Richmond Community SchoolsWestview Elementary School85.4
Richmond Community SchoolsCharles Elementary School88.0
Richmond Community SchoolsFairview Elementary School88.6
Richmond Community SchoolsRichmond State Hospital***
Rising Sun-Ohio Co ComOhio County Elem-Middle Sch87.7
River Forest Community Sch CorpHenry S Evans Elementary Sch66.7
River Forest Community Sch CorpRiver Forest Elementary Sch80.4
River Forest Community Sch CorpJohn I Meister Elementary School87.2
Rochester Community Sch CorpGeorge M Riddle Elem School91.2
Rock Creek Community AcademyRock Creek Community Academy85.2
Rockville Community School CorpRockville Elementary School85.2
Rossville Con School DistrictRossville Elementary School93.4
Rural Community Schools IncRural Community Academy100.0
Rush County SchoolsRushville Elementary School East82.1
Rush County SchoolsRushville Elementary School West86.7
Rush County SchoolsMilroy Elementary School87.0
Rush County SchoolsArlington Elementary School90.0
Rush County SchoolsMays Elementary School96.4
Salem Community SchoolsBradie M Shrum Upper Elem82.4
School City of East ChicagoAbraham Lincoln Elementary Sch55.7
School City of East ChicagoGeorge Washington Elem School62.7
School City of East ChicagoWilliam McKinley Elementary Sch68.4
School City of East ChicagoBenjamin Harrison Elementary Sch70.0
School City of East ChicagoCarrie Gosch Elementary School81.6
School City of HammondLafayette Elementary School61.7
School City of HammondJoseph Hess Elementary School70.8
School City of HammondMorton Elementary School70.9
School City of HammondKenwood Elementary School71.4
School City of HammondWarren G Harding Elem Sch72.3
School City of HammondBenjamin Franklin Elem Sch72.6
School City of HammondColumbia Elementary School74.1
School City of HammondAbraham Lincoln Elem Sch75.0
School City of HammondWashington Irving Elem Sch76.9
School City of HammondThomas Jefferson Elem Sch76.9
School City of HammondThomas A Edison Elem Sch78.1
School City of HammondMaywood Elementary School80.6
School City of HammondLew Wallace Elementary School82.7
School City of HammondFrank O'Bannon Elementary School83.7
School City of HobartRidge View Elementary School86.0
School City of HobartJoan Martin Elementary School87.3
School City of HobartLiberty Elementary School90.5
School City of MishawakaEmmons Elementary School77.3
School City of MishawakaLasalle Elementary School83.9
School City of MishawakaBattell Elementary School84.4
School City of MishawakaBeiger Elementary School87.5
School City of MishawakaLiberty Elementary School89.1
School City of MishawakaFred J Hums Elementary School91.1
School City of MishawakaTwin Branch Elementary School91.9
School Town of HighlandSouthridge Elementary School83.1
School Town of HighlandMildred Merkley Elem School88.0
School Town of HighlandAllen J Warren Elem Sch89.8
School Town of HighlandJudith Morton Johnston Elem96.2
School Town of MunsterJames B Eads Elementary Sch87.6
School Town of MunsterFrank H Hammond Elem Sch92.3
School Town of MunsterErnest R Elliott Elem Sch92.6
School Town of SpeedwayCarl G Fisher Elem School 177.4
School Town of SpeedwayFrank H Wheeler Elem School 481.8
School Town of SpeedwayArthur C Newby Elem School 287.5
School Town of SpeedwayJames A Allison Elem School 393.8
Scott County School District 1Austin Elementary School76.7
Scott County School District 2Scottsburg Elem School80.8
Scott County School District 2Johnson Elementary School85.3
Scott County School District 2Lexington Elementary School88.6
Scott County School District 2Vienna-Finley Elem Sch91.2
SE Neighborhood Sch of ExcellenceSE Neighborhood Sch of Excellence48.5
Seymour Community SchoolsMargaret R Brown Elem School59.8
Seymour Community SchoolsSeymour-Jackson Elementary School75.0
Seymour Community SchoolsSeymour-Redding Elem School75.6
Seymour Community SchoolsEmerson Elementary School89.1
Seymour Community SchoolsCortland Elementary School94.7
Shelby Eastern SchoolsMorristown Elementary School90.2
Shelby Eastern SchoolsWaldron Elementary School91.5
Shelbyville Central SchoolsThomas A Hendricks Elem Sch87.0
Shelbyville Central SchoolsWilliam F Loper Elem Sch87.9
Shelbyville Central SchoolsCoulston Elementary School91.3
Shenandoah School CorporationShenandoah Elementary School83.5
Sheridan Community SchoolsSheridan Elementary School88.0
Shoals Community School CorpShoals Community Elem School96.2
Smith-Green Community SchoolsChurubusco Elementary School89.7
South Adams SchoolsSouth Adams Elem School91.7
South Bend Community Sch CorpMadison Primary Center46.5
South Bend Community Sch CorpMuessel Primary Center50.6
South Bend Community Sch CorpHarrison Primary Center60.2
South Bend Community Sch CorpMcKinley Primary Center60.6
South Bend Community Sch CorpCoquillard Primary Center62.7
South Bend Community Sch CorpLincoln Primary Center63.5
South Bend Community Sch CorpWarren Primary Center67.2
South Bend Community Sch CorpWilson Primary Center70.4
South Bend Community Sch CorpPerley Fine Arts Academy71.0
South Bend Community Sch CorpMarquette Montessori Academy71.8
South Bend Community Sch CorpHay Primary Center74.6
South Bend Community Sch CorpSwanson Primary Center74.6
South Bend Community Sch CorpMonroe Primary Center78.8
South Bend Community Sch CorpNuner Primary Center79.2
South Bend Community Sch CorpDarden Primary Center83.7
South Bend Community Sch CorpHamilton Traditional School94.4
South Bend Community Sch CorpKennedy Primary Academy94.8
South Bend Community Sch CorpTarkington Traditional Center95.4
South Central Com School CorpSouth Central Elem School94.5
South Dearborn Com School CorpAurora Elementary School83.5
South Dearborn Com School CorpMoores Hill Elementary School90.6
South Dearborn Com School CorpManchester Elementary School93.5
South Dearborn Com School CorpDillsboro Elementary School100.0
South Gibson School CorpOwensville Community School82.2
South Gibson School CorpFort Branch Community School86.7
South Gibson School CorpHaubstadt Community School90.9
South Harrison Com SchoolsSouth Central Elementary82.1
South Harrison Com SchoolsHeth-Washington Elem School82.6
South Harrison Com SchoolsNew Middletown Elementary School85.7
South Harrison Com SchoolsCorydon Elementary School91.9
South Henry School CorpTri-Elementary School79.6
South Knox School CorpSouth Knox Elementary School93.0
South Madison Com Sch CorpEast Elementary School90.8
South Madison Com Sch CorpMaple Ridge Elementary Sch93.3
South Madison Com Sch CorpPendleton Elementary School93.5
South Montgomery Com Sch CorpNew Market Elementary School91.1
South Montgomery Com Sch CorpLadoga Elementary School92.6
South Montgomery Com Sch CorpWaveland Elementary School93.3
South Montgomery Com Sch CorpWalnut Elementary School94.4
South Newton School CorpSouth Newton Elementary Sch80.7
South Putnam Community SchoolsReelsville Elementary School82.8
South Putnam Community SchoolsCentral Elementary School88.2
South Putnam Community SchoolsFillmore Elementary School90.5
South Ripley Com Sch CorpSouth Ripley Elementary School97.7
South Spencer County Sch CorpRockport-Ohio Elem Sch91.1
South Spencer County Sch CorpLuce Elementary School100.0
South Vermillion Com Sch CorpVan Duyn Elementary School80.0
South Vermillion Com Sch CorpErnie Pyle Elementary School85.4
South Vermillion Com Sch CorpCentral Elementary School87.2
Southeast Dubois Co Sch CorpFerdinand Elementary School94.0
Southeast Dubois Co Sch CorpPine Ridge Elementary School95.1
Southeast Fountain School CorpSoutheast Fountain Elementary79.3
Southeastern School CorpThompson Elementary School84.6
Southern Hancock Co Com Sch CorpBrandywine Elementary School79.5
Southern Hancock Co Com Sch CorpSugar Creek Elementary Sch94.3
Southern Hancock Co Com Sch CorpNew Palestine Elementary School96.0
Southern Wells Com SchoolsSouthern Wells Elem Sch90.9
Southwest Dubois Co Sch CorpHuntingburg Elementary School86.0
Southwest Dubois Co Sch CorpHolland Elementary School91.7
Southwest Parke Com Sch CorpMontezuma Elementary School77.8
Southwest Parke Com Sch CorpRosedale Elementary School88.2
Southwest School CorpSullivan Elementary School85.7
Southwest School CorpCarlisle Elem and Junior High96.3
Southwestern Con Sch Shelby CoSouthwestern Elementary Sch91.1
Southwestern-Jefferson Co ConSouthwestern Elementary Sch82.4
Spencer-Owen Community SchoolsGosport Elementary School80.0
Spencer-Owen Community SchoolsMcCormick's Creek Elem Sch83.3
Spencer-Owen Community SchoolsSpencer Elementary School91.0
Spencer-Owen Community SchoolsPatricksburg Elementary Sch96.2
Springs Valley Com School CorpSprings Valley Elem Sch88.3
Sunman-Dearborn Com Sch CorpSunman Elementary School89.9
Sunman-Dearborn Com Sch CorpBright Elementary Sch90.7
Sunman-Dearborn Com Sch CorpNorth Dearborn Elementary School93.9
Switzerland County School CorpJefferson-Craig Elem Sch85.4
Switzerland County School CorpSwitzerland Co Elem Sch93.4
Taylor Community School CorpTaylor Primary School83.5
Tell City-Troy Twp School CorpWilliam Tell Elementary School89.7
The Bloomington Project SchoolThe Bloomington Project School81.5
The Indianapolis Project SchoolThe Indianapolis Project School43.5
Thea Bowman Leadership AcademyThea Bowman Leadership Academy82.1
Timothy L Johnson AcademyTimothy L Johnson Academy64.1
Tippecanoe School CorpMayflower Mill Elem Sch81.2
Tippecanoe School CorpKlondike Elementary School81.3
Tippecanoe School CorpWoodland Elementary School85.7
Tippecanoe School CorpDayton Elementary School85.9
Tippecanoe School CorpBattle Ground Elem Sch87.1
Tippecanoe School CorpWyandotte Elementary89.4
Tippecanoe School CorpBurnett Creek Elementary School92.5
Tippecanoe School CorpWea Ridge Elementary School92.7
Tippecanoe School CorpHershey Elementary School94.4
Tippecanoe School CorpMintonye Elementary School98.7
Tippecanoe School CorpJames Cole Elementary School100.0
Tippecanoe Valley School CorpAkron Elementary School90.3
Tippecanoe Valley School CorpMentone Elementary School91.0
Tipton Community School CorpTipton Elementary School96.4
Tri-Central Community SchoolsTri Central Elementary82.8
Tri-County School CorpTri-County Intermediate School94.0
Tri-Creek School CorporationOak Hill Elementary School85.2
Tri-Creek School CorporationThree Creeks Elem School90.7
Tri-Creek School CorporationLake Prairie Elementary Sch93.8
Tri-Township Cons School CorpWanatah School88.0
Triton School CorporationTriton Elementary School95.8
Turkey Run Community Sch CorpTurkey Run Elementary School87.5
Twin Lakes School CorpWoodlawn Elementary School80.4
Twin Lakes School CorpOaklawn Elementary School85.7
Twin Lakes School CorpMeadowlawn Elementary School86.8
Twin Lakes School CorpEastlawn Elementary School91.7
Union Co/Clg Corner Joint Sch DistCollege Corner Union Elem Sch86.5
Union Co/Clg Corner Joint Sch DistLiberty Elementary School92.7
Union School CorporationUnion Elementary School95.8
Union Township School CorpUnion Center Elementary Sch90.6
Union Township School CorpJohn Simatovich Elem Sch93.4
Union-North United School CorpLaVille Elementary School88.4
Valparaiso Community SchoolsMemorial Elementary School89.5
Valparaiso Community SchoolsThomas Jefferson Elem Sch91.7
Valparaiso Community SchoolsHayes Leonard Elementary Sch91.7
Valparaiso Community SchoolsFlint Lake Elementary Sch92.5
Valparaiso Community SchoolsParkview Elementary School95.5
Valparaiso Community SchoolsCentral Elementary School96.8
Valparaiso Community SchoolsCooks Corners Elementary School97.7
Valparaiso Community SchoolsNorthview Elementary School100.0
Veritas AcademyVeritas Academy83.3
Vigo County School CorpDavis Park Elementary School69.1
Vigo County School CorpBenjamin Franklin Elem School73.8
Vigo County School CorpFarrington Grove Elem Sch74.0
Vigo County School CorpOuabache Elementary School75.8
Vigo County School CorpWest Vigo Elementary School78.0
Vigo County School CorpHoosier Prairie Elem School78.8
Vigo County School CorpDeming Elementary School82.7
Vigo County School CorpMeadows Elementary School83.3
Vigo County School CorpSugar Creek Consolidated Elem Sch84.1
Vigo County School CorpRio Grande Elementary School84.7
Vigo County School CorpAdelaide De Vaney Elem Sch85.7
Vigo County School CorpTerre Town Elementary School85.9
Vigo County School CorpBlanche E Fuqua Elem Sch86.7
Vigo County School CorpSugar Grove Elementary School89.2
Vigo County School CorpRiley Elementary School91.1
Vigo County School CorpLost Creek Elementary School91.5
Vigo County School CorpDixie Bee Elementary School91.7
Vigo County School CorpFayette Elementary School97.5
Vincennes Community Sch CorpFrances Vigo Elementary Sch76.9
Vincennes Community Sch CorpJames Whitcomb Riley Elem Sch86.4
Vincennes Community Sch CorpTecumseh-Harrison Elem Sch88.7
Vincennes Community Sch CorpBenjamin Franklin Elem School93.2
Wa-Nee Community SchoolsNappanee Elementary School86.2
Wa-Nee Community SchoolsWakarusa Elementary School92.0
Wa-Nee Community SchoolsWoodview Elementary School93.0
Wabash City SchoolsO J Neighbours Elem Sch87.0
Warrick County School CorpChandler Elementary School85.7
Warrick County School CorpElberfeld Elementary School88.9
Warrick County School CorpNewburgh Elementary School91.4
Warrick County School CorpSharon Elementary School91.7
Warrick County School CorpJohn H Castle Elementary Sch93.3
Warrick County School CorpLynnville Elementary School93.3
Warrick County School CorpYankeetown Elementary School93.8
Warrick County School CorpLoge Elementary School94.0
Warrick County School CorpOakdale Elementary School94.8
Warrick County School CorpTennyson Elementary School100.0
Warsaw Community SchoolsHarrison Elementary School82.7
Warsaw Community SchoolsLincoln Elementary School83.5
Warsaw Community SchoolsLeesburg Elementary School85.5
Warsaw Community SchoolsEisenhower Elementary School86.0
Warsaw Community SchoolsClaypool Elementary School86.0
Warsaw Community SchoolsWashington Elementary School88.7
Warsaw Community SchoolsJefferson Elementary School89.6
Warsaw Community SchoolsMadison Elementary School91.7
Washington Com SchoolsLena Dunn Elementary School71.4
Washington Com SchoolsHelen Griffith Elementary School78.4
Washington Com SchoolsVeale Elementary School85.7
Washington Com SchoolsNorth Elementary School89.3
Wawasee Community School CorpMilford School79.4
Wawasee Community School CorpSyracuse Elementary School87.5
Wawasee Community School CorpNorth Webster Elementary Sch93.2
Wes-Del Community SchoolsWes-Del Elementary School85.5
West Central School CorpWest Central Elem Sch85.5
West Clark Community SchoolsWilliam W Borden Elem Sch75.4
West Clark Community SchoolsSilver Creek Elementary School83.0
West Clark Community SchoolsHenryville Elementary SchoolDid Not Take
West Gary Lighthouse CharterWest Gary Lighthouse48.9
West Lafayette Com School CorpCumberland Elementary School96.2
West Noble School CorporationWest Noble Elementary School79.7
West Washington School CorpWest Washington Elem Sch91.3
Western Boone Co Com Sch DistThorntown Elementary School86.4
Western Boone Co Com Sch DistGranville Wells Elem School88.5
Western School CorpWestern Intermediate School93.0
Western Wayne SchoolsWestern Wayne Elem Sch94.4
Westfield-Washington SchoolsMonon Trail Elementary School68.4
Westfield-Washington SchoolsCarey Ridge Elementary Sch86.7
Westfield-Washington SchoolsShamrock Springs Elementary Sch91.8
Westfield-Washington SchoolsMaple Glen Elementary94.8
Westfield-Washington SchoolsWashington Woods Elementary School96.2
Westfield-Washington SchoolsOak Trace Elementary Sch97.6
Westview School CorporationTopeka Elementary School76.5
Westview School CorporationMeadowview Elementary Sch89.2
Westview School CorporationShipshewana-Scott Elem School96.2
White River Valley Sch DistLyons Elementary School80.0
White River Valley Sch DistWorthington Elementary School86.1
Whiting School CityNathan Hale Elementary School78.7
Whitko Community School CorpPierceton Elementary School87.3
Whitko Community School CorpSouth Whitley Elementary Sch92.6
Whitley Co Cons SchoolsCoesse School88.0
Whitley Co Cons SchoolsNorthern Heights Elementary Sch89.7
Whitley Co Cons SchoolsMary Raber Elementary School93.3
Whitley Co Cons SchoolsLittle Turtle Elementary School94.4
Xavier School of ExcellenceXavier School of Excellence57.1
Yorktown Community SchoolsYorktown Elementary School91.5
Zionsville Community SchoolsStonegate Elementary93.7
Zionsville Community SchoolsUnion Elementary School94.2
Zionsville Community SchoolsZionsville Pleasant View Elem Sch95.1
Zionsville Community SchoolsEagle Elementary School97.5

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