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Sortable Table: Find Your School’s Spring 2015 IREAD-3 Pass Rate

Search for an individual school’s IREAD-3 results in the table below. We’ve also included results for non-public schools that administer the IREAD-3. Click here to sort by school district.

Type the name of a school into the search box, or use the arrows in the column headers to sort the table.

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Corporation Name
School Name
IREAD Pass %
Adams Central Community SchoolsAdams Central Elementary Sch97.00%
North Adams Community SchoolsNorthwest Elementary79.60%
South Adams SchoolsSouth Adams Elem School85.90%
M S D Southwest Allen County SchlsAboite Elementary School96.10%
M S D Southwest Allen County SchlsWhispering Meadow Elem Sch89.10%
M S D Southwest Allen County SchlsLafayette Meadow School93.80%
M S D Southwest Allen County SchlsHaverhill Elementary School85.50%
M S D Southwest Allen County SchlsDeer Ridge Elementary87.10%
M S D Southwest Allen County SchlsCovington Elementary School82.30%
Northwest Allen County SchoolsArcola School92.00%
Northwest Allen County SchoolsHickory Center Elementary Sch86.60%
Northwest Allen County SchoolsHuntertown Elementary School88.80%
Northwest Allen County SchoolsPerry Hill Elementary School84.90%
Northwest Allen County SchoolsOak View Elementary Sch93.10%
Northwest Allen County SchoolsCedar Canyon Elementary Sch91.40%
Northwest Allen County SchoolsEel River Elementary School95.30%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsJeff H Towles Intermediate School77.30%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsWeisser Park Elem Sch78.70%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsFairfield Elementary School60.50%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsMerle J Abbett Elementary Sch51.10%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsAdams Elementary School47.70%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsBloomingdale Elementary Sch68.20%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsBrentwood Elementary School71.80%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsFred H Croninger Elem Sch86.20%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsForest Park Elementary School68.90%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsFranke Park Elementary School78.80%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsGlenwood Park Elementary Sch79.00%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsJ Wilbur Haley Elementary Sch74.80%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsHarrison Hill Elementary Sch83.10%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsMabel K Holland Elem Sch75.40%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsIndian Village Elementary Sch64.90%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsJohn S Irwin Elementary Sch89.60%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsLindley Elementary School76.80%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsMaplewood Elementary School70.70%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsWillard Shambaugh Elem Sch90.60%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsNebraska Elementary School69.00%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsNorthcrest Elementary School55.10%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsFrancis M Price Elem Sch62.30%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsSaint Joseph Central School84.00%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsRobert C Harris Elem Sch79.00%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsLevan R Scott Academy61.50%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsSouth Wayne Elementary School43.40%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsStudy Elementary School80.50%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsWashington Elem School75.00%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsWashington Center Elem Sch82.60%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsLincoln Elementary School69.00%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsWaynedale Elementary School68.80%
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsArlington Elementary School70.10%
East Allen County SchoolsPrince Chapman Academy54.40%
East Allen County SchoolsLeo Elementary School***
East Allen County SchoolsHeritage Elementary School81.30%
East Allen County SchoolsCedarville Elementary Sch91.40%
East Allen County SchoolsNew Haven Intermediate School81.40%
East Allen County SchoolsWoodlan Elementary School90.40%
Bartholomew Con School CorpClifty Creek Elementary Sch83.30%
Bartholomew Con School CorpCSA Lincoln Campus79.60%
Bartholomew Con School CorpMount Healthy Elementary Sch85.00%
Bartholomew Con School CorpParkside Elementary School92.00%
Bartholomew Con School CorpW D Richards Elementary Sch84.80%
Bartholomew Con School CorpRockcreek Elementary School92.30%
Bartholomew Con School CorpLillian Schmitt Elem School87.20%
Bartholomew Con School CorpL F Smith Elementary96.80%
Bartholomew Con School CorpCSA Fodrea Campus81.60%
Bartholomew Con School CorpTaylorsville Elem School75.30%
Bartholomew Con School CorpSouthside Elementary School85.60%
Flat Rock-Hawcreek School CorpHope Elementary School85.70%
Benton Community School CorpOtterbein Elementary School91.30%
Benton Community School CorpBoswell Elementary School100.00%
Benton Community School CorpPrairie Crossing Elementary Sch86.40%
Blackford County SchoolsMontpelier School63.00%
Blackford County SchoolsSouthside Elementary School86.00%
Western Boone Co Com Sch DistGranville Wells Elem School95.30%
Western Boone Co Com Sch DistThorntown Elementary School83.30%
Zionsville Community SchoolsEagle Elementary School90.70%
Zionsville Community SchoolsZionsville Pleasant View Elem Sch95.20%
Zionsville Community SchoolsUnion Elementary School94.20%
Zionsville Community SchoolsStonegate Elementary87.00%
Zionsville Community SchoolsBoone Meadow97.60%
Lebanon Community School CorpPerry Worth Elementary School93.20%
Lebanon Community School CorpCentral Elementary School86.80%
Lebanon Community School CorpHarney Elementary School84.80%
Lebanon Community School CorpHattie B Stokes Elementary School87.30%
Brown County School CorporationVan Buren Elementary School80.00%
Brown County School CorporationHelmsburg Elementary School87.20%
Brown County School CorporationSprunica Elementary School90.20%
Carroll Consolidated Sch CorpCarroll Elementary84.80%
Delphi Community School CorpDelphi Community Elementary School90.60%
Pioneer Regional School CorpPioneer Elementary School87.50%
Southeastern School CorpThompson Elementary School92.40%
Logansport Community Sch CorpFranklin Elementary School67.70%
Logansport Community Sch CorpFairview Elementary School76.70%
Logansport Community Sch CorpLandis Elementary School72.90%
Logansport Community Sch CorpColumbia Elementary School63.90%
West Clark Community SchoolsHenryville Elementary School89.90%
West Clark Community SchoolsSilver Creek Elementary School81.60%
West Clark Community SchoolsWilliam W Borden Elem Sch83.00%
Clarksville Com School CorpClarksville Elementary School63.70%
Greater Clark County SchoolsW E Wilson Elementary89.00%
Greater Clark County SchoolsThomas Jefferson Elem Sch90.40%
Greater Clark County SchoolsNorthaven Elementary School77.90%
Greater Clark County SchoolsUtica Elementary School98.80%
Greater Clark County SchoolsNew Washington Elem School94.40%
Greater Clark County SchoolsJonathan Jennings Elem Sch89.00%
Greater Clark County SchoolsPleasant Ridge Elem School79.20%
Greater Clark County SchoolsBridgepoint Elementary School83.60%
Greater Clark County SchoolsMaple Elementary School75.80%
Greater Clark County SchoolsRiverside Elementary School86.50%
Greater Clark County SchoolsSpring Hill Elementary School81.50%
Greater Clark County SchoolsParkwood Elementary School64.30%
Clay Community SchoolsClay City Elementary School80.40%
Clay Community SchoolsJackson Township Elem School97.60%
Clay Community SchoolsStaunton Elementary School87.50%
Clay Community SchoolsVan Buren Elementary School91.90%
Clay Community SchoolsEast Side Elementary School83.30%
Clay Community SchoolsForest Park Elementary School72.70%
Clay Community SchoolsMeridian Street Elem School95.50%
Clinton Central School CorpClinton Central Elem School90.00%
Clinton Prairie School CorpClinton Prairie Elem School94.90%
Community Schools of FrankfortGreen Meadows Intermediate Elem77.50%
Community Schools of FrankfortSuncrest Elementary Sch70.00%
Rossville Con School DistrictRossville Elementary School90.00%
Crawford Co Com School CorpLeavenworth Elementary School82.80%
Crawford Co Com School CorpPatoka Elementary School100.00%
Crawford Co Com School CorpEnglish School100.00%
Crawford Co Com School CorpMarengo Elementary School90.00%
Crawford Co Com School CorpMilltown School92.10%
Barr-Reeve Com Schools IncBarr Reeve Elementary School94.10%
North Daviess Com SchoolsNorth Daviess Elementary School87.10%
Washington Com SchoolsLena Dunn Elementary School69.70%
Washington Com SchoolsVeale Elementary School100.00%
Washington Com SchoolsNorth Elementary School83.30%
Washington Com SchoolsHelen Griffith Elementary School89.20%
Sunman-Dearborn Com Sch CorpNorth Dearborn Elementary School91.80%
Sunman-Dearborn Com Sch CorpBright Elementary Sch91.30%
Sunman-Dearborn Com Sch CorpSunman Elementary School88.60%
South Dearborn Com School CorpDillsboro Elementary School85.70%
South Dearborn Com School CorpManchester Elementary School92.30%
South Dearborn Com School CorpMoores Hill Elementary School76.20%
South Dearborn Com School CorpAurora Elementary School84.10%
Lawrenceburg Com School CorpCentral Elementary School95.00%
Decatur County Com SchoolsSouth Decatur Elementary Sch86.10%
Decatur County Com SchoolsNorth Decatur Elementary Sch93.60%
Greensburg Community SchoolsGreensburg Elementary95.20%
DeKalb Co Eastern Com Sch DistButler Elementary School86.70%
DeKalb Co Eastern Com Sch DistRiverdale Elementary School100.00%
Garrett-Keyser-Butler ComJ E Ober Elementary School82.90%
DeKalb Co Ctl United Sch DistWaterloo Elementary School96.40%
DeKalb Co Ctl United Sch DistJames R Watson Elem School86.90%
DeKalb Co Ctl United Sch DistMcKenney-Harrison Elem School94.10%
DeKalb Co Ctl United Sch DistCountry Meadow Elem School100.00%
Delaware Community School CorpRoyerton Elementary School95.20%
Delaware Community School CorpEaton Elementary School89.70%
Delaware Community School CorpAlbany Elementary School92.50%
Wes-Del Community SchoolsWes-Del Elementary School67.90%
Liberty-Perry Com School CorpSelma Elementary School98.30%
Cowan Community School CorpCowan Elementary School93.30%
Yorktown Community SchoolsYorktown Elementary School87.90%
Daleville Community SchoolsDaleville Elementary School90.00%
Muncie Community SchoolsStorer Elementary School85.30%
Muncie Community SchoolsGrissom Elementary School57.30%
Muncie Community SchoolsSouth View Elementary School75.30%
Muncie Community SchoolsLongfellow Elementary School85.50%
Muncie Community SchoolsMitchell Elementary School81.30%
Muncie Community SchoolsNorth View Elementary School80.40%
Muncie Community SchoolsSutton Elementary School73.00%
Muncie Community SchoolsEast Washington Academy76.50%
Muncie Community SchoolsWest View Elementary School82.10%
Muncie Community SchoolsYouth Opportunity Center***
Northeast Dubois Co Sch CorpCelestine Elementary School100.00%
Northeast Dubois Co Sch CorpDubois Elementary School90.70%
Southeast Dubois Co Sch CorpPine Ridge Elementary School94.10%
Southeast Dubois Co Sch CorpFerdinand Elementary School100.00%
Southwest Dubois Co Sch CorpHolland Elementary School100.00%
Southwest Dubois Co Sch CorpHuntingburg Elementary School84.00%
Greater Jasper Con SchsIreland Elementary School95.80%
Greater Jasper Con SchsTenth Street School92.40%
Fairfield Community SchoolsMillersburg Elementary School93.20%
Fairfield Community SchoolsNew Paris Elementary School100.00%
Fairfield Community SchoolsBenton Elementary School95.20%
Baugo Community SchoolsJimtown Intermediate School87.60%
Concord Community SchoolsConcord Intermediate School***
Concord Community SchoolsConcord East Side Elem School84.70%
Concord Community SchoolsConcord Ox-Bow Elementary Sch90.30%
Concord Community SchoolsConcord South Side Elem School76.10%
Concord Community SchoolsConcord West Side Elem School73.90%
Middlebury Community SchoolsJefferson Elementary School79.60%
Middlebury Community SchoolsYork Elementary School85.90%
Middlebury Community SchoolsHeritage Intermediate School***
Middlebury Community SchoolsMiddlebury Elementary School91.60%
Middlebury Community SchoolsOrchard View Sch92.40%
Wa-Nee Community SchoolsWakarusa Elementary School92.60%
Wa-Nee Community SchoolsNappanee Elementary School89.90%
Wa-Nee Community SchoolsWoodview Elementary School92.00%
Elkhart Community SchoolsCleveland Elementary School90.70%
Elkhart Community SchoolsOsolo Elementary School68.50%
Elkhart Community SchoolsEastwood Elementary School92.50%
Elkhart Community SchoolsMary Feeser Elementary School86.10%
Elkhart Community SchoolsBristol Elementary School88.80%
Elkhart Community SchoolsBeardsley Elementary School70.50%
Elkhart Community SchoolsMary Beck Elementary School58.10%
Elkhart Community SchoolsMary Daly Elementary School72.40%
Elkhart Community SchoolsHawthorne Elementary School75.40%
Elkhart Community SchoolsPinewood Elementary School82.90%
Elkhart Community SchoolsMonger Elementary School61.50%
Elkhart Community SchoolsRiverview Elementary School83.30%
Elkhart Community SchoolsRoosevelt Elementary School53.10%
Elkhart Community SchoolsWoodland Elementary School81.00%
Goshen Community SchoolsModel Elementary School70.90%
Goshen Community SchoolsWaterford Elementary School79.30%
Goshen Community SchoolsChamberlain Elementary School67.70%
Goshen Community SchoolsChandler Elementary School78.10%
Goshen Community SchoolsParkside Elementary School75.70%
Goshen Community SchoolsPrairie View Elementary School83.60%
Goshen Community SchoolsWest Goshen Elementary School64.90%
Fayette County School CorpEverton Elementary School86.00%
Fayette County School CorpEastview Elementary School97.20%
Fayette County School CorpFrazee Elementary School94.90%
Fayette County School CorpGrandview Elementary School76.90%
Fayette County School CorpMaplewood Elementary School88.40%
Fayette County School CorpFayette Central Elementary93.20%
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchGeorgetown Elementary School97.20%
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchSlate Run Elementary School76.20%
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchFairmont Elementary School81.10%
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchGreenville Elementary School90.00%
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchGrant Line School92.00%
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchGreen Valley Elementary Sch78.30%
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchFloyds Knobs Elementary School88.90%
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchMount Tabor School77.30%
New Albany-Floyd Co Con SchS Ellen Jones Elementary Sch71.90%
Attica Consolidated Sch CorpAttica Elementary School84.20%
Covington Community Sch CorpCovington Elementary School95.00%
Southeast Fountain School CorpSoutheast Fountain Elementary92.10%
Franklin County Com Sch CorpLaurel School93.60%
Franklin County Com Sch CorpBrookville Elementary School82.60%
Franklin County Com Sch CorpMount Carmel School91.20%
Rochester Community Sch CorpGeorge M Riddle Elem School86.20%
Caston School CorporationCaston Elementary School98.10%
East Gibson School CorporationBarton Twp Elementary91.30%
East Gibson School CorporationFrancisco Elementary School93.80%
East Gibson School CorporationOakland City Elementary School86.10%
North Gibson School CorpPrinceton Comm Intermediate School85.80%
South Gibson School CorpHaubstadt Community School90.50%
South Gibson School CorpFort Branch Community School87.00%
South Gibson School CorpOwensville Community School73.00%
Eastbrook Community Sch CorpEastbrook South Elementary93.40%
Eastbrook Community Sch CorpEastbrook North Elementary92.50%
Madison-Grant United Sch CorpPark Elementary School88.50%
Madison-Grant United Sch CorpSummitville School98.00%
Mississinewa Community School CorpNorthview Elementary School80.80%
Marion Community SchoolsAllen Elementary School61.30%
Marion Community SchoolsJohn W Kendall Elem School70.40%
Marion Community SchoolsRiverview Elementary School68.10%
Marion Community SchoolsFrances Slocum Elem School63.50%
Bloomfield School DistrictBloomfield Elementary School93.00%
Eastern Greene SchoolsEastern Greene Elementary School89.30%
Linton-Stockton School CorpLinton-Stockton Elementary82.90%
M S D Shakamak SchoolsShakamak Elementary School88.90%
White River Valley Sch DistLyons Elementary School90.00%
White River Valley Sch DistWorthington Elementary School93.50%
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsBrooks School Elementary93.20%
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsNew Britton Elementary School93.00%
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsFishers Elementary School88.90%
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsCumberland Road Elem School83.50%
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsHoosier Road Elementary School96.80%
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsFall Creek Elementary School97.50%
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsGeist Elementary School96.70%
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsLantern Road Elementary Sch89.20%
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsHarrison Parkway Elem School87.50%
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsSand Creek Elementary94.40%
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsThorpe Creek Elementary91.20%
Hamilton Southeastern SchoolsDurbin Elementary School91.80%
Hamilton Heights School CorpHamilton Heights Elem School94.50%
Westfield-Washington SchoolsShamrock Springs Elementary Sch99.20%
Westfield-Washington SchoolsCarey Ridge Elementary Sch86.80%
Westfield-Washington SchoolsWashington Woods Elementary School86.70%
Westfield-Washington SchoolsOak Trace Elementary Sch96.10%
Westfield-Washington SchoolsMonon Trail Elementary School92.30%
Westfield-Washington SchoolsMaple Glen Elementary92.50%
Sheridan Community SchoolsSheridan Elementary School91.50%
Carmel Clay SchoolsWoodbrook Elementary School94.30%
Carmel Clay SchoolsCherry Tree Elementary School91.00%
Carmel Clay SchoolsCarmel Elementary School91.30%
Carmel Clay SchoolsCollege Wood Elementary Sch92.80%
Carmel Clay SchoolsSmoky Row Elementary Sch94.00%
Carmel Clay SchoolsOrchard Park Elementary Sch90.10%
Carmel Clay SchoolsPrairie Trace Elementary Sch93.80%
Carmel Clay SchoolsMohawk Trails Elementary Sch96.60%
Carmel Clay SchoolsForest Dale Elementary School83.20%
Carmel Clay SchoolsTowne Meadow Elementary Sch96.60%
Carmel Clay SchoolsWest Clay Elementary97.60%
Noblesville SchoolsHinkle Creek Elementary Sch99.30%
Noblesville SchoolsNorth Elementary School91.90%
Noblesville SchoolsStony Creek Elementary School92.10%
Noblesville SchoolsNoble Crossing Elementary School94.30%
Noblesville SchoolsHazel Dell Elementary School94.20%
Noblesville SchoolsPromise Road Elementary94.10%
Noblesville SchoolsWhite River Elementary School91.70%
Southern Hancock Co Com Sch CorpBrandywine Elementary School93.80%
Southern Hancock Co Com Sch CorpNew Palestine Elementary School96.20%
Southern Hancock Co Com Sch CorpSugar Creek Elementary Sch91.30%
Greenfield-Central Com SchoolsEden Elementary School95.70%
Greenfield-Central Com SchoolsJ B Stephens Elementary School90.30%
Greenfield-Central Com SchoolsHarris Elementary School92.00%
Greenfield-Central Com SchoolsWeston Elementary School96.10%
Mt Vernon Community Sch CorpFortville Elementary School93.50%
Mt Vernon Community Sch CorpMt Comfort Elementary School92.30%
Mt Vernon Community Sch CorpMcCordsville Elementary School87.70%
Eastern Hancock Co Com Sch CorpEastern Hancock Elem School92.00%
Lanesville Community School CorpLanesville Elementary School81.30%
North Harrison Com School CorpMorgan Elementary School95.20%
North Harrison Com School CorpNorth Harrison Elementary Sch93.30%
South Harrison Com SchoolsCorydon Elementary School97.10%
South Harrison Com SchoolsNew Middletown Elementary School85.00%
South Harrison Com SchoolsHeth-Washington Elem School91.70%
South Harrison Com SchoolsCorydon Intermediate School***
South Harrison Com SchoolsSouth Central Elementary94.30%
North West Hendricks SchoolsNorth Salem Elementary School97.90%
North West Hendricks SchoolsPittsboro Elementary100.00%
Brownsburg Community Sch CorpBrown Elementary Sch94.70%
Brownsburg Community Sch CorpEagle Elementary Sch95.50%
Brownsburg Community Sch CorpReagan Elementary96.50%
Brownsburg Community Sch CorpDelaware Trail Elementary School97.10%
Brownsburg Community Sch CorpWhite Lick Elementary School94.60%
Brownsburg Community Sch CorpCardinal Elementary Sch98.10%
Avon Community School CorpRiver Birch Elementary95.50%
Avon Community School CorpMaple Elementary Sch88.00%
Avon Community School CorpWhite Oak Elementary School88.60%
Avon Community School CorpSycamore Elementary School96.20%
Avon Community School CorpCedar Elementary School88.40%
Avon Community School CorpPine Tree Elementary School94.90%
Avon Community School CorpHickory Elementary School93.30%
Danville Community School CorpSouth Elementary School93.70%
Plainfield Community Sch CorpClarks Creek Elementary86.80%
Plainfield Community Sch CorpCentral Elementary School88.30%
Plainfield Community Sch CorpVan Buren Elementary School91.90%
Plainfield Community Sch CorpBrentwood Elementary School93.00%
Mill Creek Community Sch CorpMill Creek East Elementary98.20%
Mill Creek Community Sch CorpMill Creek West Elementary91.30%
Blue River Valley SchoolsBlue River Valley Elem School86.00%
South Henry School CorpTri-Elementary School86.80%
Shenandoah School CorporationShenandoah Elementary School91.50%
New Castle Community Sch CorpEastwood Elementary School88.60%
New Castle Community Sch CorpParker Elementary School86.20%
New Castle Community Sch CorpJames Whitcomb Riley Elem School97.70%
New Castle Community Sch CorpSunnyside Elementary School80.00%
New Castle Community Sch CorpWestwood Elementary School94.40%
New Castle Community Sch CorpWilbur Wright Elementary School73.50%
C A Beard Memorial School CorpKnightstown Elementary School90.50%
Taylor Community School CorpTaylor Elementary School81.00%
Northwestern School CorpNorthwestern Elementary Sch87.00%
Northwestern School CorpHoward Elementary School86.80%
Eastern Howard School CorpEastern Elementary School95.40%
Western School CorpWestern Intermediate School88.60%
Kokomo School CorporationSycamore Elementary Sch80.90%
Kokomo School CorporationBon Air Elementary Sch61.10%
Kokomo School CorporationBoulevard Elementary School73.70%
Kokomo School CorporationElwood Haynes Elementary School81.50%
Kokomo School CorporationLafayette Park Elementary Sch88.10%
Kokomo School CorporationPettit Park School86.10%
Kokomo School CorporationWallace Elementary School92.90%
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpAndrews Elementary School90.00%
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpRoanoke Elementary School96.70%
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpSalamonie School93.50%
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpLancaster Elementary School95.90%
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpNorthwest Elementary School93.00%
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpFlint Springs Elementary88.90%
Huntington Co Com Sch CorpLincoln Elementary School65.40%
Medora Community School CorpMedora Elementary School73.30%
Seymour Community SchoolsCortland Elementary School93.50%
Seymour Community SchoolsMargaret R Brown Elem School72.80%
Seymour Community SchoolsEmerson Elementary School86.30%
Seymour Community SchoolsSeymour-Jackson Elementary School72.70%
Seymour Community SchoolsSeymour-Redding Elem School75.80%
Brownstown Cnt Com Sch CorpBrownstown Elementary School87.20%
Crothersville Community SchoolsCrothersville Elementary Sch91.70%
Kankakee Valley School CorpDeMotte Elementary School92.10%
Kankakee Valley School CorpWheatfield Elementary School94.10%
Rensselaer Central School CorpVan Rensselaer Elementary School86.90%
Jay School CorpBloomfield Elementary School91.30%
Jay School CorpRedkey Elementary School90.90%
Jay School CorpPennville Elementary School100.00%
Jay School CorpGeneral Shanks Elem School81.40%
Jay School CorpJudge Haynes Elementary Sch90.60%
Jay School CorpEast Elementary School97.60%
Jay School CorpWestlawn Elementary Sch96.70%
Madison Consolidated SchoolsDeputy Elementary School95.70%
Madison Consolidated SchoolsRykers' Ridge Elementary School80.60%
Madison Consolidated SchoolsLydia Middleton Elem School91.80%
Madison Consolidated SchoolsEmery O Muncie Elem School82.20%
Southwestern-Jefferson Co ConSouthwestern Elementary Sch81.80%
Jennings County SchoolsSand Creek Elementary Sch86.20%
Jennings County SchoolsScipio Elementary School90.00%
Jennings County SchoolsGraham Creek Elementary School97.60%
Jennings County SchoolsHayden Elementary School79.30%
Jennings County SchoolsBrush Creek Elementary School92.50%
Jennings County SchoolsNorth Vernon Elementary School82.20%
Clark-Pleasant Com School CorpClark Elementary School92.70%
Clark-Pleasant Com School CorpWhiteland Elementary School91.90%
Clark-Pleasant Com School CorpBreak-O-Day Elementary School91.00%
Clark-Pleasant Com School CorpPleasant Crossing Elementary89.70%
Center Grove Com Sch CorpSugar Grove Elementary Sch92.40%
Center Grove Com Sch CorpCenter Grove Elem School85.60%
Center Grove Com Sch CorpMaple Grove Elementary School94.60%
Center Grove Com Sch CorpNorth Grove Elementary School90.10%
Center Grove Com Sch CorpPleasant Grove Elem Sch89.80%
Edinburgh Community Sch CorpEast Side Elementary School85.70%
Franklin Community School CorpNeedham Elementary School84.70%
Franklin Community School CorpUnion Elementary School87.50%
Franklin Community School CorpNorthwood Elementary School81.60%
Franklin Community School CorpWebb Elementary School92.10%
Franklin Community School CorpCreekside Elementary Sch86.10%
Greenwood Community Sch CorpGreenwood Northeast Elem Sch92.50%
Greenwood Community Sch CorpWestwood Elementary Sch92.80%
Greenwood Community Sch CorpV O Isom Central Elem School90.50%
Greenwood Community Sch CorpSouthwest Elem Sch86.70%
Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson UnitedIndian Creek Intermediate Sch98.50%
North Knox School CorpNorth Knox Intermediate81.10%
South Knox School CorpSouth Knox Elementary School92.00%
Vincennes Community Sch CorpBenjamin Franklin Elem School97.10%
Vincennes Community Sch CorpJames Whitcomb Riley Elem Sch75.00%
Vincennes Community Sch CorpTecumseh-Harrison Elem Sch84.80%
Vincennes Community Sch CorpFrancis Vigo Elementary Sch90.20%
Wawasee Community School CorpNorth Webster Elementary Sch85.30%
Wawasee Community School CorpMilford School76.80%
Wawasee Community School CorpSyracuse Elementary School90.40%
Warsaw Community SchoolsClaypool Elementary School94.80%
Warsaw Community SchoolsEisenhower Elementary School95.40%
Warsaw Community SchoolsHarrison Elementary School84.90%
Warsaw Community SchoolsLeesburg Elementary School81.70%
Warsaw Community SchoolsJefferson Elementary School79.20%
Warsaw Community SchoolsLincoln Elementary School93.50%
Warsaw Community SchoolsMadison Elementary School93.00%
Warsaw Community SchoolsWashington Elementary School91.00%
Tippecanoe Valley School CorpAkron Elementary School84.90%
Tippecanoe Valley School CorpMentone Elementary School85.90%
Whitko Community School CorpPierceton Elementary School91.80%
Whitko Community School CorpSouth Whitley Elementary Sch88.50%
Prairie Heights Com Sch CorpPrairie Heights Elem Sch84.00%
Westview School CorporationTopeka Elementary School79.70%
Westview School CorporationMeadowview Elementary Sch94.80%
Westview School CorporationShipshewana-Scott Elem School83.30%
Lakeland School CorporationParkside Elementary School73.50%
Lakeland School CorporationWolcott Mills Elementary Sch77.80%
Lakeland School CorporationLima-Brighton Elementary74.10%
Northwest Indiana Spec Ed CoopEagle Park Community School***
Hanover Community School CorpJane Ball Elementary School95.70%
Hanover Community School CorpLincoln Elementary School87.80%
River Forest Community Sch CorpHenry S Evans Elementary Sch86.80%
River Forest Community Sch CorpJohn I Meister Elementary School94.10%
Merrillville Community SchoolHenry P Fieler Elem Sch64.20%
Merrillville Community SchoolHomer Iddings Elem Sch84.10%
Merrillville Community SchoolEdgar L Miller Elem Sch82.60%
Merrillville Community SchoolJohn Wood Elementary School89.10%
Merrillville Community SchoolJonas E Salk Elem Sch88.20%
Lake Central School CorpKolling Elementary School92.00%
Lake Central School CorpGeorge Bibich Elementary Sch93.70%
Lake Central School CorpJames H Watson Elem Sch94.10%
Lake Central School CorpProtsman Elementary School96.70%
Lake Central School CorpHoman Elementary School87.70%
Lake Central School CorpPeifer Elementary School94.40%
Tri-Creek School CorporationOak Hill Elementary School90.00%
Tri-Creek School CorporationLake Prairie Elementary Sch80.30%
Tri-Creek School CorporationThree Creeks Elem School89.20%
Lake Ridge SchoolsLongfellow Elementary School73.60%
Lake Ridge SchoolsHosford Park Elementary88.90%
Crown Point Community Sch CorpDouglas MacArthur Elem Sch96.30%
Crown Point Community Sch CorpDwight D Eisenhower Elem Sch97.00%
Crown Point Community Sch CorpLake Street Elementary School89.50%
Crown Point Community Sch CorpSolon Robinson Elementary Sch98.00%
Crown Point Community Sch CorpJerry Ross Elementary School95.30%
Crown Point Community Sch CorpTimothy Ball Elementary Sch93.80%
School City of East ChicagoCarrie Gosch Elementary School63.00%
School City of East ChicagoBenjamin Harrison Elementary Sch64.00%
School City of East ChicagoAbraham Lincoln Elementary Sch63.30%
School City of East ChicagoWilliam McKinley Elementary Sch72.80%
School City of East ChicagoGeorge Washington Elem School66.00%
Lake Station Community SchoolsAlexander Hamilton Elementary Sch88.60%
Lake Station Community SchoolsVirgil I Bailey Elementary School89.50%
Lake Station Community SchoolsCarl J Polk Elementary School85.00%
Gary Community School CorpBenjamin Banneker Achievement Ctr100.00%
Gary Community School CorpBeveridge Elementary School47.90%
Gary Community School CorpDr Bernard C Watson Acad for Boys83.30%
Gary Community School CorpFrankie W McCullough Acad for Girl98.40%
Gary Community School CorpJefferson Elementary School45.90%
Gary Community School CorpBailly Preparatory Academy81.70%
Gary Community School CorpJacques Marquette Elem School59.50%
Gary Community School CorpGlen Park Acad for Excel in Lrn65.50%
Gary Community School CorpDaniel Hale Williams Elem Sch93.80%
Griffith Public SchoolsBeiriger Elementary School91.30%
Griffith Public SchoolsEldon Ready Elementary School73.10%
Griffith Public SchoolsElsie Wadsworth Elem Sch83.00%
School City of HammondJoseph Hess Elementary School71.30%
School City of HammondColumbia Elementary School80.00%
School City of HammondThomas A Edison Elem Sch82.80%
School City of HammondBenjamin Franklin Elem Sch80.30%
School City of HammondWarren G Harding Elem Sch74.80%
School City of HammondWashington Irving Elem Sch76.50%
School City of HammondThomas Jefferson Elem Sch68.30%
School City of HammondKenwood Elementary School66.70%
School City of HammondLafayette Elementary School72.20%
School City of HammondAbraham Lincoln Elem Sch78.20%
School City of HammondMaywood Elementary School70.40%
School City of HammondMorton Elementary School67.00%
School City of HammondLew Wallace Elementary School78.10%
School City of HammondFrank O'Bannon Elementary School68.20%
School Town of HighlandJudith Morton Johnston Elem90.00%
School Town of HighlandMildred Merkley Elem School83.70%
School Town of HighlandSouthridge Elementary School92.50%
School Town of HighlandAllen J Warren Elem Sch87.20%
School City of HobartLiberty Elementary School90.70%
School City of HobartRidge View Elementary School71.40%
School City of HobartJoan Martin Elementary School90.10%
School Town of MunsterJames B Eads Elementary Sch88.80%
School Town of MunsterErnest R Elliott Elem Sch97.60%
School Town of MunsterFrank H Hammond Elem Sch92.10%
Whiting School CityNathan Hale Elementary School94.70%
New Prairie United School CorpPrairie View Elementary Sch100.00%
New Prairie United School CorpRolling Prairie Elem Sch92.50%
New Prairie United School CorpOlive Township Elem Sch96.30%
M S D of New Durham TownshipWestville Elementary School94.60%
Tri-Township Cons School CorpWanatah School89.70%
Michigan City Area SchoolsCoolspring Elementary School71.10%
Michigan City Area SchoolsSpringfield Elementary School85.00%
Michigan City Area SchoolsEdgewood Elementary School84.60%
Michigan City Area SchoolsLake Hills Elementary School87.50%
Michigan City Area SchoolsJoy Elementary School85.10%
Michigan City Area SchoolsKnapp Elementary School77.30%
Michigan City Area SchoolsMarsh Elementary School82.20%
Michigan City Area SchoolsPine Elementary School77.80%
South Central Com School CorpSouth Central Elem School89.70%
LaPorte Community School CorpIndian Trail Elem Sch97.90%
LaPorte Community School CorpKingsford Heights Elem Sch100.00%
LaPorte Community School CorpKingsbury Elementary School90.80%
LaPorte Community School CorpHailmann Elementary School93.30%
LaPorte Community School CorpF Willard Crichfield Elem Sch100.00%
LaPorte Community School CorpLincoln Elementary School79.10%
LaPorte Community School CorpRiley Elementary School95.10%
LaPorte Community School CorpHandley Elementary School93.80%
North Lawrence Com SchoolsFayetteville Elementary Sch93.50%
North Lawrence Com SchoolsNeedmore Elementary School88.20%
North Lawrence Com SchoolsSpringville Elementary School86.50%
North Lawrence Com SchoolsHeltonville Elementary School92.30%
North Lawrence Com SchoolsDollens Elementary School70.60%
North Lawrence Com SchoolsShawswick Elementary School88.90%
North Lawrence Com SchoolsLincoln Elementary School76.50%
North Lawrence Com SchoolsStalker Elementary School86.40%
North Lawrence Com SchoolsParkview Intermediate School87.40%
Mitchell Community SchoolsBurris Elementary School91.50%
Frankton-Lapel Community SchsFrankton Elementary School87.60%
Frankton-Lapel Community SchsLapel Elementary School85.70%
South Madison Com Sch CorpEast Elementary School87.30%
South Madison Com Sch CorpPendleton Elementary School91.60%
South Madison Com Sch CorpMaple Ridge Elementary Sch88.00%
Alexandria Com School CorpAlexandria-Monroe Intermediate88.80%
Anderson Community School CorpEdgewood Elementary School86.80%
Anderson Community School CorpTenth Street Elementary Sch87.90%
Anderson Community School CorpValley Grove Elementary Sch84.10%
Anderson Community School CorpEastside Elementary School75.00%
Anderson Community School CorpAnderson Elementary School75.20%
Anderson Community School CorpErskine Elementary School73.30%
Elwood Community School CorpElwood Intermediate School72.60%
M S D Decatur TownshipGold Academy71.90%
M S D Decatur TownshipBlue Academy79.60%
M S D Decatur TownshipStephen Decatur Elem Sch70.00%
M S D Decatur TownshipValley Mills Elementary Sch73.80%
M S D Decatur TownshipWest Newton Elementary School72.30%
Franklin Township Com Sch CorpSouth Creek Elementary91.90%
Franklin Township Com Sch CorpThompson Crossing Elementary Schl97.00%
Franklin Township Com Sch CorpMary Adams Elem Sch93.80%
Franklin Township Com Sch CorpArlington Elementary School92.90%
Franklin Township Com Sch CorpLillie Idella Kitley Elementary95.80%
Franklin Township Com Sch CorpBunker Hill Elementary School93.30%
M S D Lawrence TownshipBrook Park Elementary School67.00%
M S D Lawrence TownshipMary Evelyn Castle Elem Sch88.30%
M S D Lawrence TownshipCrestview Elementary School81.50%
M S D Lawrence TownshipAmy Beverland Elementary89.40%
M S D Lawrence TownshipHarrison Hill Elem Sch60.60%
M S D Lawrence TownshipIndian Creek Elem Sch85.80%
M S D Lawrence TownshipForest Glen Elem Sch67.00%
M S D Lawrence TownshipWinding Ridge Elementary School69.40%
M S D Lawrence TownshipOaklandon Elementary School78.40%
M S D Lawrence TownshipSkiles Test Elementary School68.40%
M S D Lawrence TownshipSunnyside Elementary Sch66.90%
Perry Township SchoolsWilliam Henry Burkhart Elem74.70%
Perry Township SchoolsMary Bryan Elementary Sch92.20%
Perry Township SchoolsClinton Young Elem Sch70.50%
Perry Township SchoolsGlenns Valley Elem Sch85.90%
Perry Township SchoolsAbraham Lincoln Elem Sch70.60%
Perry Township SchoolsDouglas MacArthur Elem School90.90%
Perry Township SchoolsHomecroft Elementary School69.70%
Perry Township SchoolsSouthport Elementary School70.70%
Perry Township SchoolsWinchester Village Elementary68.30%
Perry Township SchoolsJeremiah Gray-Edison Elem86.90%
Perry Township SchoolsRosa Parks-Edison Elem86.90%
M S D Pike TownshipFishback Creek Public Aca80.00%
M S D Pike TownshipDeer Run Elementary75.80%
M S D Pike TownshipCollege Park Elem Sch79.70%
M S D Pike TownshipCentral Elementary School73.60%
M S D Pike TownshipEagle Creek Elementary School91.00%
M S D Pike TownshipEastbrook Elementary School74.30%
M S D Pike TownshipGuion Creek Elementary School85.40%
M S D Pike TownshipSnacks Crossing Elem Sch69.70%
M S D Pike TownshipNew Augusta Pub Aca-South82.80%
M S D Warren TownshipEastridge Elementary School82.60%
M S D Warren TownshipHawthorne Elementary School86.40%
M S D Warren TownshipGrassy Creek Elementary Sch79.30%
M S D Warren TownshipLakeside Elementary School73.90%
M S D Warren TownshipLowell Elementary School88.50%
M S D Warren TownshipPleasant Run Elementary Sch71.60%
M S D Warren TownshipSunny Heights Elementary Sch72.20%
M S D Warren TownshipBrookview Elementary School85.40%
M S D Warren TownshipLiberty Park Elementary Sch84.40%
M S D Washington TownshipAllisonville Elementary Sch92.90%
M S D Washington TownshipCrooked Creek Elementary Sch94.70%
M S D Washington TownshipGreenbriar Elementary School75.70%
M S D Washington TownshipJohn Strange Elementary Sch89.70%
M S D Washington TownshipNora Elementary School69.60%
M S D Washington TownshipSpring Mill Elementary School80.30%
M S D Washington TownshipFox Hill Elementary Sch70.80%
M S D Wayne TownshipMaplewood Elementary School62.20%
M S D Wayne TownshipChapel Glen Elementary School79.50%
M S D Wayne TownshipGarden City Elementary School65.90%
M S D Wayne TownshipMcClelland Elementary School81.40%
M S D Wayne TownshipRhoades Elementary School65.50%
M S D Wayne TownshipRobey Elementary School89.90%
M S D Wayne TownshipNorth Wayne Elem School75.90%
M S D Wayne TownshipStout Field Elementary School69.60%
M S D Wayne TownshipSanders School***
M S D Wayne TownshipWestlake Elementary School73.20%
M S D Wayne TownshipChapelwood Elementary School74.80%
M S D Wayne TownshipBridgeport Elementary School86.90%
Beech Grove City SchoolsCentral Elementary School74.10%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsCold Spring School62.00%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsWashington Irving School 1461.00%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsThomas D Gregg School 1530.30%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsKey Learning Community Elem Sch65.90%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsJames A Garfield Sch 3155.10%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsEleanor Skillen School 3450.00%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsWilliam McKinley School 3967.10%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsElder W Diggs School 4250.00%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsJames Whitcomb Riley Sch 4331.40%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsRiverside School 4449.10%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsDaniel Webster School 4665.10%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsLouis B Russell Jr School 4852.60%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsWilliam Penn School 4950.40%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsJames Russell Lowell School 5140.00%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsBrookside School 5429.70%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsEliza A Blaker School 5565.60%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsFrancis W Parker School 5652.80%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsGeorge W Julian School 5774.40%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsRalph Waldo Emerson School 5852.30%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsWilliam A Bell Sch 60 Reggio Acad70.60%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsWendell Phillips School 6334.70%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsRaymond F Brandes School 6558.50%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsStephen Collins Foster Sch 6760.20%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsJoyce Kilmer School 6926.40%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsMary E Nicholson School 7061.90%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsTheodore Potter School 7477.10%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsMerle Sidener Gifted Academy96.00%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsCarl Wilde School 7950.00%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsChristian Park School 8259.70%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsFloro Torrence School 8336.40%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsGeorge W Carver School 8778.40%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsAnna Brochhausen School 8851.70%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsErnie Pyle School 9067.40%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsRousseau Mc Clellan 9172.10%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsGeorge H Fisher School 9346.20%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsMeredith Nicholson School 9650.00%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsFrancis Scott Key School 10325.00%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsCharles W Fairbanks Sch 10551.90%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsRobert Lee Frost School 10652.60%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsLew Wallace School 10739.40%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsJonathan Jennings School 10968.90%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsPaul I Miller School 11466.70%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsGeorge S Buck Elementary School60.70%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsArlington Woods Elementary School47.40%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsCenter For Inquiry88.10%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsCenter for Inquiry II94.00%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsClarence Farrington School 6144.30%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsCenter for Inquiry III68.80%
Indianapolis Public SchoolsFrederick Douglass School 1956.30%
Southside Sp Srvs Of Marion CoRISE Learning Center***
School Town of SpeedwayJames A Allison Elem School 3100.00%
School Town of SpeedwayCarl G Fisher Elem School 194.10%
School Town of SpeedwayArthur C Newby Elem School 288.90%
School Town of SpeedwayFrank H Wheeler Elem School 489.10%
Culver Community Schools CorpCulver Elementary School90.00%
Argos Community SchoolsArgos Community Elementary95.70%
Bremen Public SchoolsBremen Elem/Middle School91.80%
Plymouth Community School CorpMenominee Elementary School90.80%
Plymouth Community School CorpJefferson Elementary School96.20%
Plymouth Community School CorpWashington Discovery Academy88.30%
Plymouth Community School CorpWebster Elementary School92.70%
Triton School CorporationTriton Elementary School98.50%
Shoals Community School CorpShoals Community Elem School79.60%
Loogootee Community Sch CorpLoogootee Elementary School90.50%
Maconaquah School CorpMaconaquah Elementary School90.10%
North Miami Community SchoolsNorth Miami Elem School77.60%
Oak Hill United School CorpSweetser Elementary School95.10%
Peru Community SchoolsBlair Pointe Upper Elementary92.60%
Richland-Bean Blossom C S CStinesville Elementary School91.90%
Richland-Bean Blossom C S CEdgewood Intermediate School92.50%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpUnionville Elementary School96.80%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpLakeview Elementary School85.10%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpGrandview Elementary School82.00%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpHighland Park Elem Sch80.40%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpSummit Elementary School78.20%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpBinford Elementary School87.80%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpArlington Heights Elem Sch81.80%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpChilds Elementary School95.90%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpClear Creek Elementary School82.20%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpFairview Elementary School60.50%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpMarlin Elementary School100.00%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpTempleton Elementary School88.00%
Monroe County Com Sch CorpUniversity Elementary School83.80%
North Montgomery Com Sch CorpPleasant Hill Elementary School86.70%
North Montgomery Com Sch CorpLester B Sommer Elem Sch74.30%
North Montgomery Com Sch CorpSugar Creek Elem Sch78.60%
South Montgomery Com Sch CorpLadoga Elementary School84.00%
South Montgomery Com Sch CorpWalnut Elementary School100.00%
South Montgomery Com Sch CorpNew Market Elementary School91.50%
Crawfordsville Com SchoolsMeredith Nicholson Elem Sch81.50%
Monroe-Gregg School DistrictMonrovia Elementary School89.20%
Eminence Community School CorpEminence Elementary School95.00%
M S D Martinsville SchoolsGreen Township Elem Sch94.30%
M S D Martinsville SchoolsBrooklyn Elementary School97.10%
M S D Martinsville SchoolsCenterton Elementary School100.00%
M S D Martinsville SchoolsSouth Elementary Sch87.00%
M S D Martinsville SchoolsCharles L Smith Elem School87.50%
M S D Martinsville SchoolsParagon Elementary School100.00%
M S D Martinsville SchoolsPoston Road Elementary School92.30%
M S D Martinsville SchoolsCentral Elementary School92.30%
Mooresville Con School CorpNeil Armstrong Elem Sch89.10%
Mooresville Con School CorpNewby Memorial Elem Sch92.00%
Mooresville Con School CorpNorth Madison Elem Sch90.20%
Mooresville Con School CorpNorthwood Elementary School86.30%
Mooresville Con School CorpWaverly Elementary School97.10%
North Newton School CorpMorocco Elementary School84.00%
North Newton School CorpLake Village Elementary Sch95.80%
North Newton School CorpLincoln Elementary School72.10%
South Newton School CorpSouth Newton Elementary Sch92.20%
Central Noble Com School CorpWolf Lake Elementary School81.80%
Central Noble Com School CorpAlbion Elementary School98.00%
East Noble School CorpAvilla Elementary School84.90%
East Noble School CorpRome City Elementary School90.00%
East Noble School CorpNorth Side Elementary School81.10%
East Noble School CorpSouth Side Elementary School84.80%
East Noble School CorpWayne Center Elem Sch83.30%
West Noble School CorporationWest Noble Elementary School88.60%
Rising Sun-Ohio Co ComOhio County Elem-Middle Sch88.40%
Orleans Community SchoolsOrleans Elementary School89.90%
Paoli Community School CorpThroop Elementary School86.00%
Springs Valley Com School CorpSprings Valley Elem Sch85.90%
Spencer-Owen Community SchoolsPatricksburg Elementary Sch85.00%
Spencer-Owen Community SchoolsGosport Elementary School81.80%
Spencer-Owen Community SchoolsSpencer Elementary School67.50%
Spencer-Owen Community SchoolsMcCormick's Creek Elem Sch100.00%
Southwest Parke Com Sch CorpRosedale Elementary School97.40%
Southwest Parke Com Sch CorpMontezuma Elementary School78.10%
Perry Central Com Schools CorpPerry Central Elem School92.40%
Cannelton City SchoolsCannelton Elem & High School88.20%
Tell City-Troy Twp School CorpWilliam Tell Elementary School95.40%
North Central Parke Comm Schl CorpRockville Elementary School91.40%
North Central Parke Comm Schl CorpTurkey Run Elementary School97.60%
Pike County School CorpOtwell Elementary School96.20%
Pike County School CorpWinslow Elementary School84.80%
Pike County School CorpPetersburg Elementary School85.10%
M S D Boone TownshipHebron Elementary School87.20%
Duneland School CorporationJackson Elementary School94.10%
Duneland School CorporationBrummitt Elementary School96.70%
Duneland School CorporationLiberty Elementary School91.40%
Duneland School CorporationBailly Elementary School91.10%
Duneland School CorporationNewton Yost Elementary School92.40%
East Porter County School CorpMorgan Township Elementary School98.00%
East Porter County School CorpKouts Elementary School95.00%
East Porter County School CorpWashington Twp Elementary School93.80%
Porter Township School CorpPorter Lakes Elementary School97.80%
Union Township School CorpUnion Center Elementary Sch98.30%
Union Township School CorpJohn Simatovich Elem Sch87.90%
Portage Township SchoolsWallace Aylesworth Elementary80.00%
Portage Township SchoolsCrisman Elementary School86.50%
Portage Township SchoolsCentral Elementary School81.80%
Portage Township SchoolsEthel R Jones Elem Sch92.20%
Portage Township SchoolsRowena Kyle Elementary School90.50%
Portage Township SchoolsPaul Saylor Elementary School84.40%
Portage Township SchoolsGeorge L Myers Elem Sch93.00%
Portage Township SchoolsSouth Haven Elementary School77.80%
Valparaiso Community SchoolsThomas Jefferson Elem Sch94.60%
Valparaiso Community SchoolsCentral Elementary School93.80%
Valparaiso Community SchoolsFlint Lake Elementary Sch91.10%
Valparaiso Community SchoolsCooks Corners Elementary School97.60%
Valparaiso Community SchoolsHayes Leonard Elementary Sch92.80%
Valparaiso Community SchoolsMemorial Elementary School94.60%
Valparaiso Community SchoolsNorthview Elementary School98.00%
Valparaiso Community SchoolsParkview Elementary School92.90%
M S D Mount VernonWest Elementary School91.00%
M S D Mount VernonFarmersville Elementary Sch94.60%
M S D Mount VernonMarrs Elementary School96.30%
M S D North Posey Co SchoolsNorth Elementary School98.20%
M S D North Posey Co SchoolsSouth Terrace Elem Sch100.00%
Eastern Pulaski Com Sch CorpEastern Pulaski Elem Sch75.00%
West Central School CorpWest Central Elem Sch89.60%
South Putnam Community SchoolsCentral Elementary School82.30%
South Putnam Community SchoolsFillmore Elementary School85.70%
North Putnam Community SchoolsBainbridge Elementary School89.00%
North Putnam Community SchoolsRoachdale Elementary School89.70%
Cloverdale Community SchoolsCloverdale Elementary School92.20%
Greencastle Community Sch CorpTzouanakis Intermediate Sch83.00%
Union School CorporationUnion Elementary School87.50%
Randolph Southern School CorpRandolph Southern Elem Sch90.00%
Monroe Central School CorpMonroe Central Elem School90.80%
Randolph Central School CorpWillard Elem School87.50%
Randolph Central School CorpDeerfield Elementary School90.70%
Randolph Eastern School CorpNorth Side Elementary School87.90%
South Ripley Com Sch CorpSouth Ripley Elementary School90.40%
Batesville Community Sch CorpBatesville Intermediate School88.50%
Jac-Cen-Del Community Sch CorpJac-Cen-Del Elementary89.80%
Milan Community SchoolsMilan Elementary School96.20%
Rush County SchoolsMilroy Elementary School96.80%
Rush County SchoolsMays Elementary School100.00%
Rush County SchoolsArlington Elementary School85.30%
Rush County SchoolsRushville Elementary School East75.60%
Rush County SchoolsRushville Elementary School West84.20%
John Glenn School CorporationNorth Liberty School90.30%
John Glenn School CorporationWalkerton Elementary School85.20%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpWalt Disney Elementary School86.80%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpPrairie Vista100.00%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpMary Frank Harris Elementary Sch96.10%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpMadison Elementary School84.20%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpElm Road Elementary School79.80%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpElsie Rogers Elem Sch95.10%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpMoran Elementary School86.40%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpBittersweet Elementary School81.40%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpHorizon Elem Sch96.00%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpMeadow's Edge Elementary Sch90.60%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch CorpNorthpoint Elementary Sch99.00%
School City of MishawakaFred J Hums Elementary School78.40%
School City of MishawakaBattell Elementary School72.50%
School City of MishawakaBeiger Elementary School72.40%
School City of MishawakaLiberty Elementary School90.90%
School City of MishawakaEmmons Elementary School66.00%
School City of MishawakaLasalle Elementary School68.30%
School City of MishawakaTwin Branch Elementary School89.10%
South Bend Community Sch CorpHay Primary Center75.90%
South Bend Community Sch CorpWarren Primary Center69.20%
South Bend Community Sch CorpDarden Primary Center72.90%
South Bend Community Sch CorpSwanson Primary Center65.30%
South Bend Community Sch CorpBrown Intermediate Center***
South Bend Community Sch CorpCoquillard Primary Center57.80%
South Bend Community Sch CorpHarrison Primary Center52.40%
South Bend Community Sch CorpHamilton Traditional School91.70%
South Bend Community Sch CorpKennedy Primary Academy85.60%
South Bend Community Sch CorpLincoln Primary Center54.30%
South Bend Community Sch CorpMcKinley Primary Center67.10%
South Bend Community Sch CorpMadison Primary Center46.30%
South Bend Community Sch CorpMarquette Montessori Academy64.10%
South Bend Community Sch CorpMonroe Primary Center50.60%
South Bend Community Sch CorpWilson Primary Center53.20%
South Bend Community Sch CorpMuessel Primary Center51.90%
South Bend Community Sch CorpNuner Primary Center66.30%
South Bend Community Sch CorpPerley Fine Arts Academy61.00%
South Bend Community Sch CorpTarkington Traditional Center84.80%
Union-North United School CorpLaVille Elementary School89.50%
Scott County School District 1Austin Elementary School75.60%
Scott County School District 2Johnson Elementary School81.30%
Scott County School District 2Lexington Elementary School90.30%
Scott County School District 2Scottsburg Elem School77.90%
Scott County School District 2Vienna-Finley Elem Sch86.50%
Shelby Eastern SchoolsMorristown Elementary School79.10%
Shelby Eastern SchoolsWaldron Elementary School100.00%
Northwestern Con School CorpTriton Central Elementary School96.90%
Southwestern Con Sch Shelby CoSouthwestern Elementary Sch95.20%
Shelbyville Central SchoolsCoulston Elementary School87.80%
Shelbyville Central SchoolsThomas A Hendricks Elem Sch89.50%
Shelbyville Central SchoolsWilliam F Loper Elem Sch92.60%
North Spencer County Sch CorpChrisney Elementary School95.80%
North Spencer County Sch CorpDavid Turnham Edl Ctr81.60%
North Spencer County Sch CorpNancy Hanks Elementary Sch91.70%
North Spencer County Sch CorpLincoln Trail Elementary Sch94.90%
South Spencer County Sch CorpLuce Elementary School86.80%
South Spencer County Sch CorpRockport-Ohio Elem Sch92.70%
Oregon-Davis School CorpOregon-Davis Elementary Sch83.30%
North Judson-San Pierre Sch CorpNorth Judson-San Pierre Elem Sch81.90%
Knox Community School CorpKnox Community Elementary School78.50%
Fremont Community SchoolsFremont Elementary School85.20%
Hamilton Community SchoolsHamilton Community Elem Sch96.60%
M S D Steuben CountyCarlin Park Elementary School79.70%
M S D Steuben CountyRyan Park Elementary Sch92.20%
M S D Steuben CountyHendry Park Elementary School80.30%
M S D Steuben CountyPleasant Lake Elem Sch87.50%
Northeast School CorpNortheast North Elementary School98.10%
Northeast School CorpNortheast East Elementary School82.60%
Southwest School CorpCarlisle Elem and Junior High78.80%
Southwest School CorpSullivan Elementary School86.50%
Switzerland County School CorpJefferson-Craig Elem Sch86.50%
Switzerland County School CorpSwitzerland Co Elem Sch83.30%
Lafayette School CorporationEdgelea Elementary School96.00%
Lafayette School CorporationGlen Acres Elementary School91.80%
Lafayette School CorporationMiami Elementary School83.20%
Lafayette School CorporationThomas Miller Elementary Sch68.70%
Lafayette School CorporationMurdock Elementary School91.80%
Lafayette School CorporationVinton Elementary School83.00%
Lafayette School CorporationAmelia Earhart Elem Sch91.40%
Tippecanoe School CorpMayflower Mill Elem Sch75.30%
Tippecanoe School CorpWyandotte Elementary91.80%
Tippecanoe School CorpHershey Elementary School93.30%
Tippecanoe School CorpMintonye Elementary School98.40%
Tippecanoe School CorpDayton Elementary School80.00%
Tippecanoe School CorpBurnett Creek Elementary School89.60%
Tippecanoe School CorpWea Ridge Elementary School77.90%
Tippecanoe School CorpBattle Ground Elem Sch88.50%
Tippecanoe School CorpJames Cole Elementary School97.80%
Tippecanoe School CorpKlondike Elementary School83.70%
Tippecanoe School CorpWoodland Elementary School79.20%
West Lafayette Com School CorpCumberland Elementary School92.50%
Tri-Central Community SchoolsTri Central Elementary82.70%
Tipton Community School CorpTipton Elementary School97.70%
Union Co/Clg Corner Joint Sch DistLiberty Elementary School96.70%
Union Co/Clg Corner Joint Sch DistCollege Corner Union Elem Sch88.00%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpCynthia Heights Elem Sch84.00%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpScott Elementary School87.40%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpOak Hill Elementary93.00%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpLincoln School78.10%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpCaze Elementary School57.50%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpCedar Hall Community School56.00%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpAcademy for Innovative Studies***
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpDelaware Elementary School72.80%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpDexter Elementary School71.60%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpFairlawn Elementary School84.10%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpGlenwood Leadership Academy42.50%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpHarper Elementary School82.80%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpHebron Elementary School85.70%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpStockwell Elementary School78.70%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpHighland Elementary School91.70%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpLodge Community School57.40%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpEvans School66.20%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpStringtown Elementary School80.90%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpTekoppel Elementary School75.00%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpVogel Elementary School89.90%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpDaniel Wertz Elementary Sch83.30%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch CorpWest Terrace Elementary Sch94.60%
North Vermillion Com Sch CorpNorth Vermillion Elem Sch91.80%
South Vermillion Com Sch CorpCentral Elementary School81.10%
South Vermillion Com Sch CorpErnie Pyle Elementary School81.60%
South Vermillion Com Sch CorpVan Duyn Elementary School93.90%
Vigo County School CorpSugar Creek Consolidated Elem Sch88.00%
Vigo County School CorpDavis Park Elementary School70.70%
Vigo County School CorpDeming Elementary School60.40%
Vigo County School CorpAdelaide De Vaney Elem Sch89.60%
Vigo County School CorpDixie Bee Elementary School93.70%
Vigo County School CorpFarrington Grove Elem Sch83.30%
Vigo County School CorpFayette Elementary School90.90%
Vigo County School CorpRio Grande Elementary School95.00%
Vigo County School CorpBenjamin Franklin Elem School65.80%
Vigo County School CorpBlanche E Fuqua Elem Sch72.30%
Vigo County School CorpHoosier Prairie Elem School83.60%
Vigo County School CorpLost Creek Elementary School90.00%
Vigo County School CorpMeadows Elementary School82.60%
Vigo County School CorpOuabache Elementary School84.90%
Vigo County School CorpRiley Elementary School91.80%
Vigo County School CorpSugar Grove Elementary School88.20%
Vigo County School CorpTerre Town Elementary School89.60%
Vigo County School CorpWest Vigo Elementary School82.10%
Manchester Community SchoolsManchester Elem School92.50%
M S D Wabash County SchoolsSouthwood Elementary School87.00%
M S D Wabash County SchoolsMetro North Elementary School94.00%
Wabash City SchoolsO J Neighbours Elem Sch92.30%
M S D Warren CountyWilliamsport Elementary Sch95.70%
M S D Warren CountyPine Village Elementary Sch100.00%
M S D Warren CountyWarren Central Elem Sch88.60%
Warrick County School CorpYankeetown Elementary School95.00%
Warrick County School CorpJohn H Castle Elementary Sch97.30%
Warrick County School CorpElberfeld Elementary School96.90%
Warrick County School CorpLynnville Elementary School91.90%
Warrick County School CorpLoge Elementary School93.10%
Warrick County School CorpTennyson Elementary School***
Warrick County School CorpOakdale Elementary School89.50%
Warrick County School CorpChandler Elementary School92.80%
Warrick County School CorpNewburgh Elementary School90.80%
Warrick County School CorpSharon Elementary School94.40%
Salem Community SchoolsBradie Shrum Elementary75.70%
East Washington School CorpEast Washington Elem Sch87.20%
West Washington School CorpWest Washington Elem Sch94.40%
Nettle Creek School CorpHagerstown Elementary School79.80%
Western Wayne SchoolsWestern Wayne Elem Sch87.90%
Centerville-Abington Com SchsCenterville-Abington Elem School96.40%
Northeastern Wayne SchoolsNortheastern Elementary Sch87.00%
Richmond Community SchoolsCharles Elementary School90.40%
Richmond Community SchoolsCrestdale Elementary School68.10%
Richmond Community SchoolsFairview Elementary School82.40%
Richmond Community SchoolsElizabeth Starr Acad for Young Ent69.80%
Richmond Community SchoolsVaile Elementary School60.30%
Richmond Community SchoolsWestview Elementary School95.70%
Richmond Community SchoolsCommunity Youth Services***
Southern Wells Com SchoolsSouthern Wells Elem Sch89.80%
Northern Wells Com SchoolsOssian Elementary92.50%
Northern Wells Com SchoolsLancaster Central School86.60%
M S D Bluffton-HarrisonBluffton-Harrison Elem Sch87.30%
North White School CorpNorth White Primary School98.30%
Frontier School CorporationFrontier Elementary86.00%
Tri-County School CorpTri-County Intermediate School93.20%
Twin Lakes School CorpEastlawn Elementary School87.00%
Twin Lakes School CorpOaklawn Elementary School76.40%
Twin Lakes School CorpMeadowlawn Elementary School80.00%
Smith-Green Community SchoolsChurubusco Elementary School82.80%
Whitley Co Cons SchoolsLittle Turtle Elementary School87.60%
Whitley Co Cons SchoolsCoesse School87.50%
Whitley Co Cons SchoolsNorthern Heights Elementary Sch96.80%
Whitley Co Cons SchoolsMary Raber Elementary School84.80%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSt Bartholomew School94.40%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Paul School100.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Anthony School96.20%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSacred Heart School96.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Nicholas School94.70%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Paul Catholic School***
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Mary School100.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Lawrence School90.90%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Mary School96.40%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSt Gabriel Parochial School95.70%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisHoly Family School97.60%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisOur Lady Of Perpetual School97.90%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSt Mary of-the-Knobs Catholic Sch100.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Michael School100.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Michael School94.10%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Joseph School90.90%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Malachy School88.50%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Susanna School100.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Ambrose School100.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisPope John XXIII School81.30%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Mary School100.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSt Rose of Lima Sch100.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisOur Lady Of Greenwood School88.60%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSS Francis and Clare Catholic Schl91.10%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Vincent DePaul School95.20%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisNativity School97.10%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Lawrence School75.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Barnabas School97.50%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Jude Elementary School98.30%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Mark School91.30%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Roch School96.70%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisHoly Spirit School95.30%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Luke School98.70%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Matthew School95.70%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Monica School87.80%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Pius X School98.10%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisHoly Name School82.90%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisChrist The King School100.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisHoly Angels Catholic Sch61.50%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisHoly Cross Central School80.80%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisImmaculate Heart of Mary School100.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisOur Lady Of Lourdes School88.90%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisCentral Catholic School61.90%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Joan Of Arc School93.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSt Michael The Archangel School77.30%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Philip Neri School69.20%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Simon The Apostle School100.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSt Therese Little Flower School87.10%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Thomas Aquinas School96.20%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Christopher School95.70%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Charles Boromeo School88.10%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Louis School90.00%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Mary Elementary School91.70%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Joseph School88.90%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSaint Patrick School85.70%
Archdiocese of IndianapolisSt Elizabeth Ann Seton E & W95.60%
Diocese of GaryAquinas School at St Andrew's92.30%
Diocese of GarySaint Michael School97.00%
Diocese of GarySaint John Evangelist School94.60%
Diocese of GarySaint Mary Catholic Comm School93.20%
Diocese of GarySt Stanislaus School95.00%
Diocese of GarySaint Mary School89.70%
Diocese of GarySaint Casimir School72.90%
Diocese of GarySaint John Bosco School96.20%
Diocese of GarySaint John The Baptist School100.00%
Diocese of GaryOur Lady Of Grace School100.00%
Diocese of GarySaint Thomas More School98.10%
Diocese of GaryNotre Dame Elementary School93.30%
Diocese of GaryQueen Of All Saints School68.80%
Diocese of GarySaint Patrick School100.00%
Diocese of GaryNativity of Our Savior School95.80%
Diocese of GarySaint Paul Catholic School97.80%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSacred Heart School***
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchAll Saints Catholic School76.90%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSaint Lawrence School100.00%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSaint Mary School***
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSaint Paul Parish School100.00%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchOur Lady Of Mt Carmel School100.00%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSaint Maria Goretti Sch100.00%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSaint Louis de Montfort School100.00%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchOur Lady of Grace School98.00%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSts Joan of Arc & Patrick School97.30%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSaint Augustine School100.00%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSaint Mary School86.70%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSaint Ambrose School100.00%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSaint Mary School80.00%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSaint Lawrence Elementary School96.00%
Diocese of Lafayette Catholic SchSaint Mary Cathedral School97.40%
Diocese of EvansvilleWashington Catholic Elem School85.70%
Diocese of EvansvilleHoly Family School91.70%
Diocese of EvansvillePrecious Blood School96.30%
Diocese of EvansvilleSt Joseph School86.40%
Diocese of EvansvilleHoly Cross School100.00%
Diocese of EvansvilleSaint James School100.00%
Diocese of EvansvilleSts Peter & Paul School100.00%
Diocese of EvansvilleFlaget Elementary School100.00%
Diocese of EvansvilleSt Matthew School***
Diocese of EvansvilleSt Philip School95.80%
Diocese of EvansvilleSaint Wendel School93.30%
Diocese of EvansvilleSt Bernard School84.60%
Diocese of EvansvilleAnnuc Cthlc Sch @ Christ the King88.20%
Diocese of EvansvilleCorpus Christi School100.00%
Diocese of EvansvilleGood Shepherd School97.40%
Diocese of EvansvilleHoly Redeemer School100.00%
Diocese of EvansvilleHoly Rosary School100.00%
Diocese of EvansvilleAnnunciation Cthlc at Holy Spirit78.60%
Diocese of EvansvilleWestside Catholic School71.40%
Diocese of EvansvilleSt Benedict Cathedral School97.60%
Diocese of EvansvilleSaint Joseph School94.40%
Diocese of EvansvilleResurrection School95.50%
Diocese of EvansvilleSt Theresa School***
Diocese of EvansvilleSaint John The Baptist School100.00%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Joseph School90.50%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Elizabeth Seton Catholic Sch98.10%
Diocese of Fort WayneMost Precious Blood School95.70%
Diocese of Fort WayneQueen Of Angels School93.30%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Charles Borromeo School95.70%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint John The Baptist School93.30%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Joseph Catholic School71.40%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Jude Elementary School96.50%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Therese School96.20%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Vincent DePaul School92.90%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Aloysius Catholic School90.00%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Rose of Lima School93.30%
Diocese of Fort WayneSt Joseph Hessen Cassel Cath Sch100.00%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint John The Baptist Catholic Sc100.00%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Louis Besancon Catholic Sch***
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Joseph School100.00%
Diocese of Fort WayneSt Thomas The Apostle School100.00%
Diocese of Fort WayneSt Vincent DePaul School93.30%
Diocese of Fort WayneSt John Evangelist School85.70%
Diocese of Fort WayneHuntington Catholic School84.60%
Diocese of Fort WayneSacred Heart School100.00%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Michael School85.70%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Mary Elementary School100.00%
Diocese of Fort WayneSt Pius X Catholic School94.90%
Diocese of Fort WayneMishawaka Catholic School97.40%
Diocese of Fort WayneQueen of Peace School92.30%
Diocese of Fort WayneChrist The King School100.00%
Diocese of Fort WayneCorpus Christi School86.70%
Diocese of Fort WayneHoly Cross School86.20%
Diocese of Fort WayneHoly Family School84.80%
Diocese of Fort WayneOur Lady Of Hungary School63.60%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Adalbert School86.40%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Anthony De Padua School100.00%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint John The Baptist School***
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Joseph School93.90%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Jude Catholic School76.50%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Matthew Cathedral School94.60%
Diocese of Fort WayneSaint Bernard Elementary School***
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSt Peter Immanuel Lutheran Sch***
Lutheran Schools of IndianaWyneken Memorial Lutheran Sch88.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSuburban Bethlehem Lutheran Sch100.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaConcordia Evangelical Lutheran Sch91.90%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaEmmanuel St Michael Lutheran Sch100.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaEmmaus Lutheran School94.40%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaHoly Cross Lutheran School86.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaLutheran South Unity School96.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSaint Paul Lutheran School86.40%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaAscension Lutheran Sch86.70%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSaint Peter's Lutheran School100.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSt John-Emmanuel Lutheran School100.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaCentral Lutheran School100.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaWoodburn Lutheran School90.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaWhite Creek Lutheran School100.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSaint Peter Lutheran School94.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSaint John Lutheran School***
Lutheran Schools of IndianaRedeemer Lutheran School100.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaImmanuel Lutheran School84.20%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaLutheran Central School72.70%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaTrinity Lutheran School78.30%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaTrinity Lutheran School***
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSt Paul's Lutheran School91.70%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSaint John Lutheran School92.90%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaHoly Cross Lutheran School***
Lutheran Schools of IndianaCalvary Lutheran School95.50%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaTrinity Lutheran School95.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSaint John Ev Lutheran School91.70%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaOur Shepherd Lutheran School93.80%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaEmmaus Lutheran School***
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSt John Lutheran School87.50%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaImmanuel Lutheran School100.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSaint Peter Lutheran School75.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSaint James Lutheran School100.00%
Lutheran Schools of IndianaEvansville Lutheran School100.00%
Charter School of the DunesCharter School of the Dunes57.50%
Community Montessori IncCommunity Montessori83.70%
Irvington Community SchoolIrvington Community School81.60%
New Community SchoolNew Community School75.00%
Timothy L Johnson AcademyTimothy L Johnson Academy57.60%
Veritas AcademyVeritas Academy70.60%
Enlace AcademyEnlace Academy68.20%
IN Math & Science Academy - SouthIN Math & Science Academy - South66.70%
Christel House Academy SouthChristel House Academy South84.30%
Tindley Summit AcademyTindley Summit Academy84.60%
Thea Bowman Leadership AcademyThea Bowman Leadership Academy87.90%
Rural Community Schools IncRural Community Academy100.00%
SE Neighborhood Sch of ExcellenceSE Neighborhood Sch of Excellence76.60%
Joshua AcademyJoshua Academy70.30%
Gary Lighthouse Charter SchoolGary Lighthouse Charter School62.30%
21st Century Charter Sch of Gary21st Century Charter Sch of Gary65.50%
East Chicago Urban Enterprise AcadEast Chicago Urban Enterprise Acad94.10%
Indpls Lighthouse Charter SchoolIndpls Lighthouse Charter School65.30%
East Chicago Lighthouse CharterEast Chicago Lighthouse72.50%
IN Sch for the Blind & Vis ImprdIndiana School For The Blind***
Indiana School For The DeafIndiana School For The Deaf78.90%
Andrew J Brown AcademyAndrew J Brown Academy34.70%
Burris Laboratory SchoolBurris Laboratory School97.80%
Challenge Foundation AcademyAvondale Meadows Academy76.60%
Geist Montessori AcademyGeist Montessori Academy73.80%
Paramount School Of Excellence IncParamount School of Excellence88.40%
Aspire Charter AcademyAspire Charter Academy73.80%
Renaissance Academy Charter SchoolRenaissance Academy Charter Schl90.00%
Andrew AcademyAndrew Academy40.90%
Padua AcademyPadua Academy76.90%
Canaan Community AcademyCanaan Community Academy76.50%
Inspire Academy - A Sch of InquiryInspire Academy - A Sch of Inquiry82.60%
Thurgood Marshall Leadership AcadThurgood Marshall Leadership Acad***
Smith Academy for ExcellenceSmith Academy for Excellence***
Indiana Cyber Charter Sch IncIndiana Cyber Charter School66.70%
Indpls Acad of Excel-Chlng Fnd AcaIndpls Acad of Excel-Chlng Fnd Aca37.50%
Indiana Math and Science AcademyIndiana Math & Science Academy82.00%
Anderson Preparatory AcademyAnderson Preparatory Academy71.40%
Dr Robert H Faulkner AcademyDr Robert H Faulkner Academy100.00%
Hoosier Academy - IndianapolisHoosier Academy - Indianapolis93.10%
The Bloomington Project SchoolThe Bloomington Project School94.30%
Xavier School of ExcellenceXavier School of Excellence47.50%
Imagine Life Sciences Acad - WestImagine Ind Life Science West41.30%
Hoosier Acad Virtual CharterHoosier Acad Virtual Charter Sch62.70%
Discovery Charter SchoolDiscovery Charter School92.10%
Rock Creek Community AcademyRock Creek Community Academy80.90%
Indiana Math Science Academy NorthIN Math & Science Acad North78.40%
Indiana Connections AcademyIndiana Connections Academy82.70%
Damar Charter AcademyDamar Charter Academy***
Phalen Ldrshp Acad - IN IncPhalen Ldrshp Acad - IN Inc93.10%
Vision AcademyVision Academy67.70%
Tindley Renaissance AcademyTindley Renaissance Academy73.50%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsBlackhawk Christian Elem Sch95.80%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCornerstone College Prep Sch90.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCentral Christian School81.30%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsAboite Christian School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsHorizon Christian Academy 263.60%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsHorizon Christian Academy 370.80%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsHorizon Christian Academy50.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsColumbus Christian School Inc81.80%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsGood Shepherd Christian Academy***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsLakewood Park Christian Sch96.20%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsHeritage Hall Christian School100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsClinton Christian School100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsElkhart Christian Academy96.40%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsChristian Academy of Indiana93.50%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCovington Christian School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsThe King's Academy80.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsLakeview Christian School Inc81.80%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsEman Schools90.50%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsLegacy Christian School92.90%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsBethesda Christian School100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsTodd Academy Inc***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsKingsway Christian School98.50%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsThe Oaks Academy - Brookside100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsSeymour Christian Academy80.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsDeMotte Christian Sch100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsJay County Christian Academy***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsChristian Academy of Madison76.90%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsWarsaw Christian School81.50%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsMidwest Elite Prep Acad Inc100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsFaith Academy94.70%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsAvicenna Academy***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCrown Point Christian Sch93.90%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsAmbassador Chrisitan Academy88.20%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCalumet Christian School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsTrinity Educational Daycare & Acad***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsMosaic Middle School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsSpirit of God Accelerated School45.50%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsHighland Christian School97.60%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsDoor Prairie Adventist School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsSaint Paul Lutheran School84.20%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsIndiana Christian Academy87.50%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCross Street Christian Sch***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsDelaware Christian Academy***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsLiberty Christian Elementary94.30%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsAnderson Christian School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCurtis Wilson Primary School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsHeritage Christian School93.20%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCornerstone Baptist Academy100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsHorizon Christian School81.30%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsSuburban Christian School89.50%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsSouthport Presbyterian Chrst Sch90.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsTraders Point Christian Academy100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsBurge Terrace Christian School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsIndianapolis Junior Academy70.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsHasten Hebrew Acad Of Indianapolis100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsColonial Christian School90.90%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCrosspointe Christian Academy81.80%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsTrinity Christian School90.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsHorizon Chrstn Sch-Shepherd Campus85.70%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsBaptist Academy91.70%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCalvary Christian School100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsMTI School of Knowledge60.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCapitol City SDA Church School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsTP Schools85.70%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsThe Oaks Academy93.60%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsProject Libertas***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsPinnacle School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsThe Prep School100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsLighthouse Christian Academy100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsClear Creek Christian School100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsTabernacle Christian Schools100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsMooresville Christian Academy96.40%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsGreenwood Christian Academy100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsVictory Christian Academy100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsPortage Christian School83.30%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsNorth Liberty Christian School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCovenant Christian Sch93.80%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsSouth Bend Hebrew Day School94.70%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsNew Vision Christian Academy***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsSouth Bend Jr Academy School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCommunity Baptist Christian Sch91.30%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsGranger Christian School100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsMichiana Christian School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsLafayette Christian School100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsT C Harris School at IDTC LAF***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsFaith Christian School100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsEvansville Christian School98.30%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsEvansville Day School PK-08100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsHoly Cross School***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsRichmond Academy***
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCommunity Christian Sch100.00%
Independent Non-Public SchoolsKingdom Academy of Bluffton Inc***

Source: Indiana Department of Education


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