Sortable Table: Final 2013 IREAD-3 Results For Every Indiana School, Public Or Private

This table shows the percentage of Indiana third graders in each school who passed the IREAD-3 exam in 2013, either in March or after a retake over the summer. Find Indiana school corporations’ pass rates here, in this map and sortable table.

91.1 percent of Indiana third graders passed the exam in 2013. In the average school, 91.9 percent of third graders passed.

Search for an individual school in the table below. Type the name of a corporation into the search box, or use the arrows in the column headers to sort the table.

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Students Tested
Students Passing
Percent Passing
Adams Central Elementary SchAdams Central Community Schools767294.7%
South Adams Elem SchoolSouth Adams Schools968891.7%
Northwest ElementaryNorth Adams Community Schools1129483.9%
Prince Chapman AcademyEast Allen County Schools1248165.3%
Aboite Elementary SchoolM S D Southwest Allen County Schls11811698.3%
Whispering Meadow Elem SchM S D Southwest Allen County Schls726894.4%
Leo Elementary SchoolEast Allen County Schools*********
Lafayette Meadow SchoolM S D Southwest Allen County Schls939197.8%
Haverhill Elementary SchoolM S D Southwest Allen County Schls747297.3%
Arcola SchoolNorthwest Allen County Schools252392.0%
Deer Ridge ElementaryM S D Southwest Allen County Schls747297.3%
Covington Elementary SchoolM S D Southwest Allen County Schls14013092.9%
Hickory Center Elementary SchNorthwest Allen County Schools777496.1%
Huntertown Elementary SchoolNorthwest Allen County Schools877990.8%
Perry Hill Elementary SchoolNorthwest Allen County Schools716895.8%
Oak View Elementary SchNorthwest Allen County Schools858498.8%
Cedar Canyon Elementary SchNorthwest Allen County Schools737095.9%
Eel River Elementary SchoolNorthwest Allen County Schools797696.2%
Jeff H Towles Intermediate SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools635993.7%
Weisser Park Elem SchFort Wayne Community Schools11010191.8%
Fairfield Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools957073.7%
Merle J Abbett Elementary SchFort Wayne Community Schools433069.8%
Thurgood Marshall Leadership AcadThurgood Marshall Leadership Acad11872.7%
Adams Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools443375.0%
Bloomingdale Elementary SchFort Wayne Community Schools433581.4%
Brentwood Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools786785.9%
Fred H Croninger Elem SchFort Wayne Community Schools10210098.0%
Forest Park Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools1028482.4%
Imagine MASTer AcademyImagine MASTer Academy705984.3%
Franke Park Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools998282.8%
Glenwood Park Elementary SchFort Wayne Community Schools847488.1%
J Wilbur Haley Elementary SchFort Wayne Community Schools978284.5%
Harrison Hill Elementary SchFort Wayne Community Schools13011689.2%
Mabel K Holland Elem SchFort Wayne Community Schools867688.4%
Indian Village Elementary SchFort Wayne Community Schools746486.5%
John S Irwin Elementary SchFort Wayne Community Schools524994.2%
Lindley Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools625487.1%
Maplewood Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools736589.0%
Willard Shambaugh Elem SchFort Wayne Community Schools615793.4%
Nebraska Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools272281.5%
Northcrest Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools624674.2%
Francis M Price Elem SchFort Wayne Community Schools887079.5%
Saint Joseph Central SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools898089.9%
Robert C Harris Elem SchFort Wayne Community Schools624979.0%
Levan R Scott AcademyFort Wayne Community Schools433581.4%
South Wayne Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools463473.9%
Imagine Schools on BroadwayImagine MASTer on Broadway594474.6%
Study Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools443988.6%
Washington Elem SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools373697.3%
Washington Center Elem SchFort Wayne Community Schools696188.4%
Lincoln Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools1079790.7%
Waynedale Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools887585.2%
Arlington Elementary SchoolFort Wayne Community Schools938389.2%
Heritage Elementary SchoolEast Allen County Schools695376.8%
Woodlan Primary SchoolEast Allen County Schools666395.5%
Cedarville Elementary SchEast Allen County Schools19118496.3%
Meadowbrook Elementary SchoolEast Allen County Schools16014087.5%
Clifty Creek Elementary SchBartholomew Con School Corp867182.6%
CSA Lincoln CampusBartholomew Con School Corp414097.6%
Mount Healthy Elementary SchBartholomew Con School Corp534890.6%
Parkside Elementary SchoolBartholomew Con School Corp11310693.8%
W D Richards Elementary SchBartholomew Con School Corp837894.0%
Rockcreek Elementary SchoolBartholomew Con School Corp625893.5%
Lillian Schmitt Elem SchoolBartholomew Con School Corp1019089.1%
L F Smith ElementaryBartholomew Con School Corp454497.8%
CSA Fodrea CampusBartholomew Con School Corp494591.8%
Taylorsville Elem SchoolBartholomew Con School Corp776179.2%
Southside Elementary SchoolBartholomew Con School Corp13813194.9%
Hope Elementary SchoolFlat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp7777100.0%
Otterbein Elementary SchoolBenton Community School Corp4545100.0%
Boswell Elementary SchoolBenton Community School Corp232191.3%
Prairie Crossing Elementary SchBenton Community School Corp747195.9%
Montpelier SchoolBlackford County Schools313096.8%
Southside Elementary SchoolBlackford County Schools11210492.9%
Eagle Elementary SchoolZionsville Community Schools7979100.0%
Zionsville Pleasant View Elem SchZionsville Community Schools16216098.8%
Granville Wells Elem SchoolWestern Boone Co Com Sch Dist615691.8%
Nashville Elementary SchoolBrown County School Corporation383284.2%
Perry Worth Elementary SchoolLebanon Community School Corp535298.1%
Thorntown Elementary SchoolWestern Boone Co Com Sch Dist6161100.0%
Union Elementary SchoolZionsville Community Schools929198.9%
Stonegate ElementaryZionsville Community Schools13913597.1%
Central Elementary SchoolLebanon Community School Corp595694.9%
Harney Elementary SchoolLebanon Community School Corp827793.9%
Hattie B Stokes Elementary SchoolLebanon Community School Corp756789.3%
Van Buren Elementary SchoolBrown County School Corporation413790.2%
Helmsburg Elementary SchoolBrown County School Corporation343294.1%
Sprunica Elementary SchoolBrown County School Corporation302996.7%
Carroll ElementaryCarroll Consolidated Sch Corp857689.4%
Delphi Community Elementary SchoolDelphi Community School Corp12211997.5%
Pioneer Elementary SchoolPioneer Regional School Corp777597.4%
Thompson Elementary SchoolSoutheastern School Corp877889.7%
Franklin Elementary SchoolLogansport Community Sch Corp544583.3%
Fairview Elementary SchoolLogansport Community Sch Corp504590.0%
Landis Elementary SchoolLogansport Community Sch Corp1199579.8%
Columbia Elementary SchoolLogansport Community Sch Corp775774.0%
W E Wilson ElementaryGreater Clark County Schools817896.3%
Thomas Jefferson Elem SchGreater Clark County Schools605795.0%
Henryville Elementary SchoolWest Clark Community Schools998585.9%
Rock Creek Community AcademyRock Creek Community Academy2929100.0%
Silver Creek Elementary SchoolWest Clark Community Schools20717283.1%
Northaven Elementary SchoolGreater Clark County Schools716693.0%
Utica Elementary SchoolGreater Clark County Schools817997.5%
New Washington Elem SchoolGreater Clark County Schools5454100.0%
William W Borden Elem SchWest Clark Community Schools504488.0%
Jonathan Jennings Elem SchGreater Clark County Schools867688.4%
Pleasant Ridge Elem SchoolGreater Clark County Schools615895.1%
Clarksville Elementary SchoolClarksville Com School Corp1039895.1%
Bridgepoint Elementary SchoolGreater Clark County Schools655787.7%
Maple Elementary SchoolGreater Clark County Schools493673.5%
Riverside Elementary SchoolGreater Clark County Schools787292.3%
Spring Hill Elementary SchoolGreater Clark County Schools302996.7%
Parkwood Elementary SchoolGreater Clark County Schools947883.0%
Clay City Elementary SchoolClay Community Schools545296.3%
Jackson Township Elem SchoolClay Community Schools474391.5%
Staunton Elementary SchoolClay Community Schools595796.6%
Van Buren Elementary SchoolClay Community Schools514894.1%
East Side Elementary SchoolClay Community Schools383489.5%
Forest Park Elementary SchoolClay Community Schools473880.9%
Meridian Street Elem SchoolClay Community Schools403690.0%
Clinton Central Elem SchoolClinton Central School Corp737197.3%
Clinton Prairie Elem SchoolClinton Prairie School Corp908594.4%
Green Meadows Intermediate ElemCommunity Schools of Frankfort13711281.8%
Suncrest Elementary SchCommunity Schools of Frankfort1108779.1%
Rossville Elementary SchoolRossville Con School District716794.4%
Leavenworth Elementary SchoolCrawford Co Com School Corp252184.0%
Patoka Elementary SchoolCrawford Co Com School Corp2323100.0%
English SchoolCrawford Co Com School Corp171588.2%
Marengo Elementary SchoolCrawford Co Com School Corp2020100.0%
Milltown SchoolCrawford Co Com School Corp252392.0%
Barr Reeve Elementary SchoolBarr-Reeve Com Schools Inc545398.1%
North Daviess Elementary SchoolNorth Daviess Com Schools817795.1%
Lena Dunn Elementary SchoolWashington Com Schools454191.1%
Veale Elementary SchoolWashington Com Schools2323100.0%
North Elementary SchoolWashington Com Schools545296.3%
Helen Griffith Elementary SchoolWashington Com Schools585696.6%
Dillsboro Elementary SchoolSouth Dearborn Com School Corp454395.6%
Manchester Elementary SchoolSouth Dearborn Com School Corp393589.7%
Moores Hill Elementary SchoolSouth Dearborn Com School Corp302893.3%
North Dearborn Elementary SchoolSunman-Dearborn Com Sch Corp12612397.6%
Bright Elementary SchSunman-Dearborn Com Sch Corp868295.3%
Aurora Elementary SchoolSouth Dearborn Com School Corp867890.7%
Central Elementary SchoolLawrenceburg Com School Corp15814692.4%
South Decatur Elementary SchDecatur County Com Schools726387.5%
North Decatur Elementary SchDecatur County Com Schools787292.3%
Greensburg ElementaryGreensburg Community Schools15715598.7%
Butler Elementary SchoolDeKalb Co Eastern Com Sch Dist656193.8%
J E Ober Elementary SchoolGarrett-Keyser-Butler Com12211392.6%
Riverdale Elementary SchoolDeKalb Co Eastern Com Sch Dist333090.9%
Waterloo Elementary SchoolDeKalb Co Ctl United Sch Dist343397.1%
James R Watson Elem SchoolDeKalb Co Ctl United Sch Dist10410096.2%
McKenney-Harrison Elem SchoolDeKalb Co Ctl United Sch Dist959498.9%
Country Meadow Elem SchoolDeKalb Co Ctl United Sch Dist393897.4%
Royerton Elementary SchoolDelaware Community School Corp898797.8%
Selma Elementary SchoolLiberty-Perry Com School Corp706694.3%
Cowan Elementary SchoolCowan Community School Corp656193.8%
Yorktown Elementary SchoolYorktown Community Schools16115395.0%
Daleville Elementary SchoolDaleville Community Schools6767100.0%
Eaton Elementary SchoolDelaware Community School Corp484797.9%
Wes-Del Elementary SchoolWes-Del Community Schools726387.5%
Storer Elementary SchoolMuncie Community Schools413892.7%
Hoosier Academy - MuncieHoosier Academy - Muncie*********
Burris Laboratory SchoolBurris Laboratory School3737100.0%
Grissom Elementary SchoolMuncie Community Schools726590.3%
South View Elementary SchoolMuncie Community Schools837185.5%
Longfellow Elementary SchoolMuncie Community Schools564580.4%
Mitchell Elementary SchoolMuncie Community Schools444090.9%
North View Elementary SchoolMuncie Community Schools545092.6%
Sutton Elementary SchoolMuncie Community Schools614777.0%
East Washington AcademyMuncie Community Schools826984.1%
West View Elementary SchoolMuncie Community Schools545194.4%
Albany Elementary SchoolDelaware Community School Corp514996.1%
Youth Opportunity CenterMuncie Community Schools*********
Holland Elementary SchoolSouthwest Dubois Co Sch Corp282796.4%
Charter School of the DunesCharter School of the Dunes432967.4%
Community MontessoriCommunity Montessori Inc433888.4%
Irvington Community SchoolIrvington Community School757296.0%
New Community SchoolNew Community School363288.9%
Timothy L Johnson AcademyTimothy L Johnson Academy403690.0%
Veritas AcademyVeritas Academy121191.7%
Celestine Elementary SchoolNortheast Dubois Co Sch Corp212095.2%
Pine Ridge Elementary SchoolSoutheast Dubois Co Sch Corp504998.0%
Ireland Elementary SchoolGreater Jasper Con Schs8282100.0%
Dubois Elementary SchoolNortheast Dubois Co Sch Corp545296.3%
Ferdinand Elementary SchoolSoutheast Dubois Co Sch Corp565496.4%
Huntingburg Elementary SchoolSouthwest Dubois Co Sch Corp1029593.1%
Tenth Street SchoolGreater Jasper Con Schs13313097.7%
Cleveland Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools12611490.5%
Millersburg Elementary SchoolFairfield Community Schools413995.1%
Model Elementary SchoolGoshen Community Schools1008484.0%
Waterford Elementary SchoolGoshen Community Schools756384.0%
New Paris Elementary SchoolFairfield Community Schools484797.9%
Benton Elementary SchoolFairfield Community Schools585187.9%
Jefferson Elementary SchoolMiddlebury Community Schools12411391.1%
Osolo Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools867688.4%
Eastwood Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools595491.5%
Feeser Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools736791.8%
Bristol Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools857689.4%
York Elementary SchoolMiddlebury Community Schools655889.2%
Jimtown Intermediate SchoolBaugo Community Schools16415896.3%
Concord East Side Elem SchoolConcord Community Schools767092.1%
Concord Ox-Bow Elementary SchConcord Community Schools908796.7%
Concord South Side Elem SchoolConcord Community Schools907583.3%
Concord West Side Elem SchoolConcord Community Schools857284.7%
Heritage Intermediate SchoolMiddlebury Community Schools*********
Middlebury Elementary SchoolMiddlebury Community Schools726793.1%
Orchard View SchMiddlebury Community Schools878395.4%
Wakarusa Elementary SchoolWa-Nee Community Schools928491.3%
Nappanee Elementary SchoolWa-Nee Community Schools625893.5%
Woodview Elementary SchoolWa-Nee Community Schools717098.6%
Beardsley Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools554989.1%
Beck Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools655076.9%
Daly Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools655686.2%
Hawthorne Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools1519562.9%
Pinewood Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools11110594.6%
Monger Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools584781.0%
Riverview Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools424095.2%
Woodland Elementary SchoolElkhart Community Schools615488.5%
Chamberlain Elementary SchoolGoshen Community Schools725170.8%
Chandler Elementary SchoolGoshen Community Schools807695.0%
Parkside Elementary SchoolGoshen Community Schools746081.1%
Prairie View Elementary SchoolGoshen Community Schools806783.8%
West Goshen Elementary SchoolGoshen Community Schools705984.3%
Everton Elementary SchoolFayette County School Corp403690.0%
Eastview Elementary SchoolFayette County School Corp484185.4%
Frazee Elementary SchoolFayette County School Corp454293.3%
Grandview Elementary SchoolFayette County School Corp483981.3%
Maplewood Elementary SchoolFayette County School Corp453986.7%
Fayette Central ElementaryFayette County School Corp544990.7%
Georgetown Elementary SchoolNew Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch11811698.3%
Slate Run Elementary SchoolNew Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch726387.5%
Fairmont Elementary SchoolNew Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch696391.3%
Greenville Elementary SchoolNew Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch817795.1%
Grant Line SchoolNew Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch1059792.4%
Green Valley Elementary SchNew Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch676292.5%
Floyds Knobs Elementary SchoolNew Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch13012999.2%
Mount Tabor SchoolNew Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch13212191.7%
S Ellen Jones Elementary SchNew Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch554785.5%
Covington Elementary SchoolCovington Community Sch Corp817693.8%
Southeast Fountain ElementarySoutheast Fountain School Corp878496.6%
Attica Elementary SchoolAttica Consolidated Sch Corp514792.2%
Laurel SchoolFranklin County Com Sch Corp443886.4%
Brookville Elementary SchoolFranklin County Com Sch Corp1129887.5%
Mount Carmel SchoolFranklin County Com Sch Corp514894.1%
Akron Elementary SchoolTippecanoe Valley School Corp676394.0%
Caston Elementary SchoolCaston School Corporation545398.1%
George M Riddle Elem SchoolRochester Community Sch Corp14513291.0%
Barton Twp ElementaryEast Gibson School Corporation242291.7%
Francisco Elementary SchoolEast Gibson School Corporation191894.7%
Haubstadt Community SchoolSouth Gibson School Corp2828100.0%
Fort Branch Community SchoolSouth Gibson School Corp474697.9%
Brumfield ElementaryNorth Gibson School Corp17215791.3%
Oakland City Elementary SchoolEast Gibson School Corporation322990.6%
Owensville Community SchoolSouth Gibson School Corp544990.7%
Eastbrook South ElementaryEastbrook Community Sch Corp585289.7%
Eastbrook North ElementaryEastbrook Community Sch Corp484797.9%
Park Elementary SchoolMadison-Grant United Sch Corp494898.0%
Northview Elementary SchoolMississinewa Community School Corp18716990.4%
Allen Elementary SchoolMarion Community Schools736589.0%
John W Kendall Elem SchoolMarion Community Schools917076.9%
Riverview Elementary SchoolMarion Community Schools737095.9%
Frances Slocum Elem SchoolMarion Community Schools726184.7%
Dr Robert H Faulkner AcademyDr Robert H Faulkner Academy363494.4%
Bloomfield Elementary SchoolBloomfield School District857992.9%
Eastern Greene Elementary SchoolEastern Greene Schools868295.3%
Linton-Stockton ElementaryLinton-Stockton School Corp11411399.1%
Shakamak Elementary SchoolM S D Shakamak Schools5151100.0%
Lyons Elementary SchoolWhite River Valley Sch Dist2020100.0%
Worthington Elementary SchoolWhite River Valley Sch Dist393897.4%
Sheridan Elementary SchoolSheridan Community Schools767193.4%
Brooks School ElementaryHamilton Southeastern Schools17216797.1%
New Britton Elementary SchoolHamilton Southeastern Schools13613397.8%
Fishers Elementary SchoolHamilton Southeastern Schools10310198.1%
Cumberland Road Elem SchoolHamilton Southeastern Schools13012696.9%
Hoosier Road Elementary SchoolHamilton Southeastern Schools15915195.0%
Fall Creek Elementary SchoolHamilton Southeastern Schools17117099.4%
Geist Elementary SchoolHamilton Southeastern Schools15214897.4%
Lantern Road Elementary SchHamilton Southeastern Schools11611397.4%
Hamilton Heights Elem SchoolHamilton Heights School Corp18517996.8%
Harrison Parkway Elem SchoolHamilton Southeastern Schools14013797.9%
Sand Creek ElementaryHamilton Southeastern Schools14714397.3%
Thorpe Creek ElementaryHamilton Southeastern Schools15715498.1%
Shamrock Springs Elementary SchWestfield-Washington Schools888798.9%
Carey Ridge Elementary SchWestfield-Washington Schools1019695.0%
Washington Woods Elementary SchoolWestfield-Washington Schools848095.2%
Oak Trace Elementary SchWestfield-Washington Schools11911798.3%
Durbin Elementary SchoolHamilton Southeastern Schools7676100.0%
Monon Trail Elementary SchoolWestfield-Washington Schools545296.3%
Maple Glen ElementaryWestfield-Washington Schools12311996.7%
Woodbrook Elementary SchoolCarmel Clay Schools929097.8%
Cherry Tree Elementary SchoolCarmel Clay Schools11611296.6%
Carmel Elementary SchoolCarmel Clay Schools969497.9%
College Wood Elementary SchCarmel Clay Schools13112897.7%
Smoky Row Elementary SchCarmel Clay Schools13413197.8%
Orchard Park Elementary SchCarmel Clay Schools12610986.5%
Prairie Trace Elementary SchCarmel Clay Schools989192.9%
Mohawk Trails Elementary SchCarmel Clay Schools1049692.3%
Forest Dale Elementary SchoolCarmel Clay Schools12111393.4%
Towne Meadow Elementary SchCarmel Clay Schools12611994.4%
Hinkle Creek Elementary SchNoblesville Schools153153100.0%
West Clay ElementaryCarmel Clay Schools122122100.0%
Hoosier Academy - IndianapolisHoosier Academy - Indianapolis443784.1%
North Elementary SchoolNoblesville Schools727097.2%
Stony Creek Elementary SchoolNoblesville Schools11311097.3%
Noble Crossing Elementary SchoolNoblesville Schools12211997.5%
Hazel Dell Elementary SchoolNoblesville Schools10310299.0%
Promise Road ElementaryNoblesville Schools918896.7%
White River Elementary SchoolNoblesville Schools12111595.0%
Fortville Elementary SchoolMt Vernon Community Sch Corp837894.0%
Mt Comfort Elementary SchoolMt Vernon Community Sch Corp989799.0%
Brandywine Elementary SchoolSouthern Hancock Co Com Sch Corp424095.2%
New Palestine Elementary SchoolSouthern Hancock Co Com Sch Corp7474100.0%
Sugar Creek Elementary SchSouthern Hancock Co Com Sch Corp999798.0%
McCordsville Elementary SchoolMt Vernon Community Sch Corp6868100.0%
Geist Montessori AcademyGeist Montessori Academy453884.4%
Eden Elementary SchoolGreenfield-Central Com Schools545398.1%
Eastern Hancock Elem SchoolEastern Hancock Co Com Sch Corp837894.0%
J B Stephens Elementary SchoolGreenfield-Central Com Schools11110594.6%
Harris Elementary SchoolGreenfield-Central Com Schools827490.2%
Weston Elementary SchoolGreenfield-Central Com Schools888697.7%
Lanesville Elementary SchoolLanesville Community School Corp454497.8%
Morgan Elementary SchoolNorth Harrison Com School Corp9191100.0%
North Harrison Elementary SchNorth Harrison Com School Corp878294.3%
Corydon Elementary SchoolSouth Harrison Com Schools13312493.2%
New Middletown Elementary SchoolSouth Harrison Com Schools212095.2%
Heth-Washington Elem SchoolSouth Harrison Com Schools252288.0%
South Central ElementarySouth Harrison Com Schools535094.3%
Mill Creek East ElementaryMill Creek Community Sch Corp706694.3%
Mill Creek West ElementaryMill Creek Community Sch Corp393692.3%
North Salem Elementary SchoolNorth West Hendricks Schools4949100.0%
Brown Elementary SchBrownsburg Community Sch Corp949398.9%
Eagle Elementary SchBrownsburg Community Sch Corp13112897.7%
Reagan ElementaryBrownsburg Community Sch Corp11911596.6%
Delaware Trail Elementary SchoolBrownsburg Community Sch Corp908998.9%
White Lick Elementary SchoolBrownsburg Community Sch Corp10310097.1%
Pittsboro ElementaryNorth West Hendricks Schools9797100.0%
River Birch ElementaryAvon Community School Corp15214897.4%
Cardinal Elementary SchBrownsburg Community Sch Corp989596.9%
Maple Elementary SchAvon Community School Corp615996.7%
White Oak Elementary SchoolAvon Community School Corp5454100.0%
Sycamore Elementary SchoolAvon Community School Corp898494.4%
Cedar Elementary SchoolAvon Community School Corp13913194.2%
Pine Tree Elementary SchoolAvon Community School Corp747398.6%
Hickory Elementary SchoolAvon Community School Corp10410399.0%
South Elementary SchoolDanville Community School Corp18718397.9%
Clarks Creek ElementaryPlainfield Community Sch Corp113113100.0%
Central Elementary SchoolPlainfield Community Sch Corp908897.8%
Van Buren Elementary SchoolPlainfield Community Sch Corp918896.7%
Brentwood Elementary SchoolPlainfield Community Sch Corp737197.3%
Tri-Elementary SchoolSouth Henry School Corp555090.9%
Blue River Valley Elem SchoolBlue River Valley Schools514588.2%
Shenandoah Elementary SchoolShenandoah School Corporation11310592.9%
Eastwood Elementary SchoolNew Castle Community Sch Corp383592.1%
Parker Elementary SchoolNew Castle Community Sch Corp595288.1%
James Whitcomb Riley Elem SchoolNew Castle Community Sch Corp454497.8%
Sunnyside Elementary SchoolNew Castle Community Sch Corp181583.3%
Westwood Elementary SchoolNew Castle Community Sch Corp494795.9%
Wilbur Wright Elementary SchoolNew Castle Community Sch Corp544583.3%
Kennard Elementary SchoolC A Beard Memorial School Corp181794.4%
Knightstown Elementary SchoolC A Beard Memorial School Corp615488.5%
Taylor Primary SchoolTaylor Community School Corp888192.0%
Northwestern Elementary SchNorthwestern School Corp969194.8%
Howard Elementary SchoolNorthwestern School Corp333297.0%
Eastern Elementary SchoolEastern Howard School Corp9494100.0%
Western Intermediate SchoolWestern School Corp21720996.3%
Sycamore Elementary SchKokomo-Center Twp Con Sch Corp1119989.2%
Bon Air Elementary SchKokomo-Center Twp Con Sch Corp836578.3%
Boulevard Elementary SchoolKokomo-Center Twp Con Sch Corp494183.7%
Elwood Haynes Elementary SchoolKokomo-Center Twp Con Sch Corp493979.6%
Lafayette Park Elementary SchKokomo-Center Twp Con Sch Corp998585.9%
Pettit Park SchoolKokomo-Center Twp Con Sch Corp453680.0%
Wallace Elementary SchoolKokomo-Center Twp Con Sch Corp2121100.0%
Andrews Elementary SchoolHuntington Co Com Sch Corp625995.2%
Roanoke Elementary SchoolHuntington Co Com Sch Corp494898.0%
Salamonie SchoolHuntington Co Com Sch Corp514894.1%
Lancaster Elementary SchoolHuntington Co Com Sch Corp6060100.0%
Northwest Elementary SchoolHuntington Co Com Sch Corp464189.1%
Flint Springs ElementaryHuntington Co Com Sch Corp666192.4%
Lincoln Elementary SchoolHuntington Co Com Sch Corp665887.9%
Medora Elementary SchoolMedora Community School Corp201890.0%
Cortland Elementary SchoolSeymour Community Schools2020100.0%
Crothersville Elementary SchCrothersville Community Schools453884.4%
Brownstown Elementary SchoolBrownstown Cnt Com Sch Corp12811892.2%
Margaret R Brown Elem SchoolSeymour Community Schools766281.6%
Emerson Elementary SchoolSeymour Community Schools353291.4%
Seymour-Jackson Elementary SchoolSeymour Community Schools1099486.2%
Seymour-Redding Elem SchoolSeymour Community Schools887180.7%
DeMotte Elementary SchoolKankakee Valley School Corp15615196.8%
Wheatfield Elementary SchoolKankakee Valley School Corp9292100.0%
Van Rensselaer Elementary SchoolRensselaer Central School Corp10710194.4%
Bloomfield Elementary SchoolJay School Corp413995.1%
Redkey Elementary SchoolJay School Corp211990.5%
Pennville Elementary SchoolJay School Corp161487.5%
General Shanks Elem SchoolJay School Corp494693.9%
Judge Haynes Elementary SchJay School Corp484797.9%
East Elementary SchoolJay School Corp454395.6%
Westlawn Elementary SchJay School Corp353188.6%
Deputy Elementary SchoolMadison Consolidated Schools161593.8%
Canaan Community AcademyCanaan Community Academy141392.9%
Rykers' Ridge Elementary SchoolMadison Consolidated Schools3737100.0%
Lydia Middleton Elem SchoolMadison Consolidated Schools5959100.0%
Emery O Muncie Elem SchoolMadison Consolidated Schools978183.5%
Southwestern Elementary SchSouthwestern-Jefferson Co Con10910495.4%
Sand Creek Elementary SchJennings County Schools424197.6%
Scipio Elementary SchoolJennings County Schools464393.5%
Graham Creek Elementary SchoolJennings County Schools444397.7%
Hayden Elementary SchoolJennings County Schools3636100.0%
Brush Creek Elementary SchoolJennings County Schools565496.4%
North Vernon Elementary SchoolJennings County Schools12210586.1%
Clark Elementary SchoolClark-Pleasant Com School Corp15814692.4%
Indian Creek Intermediate SchNineveh-Hensley-Jackson United13513398.5%
Needham Elementary SchoolFranklin Community School Corp847994.0%
Whiteland Elementary SchoolClark-Pleasant Com School Corp676597.0%
Break-O-Day Elementary SchoolClark-Pleasant Com School Corp15715397.5%
Pleasant Crossing ElementaryClark-Pleasant Com School Corp10910192.7%
Union Elementary SchoolFranklin Community School Corp2121100.0%
Sugar Grove Elementary SchCenter Grove Com Sch Corp12311895.9%
Center Grove Elem SchoolCenter Grove Com Sch Corp11211098.2%
Maple Grove Elementary SchoolCenter Grove Com Sch Corp115115100.0%
North Grove Elementary SchoolCenter Grove Com Sch Corp10510499.0%
Pleasant Grove Elem SchCenter Grove Com Sch Corp10110099.0%
East Side Elementary SchoolEdinburgh Community Sch Corp595796.6%
Northwood Elementary SchoolFranklin Community School Corp949095.7%
Webb Elementary SchoolFranklin Community School Corp696797.1%
Creekside Elementary SchFranklin Community School Corp908594.4%
Greenwood Northeast Elem SchGreenwood Community Sch Corp696188.4%
Westwood Elementary SchGreenwood Community Sch Corp848095.2%
V O Isom Central Elem SchoolGreenwood Community Sch Corp797594.9%
Southwest Elem SchGreenwood Community Sch Corp807492.5%
South Knox Elementary SchoolSouth Knox School Corp9898100.0%
Benjamin Franklin Elem SchoolVincennes Community Sch Corp636298.4%
North Knox IntermediateNorth Knox School Corp1009595.0%
James Whitcomb Riley Elem SchVincennes Community Sch Corp262596.2%
Tecumseh-Harrison Elem SchVincennes Community Sch Corp635485.7%
Francis Vigo Elementary SchVincennes Community Sch Corp524688.5%
Claypool Elementary SchoolWarsaw Community Schools585594.8%
Mentone Elementary SchoolTippecanoe Valley School Corp777597.4%
Eisenhower Elementary SchoolWarsaw Community Schools848095.2%
Harrison Elementary SchoolWarsaw Community Schools807391.3%
Leesburg Elementary SchoolWarsaw Community Schools595491.5%
North Webster Elementary SchWawasee Community School Corp878294.3%
Milford SchoolWawasee Community School Corp726691.7%
Syracuse Elementary SchoolWawasee Community School Corp989596.9%
Pierceton Elementary SchoolWhitko Community School Corp696695.7%
Jefferson Elementary SchoolWarsaw Community Schools907583.3%
Lincoln Elementary SchoolWarsaw Community Schools747195.9%
Madison Elementary SchoolWarsaw Community Schools686595.6%
Washington Elementary SchoolWarsaw Community Schools565292.9%
Prairie Heights Elem SchPrairie Heights Com Sch Corp969093.8%
Topeka Elementary SchoolWestview School Corporation775571.4%
Meadowview Elementary SchWestview School Corporation655889.2%
Shipshewana-Scott Elem SchoolWestview School Corporation736386.3%
Parkside Elementary SchoolLakeland School Corporation837185.5%
Wolcott Mills Elementary SchLakeland School Corporation403997.5%
Lima-Brighton ElementaryLakeland School Corporation524688.5%
Oak Hill Elementary SchoolTri-Creek School Corporation807998.8%
Douglas MacArthur Elem SchCrown Point Community Sch Corp787798.7%
Dwight D Eisenhower Elem SchCrown Point Community Sch Corp868598.8%
Jane Ball Elementary SchoolHanover Community School Corp767497.4%
Lincoln Elementary SchoolHanover Community School Corp797696.2%
Henry S Evans Elementary SchRiver Forest Community Sch Corp504386.0%
River Forest Elementary SchRiver Forest Community Sch Corp383694.7%
John I Meister Elementary SchoolRiver Forest Community Sch Corp453986.7%
Henry P Fieler Elem SchMerrillville Community School857689.4%
Homer Iddings Elem SchMerrillville Community School14413593.8%
Edgar L Miller Elem SchMerrillville Community School898393.3%
John Wood Elementary SchoolMerrillville Community School746993.2%
Jonas E Salk Elem SchMerrillville Community School13413197.8%
Kolling Elementary SchoolLake Central School Corp16115696.9%
George Bibich Elementary SchLake Central School Corp13513197.0%
James H Watson Elem SchLake Central School Corp102102100.0%
Protsman Elementary SchoolLake Central School Corp12712094.5%
Lake Prairie Elementary SchTri-Creek School Corporation777394.8%
Three Creeks Elem SchoolTri-Creek School Corporation807492.5%
Grissom Elementary SchoolLake Ridge Schools534177.4%
Longfellow Elementary SchoolLake Ridge Schools554480.0%
Hosford Park ElementaryLake Ridge Schools373389.2%
Lake Street Elementary SchoolCrown Point Community Sch Corp636298.4%
Solon Robinson Elementary SchCrown Point Community Sch Corp8080100.0%
Jerry Ross Elementary SchoolCrown Point Community Sch Corp17116998.8%
Timothy Ball Elementary SchCrown Point Community Sch Corp10610195.3%
East Chicago Urban Enterprise AcadEast Chicago Urban Enterprise Acad4444100.0%
Carrie Gosch Elementary SchoolSchool City of East Chicago665481.8%
Benjamin Harrison Elementary SchSchool City of East Chicago766281.6%
Abraham Lincoln Elementary SchSchool City of East Chicago1027270.6%
William McKinley Elementary SchSchool City of East Chicago1109788.2%
George Washington Elem SchoolSchool City of East Chicago897280.9%
East Chicago LighthouseEast Chicago Lighthouse Charter585391.4%
Alexander Hamilton Elementary SchLake Station Community Schools423071.4%
Virgil I Bailey Elementary SchoolLake Station Community Schools484491.7%
Carl J Polk Elementary SchoolLake Station Community Schools464393.5%
West Gary LighthouseWest Gary Lighthouse Charter474391.5%
Thea Bowman Leadership AcademyThea Bowman Leadership Academy10710093.5%
Aspire Charter AcademyAspire Charter Academy807897.5%
Benjamin Banneker Achievement CtrGary Community School Corp5858100.0%
Beveridge Elementary SchoolGary Community School Corp633352.4%
Brunswick Elementary SchoolGary Community School Corp1036462.1%
Dr Bernard C Watson Acad for BoysGary Community School Corp281967.9%
Frankie W McCullough Acad for GirlGary Community School Corp624674.2%
Jefferson Elementary SchoolGary Community School Corp714259.2%
Bailly Preparatory AcademyGary Community School Corp1006969.0%
Jacques Marquette Elem SchoolGary Community School Corp1187966.9%
Gary Lighthouse Charter SchoolGary Lighthouse Charter School534177.4%
Glen Park Acad for Excel in LrnGary Community School Corp755776.0%
21st Century Charter Sch of Gary21st Century Charter Sch of Gary292793.1%
Daniel Webster Elem SchGary Community School Corp493877.6%
Daniel Hale Williams Elem SchGary Community School Corp685682.4%
Beiriger Elementary SchoolGriffith Public Schools676495.5%
Eldon Ready Elementary SchoolGriffith Public Schools625588.7%
Elsie Wadsworth Elem SchGriffith Public Schools454191.1%
Judith Morton Johnston ElemSchool Town of Highland524994.2%
Mildred Merkley Elem SchoolSchool Town of Highland524994.2%
Southridge Elementary SchoolSchool Town of Highland827591.5%
Allen J Warren Elem SchSchool Town of Highland535094.3%
Liberty Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hobart817795.1%
Ridge View Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hobart585798.3%
Joan Martin Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hobart15415198.1%
James B Eads Elementary SchSchool Town of Munster888495.5%
Ernest R Elliott Elem SchSchool Town of Munster726894.4%
Frank H Hammond Elem SchSchool Town of Munster103103100.0%
Homan Elementary SchoolLake Central School Corp1019796.0%
Peifer Elementary SchoolLake Central School Corp10910192.7%
Nathan Hale Elementary SchoolWhiting School City706491.4%
Coolspring Elementary SchoolMichigan City Area Schools383797.4%
Indiana Cyber Charter SchoolIndiana Cyber Charter Sch Inc*********
Joseph Hess Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond958387.4%
Columbia Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond635384.1%
Thomas A Edison Elem SchSchool City of Hammond1169481.0%
Benjamin Franklin Elem SchSchool City of Hammond524382.7%
Warren G Harding Elem SchSchool City of Hammond11510087.0%
Washington Irving Elem SchSchool City of Hammond847184.5%
Thomas Jefferson Elem SchSchool City of Hammond796481.0%
Kenwood Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond615183.6%
Lafayette Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond686088.2%
Abraham Lincoln Elem SchSchool City of Hammond1139483.2%
Maywood Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond625487.1%
Morton Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond1078781.3%
Lew Wallace Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond605388.3%
Frank O'Bannon Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond787089.7%
Prairie View Elementary SchNew Prairie United School Corp5252100.0%
Rolling Prairie Elem SchNew Prairie United School Corp858498.8%
Wanatah SchoolTri-Township Cons School Corp3434100.0%
Westville Elementary SchoolM S D of New Durham Township6767100.0%
Indian Trail Elem SchLaPorte Community School Corp4949100.0%
Renaissance Academy Charter SchlRenaissance Academy Charter School201680.0%
Springfield Elementary SchoolMichigan City Area Schools484389.6%
Kingsford Heights Elem SchLaPorte Community School Corp524790.4%
Kingsbury Elementary SchoolLaPorte Community School Corp535196.2%
South Central Elem SchoolSouth Central Com School Corp696391.3%
Hailmann Elementary SchoolLaPorte Community School Corp665481.8%
F Willard Crichfield Elem SchLaPorte Community School Corp8585100.0%
Lincoln Elementary SchoolLaPorte Community School Corp524484.6%
Riley Elementary SchoolLaPorte Community School Corp626096.8%
Handley Elementary SchoolLaPorte Community School Corp756992.0%
Edgewood Elementary SchoolMichigan City Area Schools464189.1%
Lake Hills Elementary SchoolMichigan City Area Schools626096.8%
Joy Elementary SchoolMichigan City Area Schools514486.3%
Knapp Elementary SchoolMichigan City Area Schools574884.2%
Niemann Elementary SchoolMichigan City Area Schools484287.5%
Marsh Elementary SchoolMichigan City Area Schools453884.4%
Fayetteville Elementary SchNorth Lawrence Com Schools292896.6%
Burris Elementary SchoolMitchell Community Schools11710791.5%
Needmore Elementary SchoolNorth Lawrence Com Schools332987.9%
Springville Elementary SchoolNorth Lawrence Com Schools434195.3%
Heltonville Elementary SchoolNorth Lawrence Com Schools232087.0%
Dollens Elementary SchoolNorth Lawrence Com Schools413687.8%
Shawswick Elementary SchoolNorth Lawrence Com Schools434297.7%
Lincoln Elementary SchoolNorth Lawrence Com Schools484695.8%
Stalker Elementary SchoolNorth Lawrence Com Schools383489.5%
Parkview Intermediate SchoolNorth Lawrence Com Schools706795.7%
East Elementary SchoolSouth Madison Com Sch Corp11911798.3%
Edgewood Elementary SchoolAnderson Community School Corp363186.1%
Tenth Street Elementary SchAnderson Community School Corp866676.7%
Frankton Elementary SchoolFrankton-Lapel Community Schs11711295.7%
Lapel Elementary SchoolFrankton-Lapel Community Schs119119100.0%
Valley Grove Elementary SchAnderson Community School Corp958488.4%
Summitville SchoolMadison-Grant United Sch Corp373594.6%
Pendleton Elementary SchoolSouth Madison Com Sch Corp14213091.5%
Maple Ridge Elementary SchSouth Madison Com Sch Corp837995.2%
Alexandria-Monroe IntermediateAlexandria Com School Corp868194.2%
Anderson Preparatory AcademyAnderson Preparatory Academy584882.8%
Eastside Elementary SchoolAnderson Community School Corp11710388.0%
Anderson Elementary SchoolAnderson Community School Corp937075.3%
Erskine Elementary SchoolAnderson Community School Corp816276.5%
Elwood Elementary SchoolElwood Community School Corp12811489.1%
Gold AcademyM S D Decatur Township988788.8%
Blue AcademyM S D Decatur Township1029492.2%
Stephen Decatur Elem SchM S D Decatur Township767193.4%
Valley Mills Elementary SchM S D Decatur Township968689.6%
West Newton Elementary SchoolM S D Decatur Township979092.8%
Damar Charter AcademyDamar Charter Academy*********
South Creek ElementaryFranklin Township Com Sch Corp10710396.3%
Thompson Crossing Elementary SchlFranklin Township Com Sch Corp13412895.5%
Mary Adams Elem SchFranklin Township Com Sch Corp727097.2%
Arlington Elementary SchoolFranklin Township Com Sch Corp1029997.1%
Lillie Idella Kitley ElementaryFranklin Township Com Sch Corp15514593.5%
Bunker Hill Elementary SchoolFranklin Township Com Sch Corp10810193.5%
Maplewood Elementary SchoolM S D Wayne Township998484.8%
Chapel Glen Elementary SchoolM S D Wayne Township11910789.9%
Garden City Elementary SchoolM S D Wayne Township15311977.8%
McClelland Elementary SchoolM S D Wayne Township907178.9%
Rhoades Elementary SchoolM S D Wayne Township14412486.1%
Robey Elementary SchoolM S D Wayne Township12512096.0%
North Wayne Elem SchoolM S D Wayne Township12810380.5%
Stout Field Elementary SchoolM S D Wayne Township998080.8%
Sanders SchoolM S D Wayne Township*********
Westlake Elementary SchoolM S D Wayne Township1189580.5%
Chapelwood Elementary SchoolM S D Wayne Township978587.6%
Brook Park Elementary SchoolM S D Lawrence Township1219679.3%
Monument Lighthouse Charter SchlMonument Lighthouse Charter School716084.5%
Mary Evelyn Castle Elem SchM S D Lawrence Township11910588.2%
Crestview Elementary SchoolM S D Lawrence Township655787.7%
Amy Beverland ElementaryM S D Lawrence Township12312198.4%
Harrison Hill Elem SchM S D Lawrence Township988182.7%
Hoosier Acad Virtual Charter SchHoosier Acad Virtual Charter21817680.7%
Indian Creek Elem SchM S D Lawrence Township13012293.8%
Forest Glen Elem SchM S D Lawrence Township978284.5%
Winding Ridge Elementary SchoolM S D Lawrence Township1109081.8%
Oaklandon Elementary SchoolM S D Lawrence Township807695.0%
Skiles Test Elementary SchoolM S D Lawrence Township998686.9%
Sunnyside Elementary SchM S D Lawrence Township12310585.4%
William Henry Burkhart ElemM S D Perry Township796784.8%
Mary Bryan Elementary SchM S D Perry Township12210989.3%
Clinton Young Elem SchM S D Perry Township1188975.4%
Glenns Valley Elem SchM S D Perry Township1109384.5%
Abraham Lincoln Elem SchM S D Perry Township14312788.8%
Douglas MacArthur Elem SchoolM S D Perry Township978991.8%
Homecroft Elementary SchoolM S D Perry Township1068378.3%
Southport Elementary SchoolM S D Perry Township877181.6%
Fishback Creek Public AcaM S D Pike Township877990.8%
Winchester Village ElementaryM S D Perry Township1027674.5%
Deer Run ElementaryM S D Pike Township1219780.2%
College Park Elem SchM S D Pike Township796886.1%
Central Elementary SchoolM S D Pike Township12910480.6%
Eagle Creek Elementary SchoolM S D Pike Township949095.7%
Eastbrook Elementary SchoolM S D Pike Township11510591.3%
Guion Creek Elementary SchoolM S D Pike Township12210485.2%
Snacks Crossing Elem SchM S D Pike Township987576.5%
Jeremiah Gray-Edison ElemM S D Perry Township887888.6%
Eastridge Elementary SchoolM S D Warren Township897382.0%
Hawthorne Elementary SchoolM S D Warren Township917380.2%
Rosa Parks-Edison ElemM S D Perry Township1039592.2%
Grassy Creek Elementary SchM S D Warren Township866373.3%
Lakeside Elementary SchoolM S D Warren Township1209982.5%
Lowell Elementary SchoolM S D Warren Township998989.9%
New Augusta Pub Aca-SouthM S D Pike Township948186.2%
Pleasant Run Elementary SchM S D Warren Township948489.4%
Sunny Heights Elementary SchM S D Warren Township968386.5%
Brookview Elementary SchoolM S D Warren Township12010385.8%
Liberty Park Elementary SchM S D Warren Township877586.2%
Allisonville Elementary SchM S D Washington Township16915289.9%
Crooked Creek Elementary SchM S D Washington Township10510095.2%
Greenbriar Elementary SchoolM S D Washington Township14912785.2%
John Strange Elementary SchM S D Washington Township726590.3%
Nora Elementary SchoolM S D Washington Township1129181.3%
Spring Mill Elementary SchoolM S D Washington Township1049086.5%
Fox Hill Elementary SchM S D Washington Township13711684.7%
IN Math & Science Acad NorthIndiana Math Science Academy North433479.1%
Bridgeport Elementary SchoolM S D Wayne Township1018887.1%
Central Elementary SchoolBeech Grove City Schools19718995.9%
Imagine Ind Life Science WestImagine Life Sciences Acad - West967578.1%
Andrew J Brown AcademyAndrew J Brown Academy797088.6%
Cold Spring SchoolIndianapolis Public Schools383386.8%
Paramount School of ExcellenceParamount School Of Excellence Inc645992.2%
Washington Irving School 14Indianapolis Public Schools755472.0%
Thomas D Gregg School 15Indianapolis Public Schools1097064.2%
Key Learning Community Elem SchIndianapolis Public Schools302376.7%
Indpls Lighthouse Charter SchoolIndpls Lighthouse Charter School725880.6%
James A Garfield Sch 31Indianapolis Public Schools574680.7%
Eleanor Skillen School 34Indianapolis Public Schools745979.7%
William McKinley School 39Indianapolis Public Schools867587.2%
Elder W Diggs School 42Indianapolis Public Schools856475.3%
James Whitcomb Riley Sch 43Indianapolis Public Schools725069.4%
Riverside School 44Indianapolis Public Schools714360.6%
Daniel Webster School 46Indianapolis Public Schools726387.5%
Louis B Russell Jr School 48Indianapolis Public Schools474289.4%
William Penn School 49Indianapolis Public Schools1088376.9%
James Russell Lowell School 51Indianapolis Public Schools835262.7%
Brookside School 54Indianapolis Public Schools966365.6%
Eliza A Blaker School 55Indianapolis Public Schools201680.0%
Francis W Parker School 56Indianapolis Public Schools363597.2%
George W Julian School 57Indianapolis Public Schools372773.0%
Ralph Waldo Emerson School 58Indianapolis Public Schools453271.1%
Wendell Phillips School 63Indianapolis Public Schools412765.9%
Raymond F Brandes School 65Indianapolis Public Schools402767.5%
Stephen Collins Foster Sch 67Indianapolis Public Schools1119383.8%
Joyce Kilmer School 69Indianapolis Public Schools734257.5%
Mary E Nicholson School 70Indianapolis Public Schools665786.4%
Theodore Potter School 74Indianapolis Public Schools423890.5%
Merle Sidener Gifted AcademyIndianapolis Public Schools5050100.0%
Carl Wilde School 79Indianapolis Public Schools1158977.4%
Christian Park School 82Indianapolis Public Schools685276.5%
Floro Torrence School 83Indianapolis Public Schools655178.5%
Anna Brochhausen School 88Indianapolis Public Schools473268.1%
Ernie Pyle School 90Indianapolis Public Schools434093.0%
Rousseau Mc Clellan 91Indianapolis Public Schools515098.0%
George H Fisher School 93Indianapolis Public Schools543768.5%
Meredith Nicholson School 96Indianapolis Public Schools786684.6%
Francis Scott Key School 103Indianapolis Public Schools402255.0%
Charles W Fairbanks Sch 105Indianapolis Public Schools553869.1%
Robert Lee Frost School 106Indianapolis Public Schools523873.1%
Lew Wallace School 107Indianapolis Public Schools554276.4%
Jonathan Jennings School 109Indianapolis Public Schools503876.0%
Paul I Miller School 114Indianapolis Public Schools957174.7%
George S Buck Elementary SchoolIndianapolis Public Schools644875.0%
Arlington Woods Elementary SchoolIndianapolis Public Schools796177.2%
Center For InquiryIndianapolis Public Schools444090.9%
Center for Inquiry IIIndianapolis Public Schools464495.7%
Clarence Farrington School 61Indianapolis Public Schools685377.9%
Center for Inquiry IIIIndianapolis Public Schools191578.9%
Imagine Indiana Life Sci Aca-EastImagine Life Sciences Acad - East1066056.6%
Frederick Douglass School 19Indianapolis Public Schools523873.1%
The Challenge Foundation AcademyChallenge Foundation Academy999697.0%
Andrew AcademyAndrew Academy1919100.0%
Padua AcademyPadua Academy242291.7%
Indiana Math & Science AcademyIndiana Math and Science Academy494081.6%
SE Neighborhood Sch of ExcellenceSE Neighborhood Sch of Excellence513364.7%
Fall Creek AcademyFall Creek Academy544277.8%
Flanner House Elem Sch (Charter)Flanner House Elementary School393897.4%
Christel House AcademyChristel House Academy535094.3%
James A Allison Elem School 3School Town of Speedway393384.6%
Carl G Fisher Elem School 1School Town of Speedway1919100.0%
Arthur C Newby Elem School 2School Town of Speedway211885.7%
Frank H Wheeler Elem School 4School Town of Speedway463984.8%
Triton Elementary SchoolTriton School Corporation686697.1%
Culver Elementary SchoolCulver Community Schools Corp827895.1%
Menominee Elementary SchoolPlymouth Community School Corp797392.4%
Argos Community ElementaryArgos Community Schools524994.2%
Bremen Elem/Middle SchoolBremen Public Schools12511491.2%
Jefferson Elementary SchoolPlymouth Community School Corp666192.4%
Washington Discovery AcademyPlymouth Community School Corp716997.2%
Webster Elementary SchoolPlymouth Community School Corp676698.5%
Shoals Community Elem SchoolShoals Community School Corp474187.2%
Loogootee Elementary SchoolLoogootee Community Sch Corp716591.5%
Maconaquah Elementary SchoolMaconaquah School Corp16515090.9%
North Miami Elem SchoolNorth Miami Community Schools706390.0%
Sweetser Elementary SchoolOak Hill United School Corp13413197.8%
Blair Pointe Upper ElementaryPeru Community Schools16215696.3%
Stinesville Elementary SchoolRichland-Bean Blossom C S C343397.1%
Unionville Elementary SchoolMonroe County Com Sch Corp333297.0%
Lakeview Elementary SchoolMonroe County Com Sch Corp686291.2%
Edgewood Intermediate SchoolRichland-Bean Blossom C S C19818392.4%
Grandview Elementary SchoolMonroe County Com Sch Corp625995.2%
Highland Park Elem SchMonroe County Com Sch Corp494693.9%
Summit Elementary SchoolMonroe County Com Sch Corp717098.6%
Binford Elementary SchoolMonroe County Com Sch Corp10710598.1%
Arlington Heights Elem SchMonroe County Com Sch Corp585391.4%
Childs Elementary SchoolMonroe County Com Sch Corp6666100.0%
Clear Creek Elementary SchoolMonroe County Com Sch Corp626096.8%
Fairview Elementary SchoolMonroe County Com Sch Corp494183.7%
Marlin Elementary SchoolMonroe County Com Sch Corp393794.9%
The Bloomington Project SchoolThe Bloomington Project School333297.0%
Templeton Elementary SchoolMonroe County Com Sch Corp585391.4%
University Elementary SchoolMonroe County Com Sch Corp444397.7%
Waveland Elementary SchoolSouth Montgomery Com Sch Corp212095.2%
Ladoga Elementary SchoolSouth Montgomery Com Sch Corp302996.7%
Pleasant Hill Elementary SchoolNorth Montgomery Com Sch Corp433888.4%
Lester B Sommer Elem SchNorth Montgomery Com Sch Corp575087.7%
Sugar Creek Elem SchNorth Montgomery Com Sch Corp514384.3%
Walnut Elementary SchoolSouth Montgomery Com Sch Corp2424100.0%
New Market Elementary SchoolSouth Montgomery Com Sch Corp413995.1%
Meredith Nicholson Elem SchCrawfordsville Com Schools18116993.4%
Green Township Elem SchM S D Martinsville Schools4343100.0%
Monrovia Elementary SchoolMonroe-Gregg School District11611195.7%
Eminence Elementary SchoolEminence Community School Corp2727100.0%
Brooklyn Elementary SchoolM S D Martinsville Schools403997.5%
Centerton Elementary SchoolM S D Martinsville Schools403997.5%
South Elementary SchM S D Martinsville Schools706795.7%
Charles L Smith Elem SchoolM S D Martinsville Schools434297.7%
Paragon Elementary SchoolM S D Martinsville Schools525198.1%
Poston Road Elementary SchoolM S D Martinsville Schools827490.2%
Central Elementary SchoolM S D Martinsville Schools343294.1%
Neil Armstrong Elem SchMooresville Con School Corp746891.9%
Newby Memorial Elem SchMooresville Con School Corp504488.0%
North Madison Elem SchMooresville Con School Corp979496.9%
Northwood Elementary SchoolMooresville Con School Corp807897.5%
Waverly Elementary SchoolMooresville Con School Corp5050100.0%
Morocco Elementary SchoolNorth Newton School Corp323093.8%
Lake Village Elementary SchNorth Newton School Corp2626100.0%
Lincoln Elementary SchoolNorth Newton School Corp524178.8%
South Newton Elementary SchSouth Newton School Corp595796.6%
Wolf Lake Elementary SchoolCentral Noble Com School Corp565598.2%
Albion Elementary SchoolCentral Noble Com School Corp525198.1%
Avilla Elementary SchoolEast Noble School Corp605388.3%
Rome City Elementary SchoolEast Noble School Corp473778.7%
North Side Elementary SchoolEast Noble School Corp585493.1%
South Side Elementary SchoolEast Noble School Corp565496.4%
Wayne Center Elem SchEast Noble School Corp555294.5%
West Noble Elementary SchoolWest Noble School Corporation20317284.7%
Ohio County Elem-Middle SchRising Sun-Ohio Co Com656193.8%
Orleans Elementary SchoolOrleans Community Schools5858100.0%
Throop Elementary SchoolPaoli Community School Corp12211493.4%
Springs Valley Elem SchSprings Valley Com School Corp676089.6%
Patricksburg Elementary SchSpencer-Owen Community Schools212095.2%
Gosport Elementary SchoolSpencer-Owen Community Schools302893.3%
Spencer Elementary SchoolSpencer-Owen Community Schools969194.8%
McCormick's Creek Elem SchSpencer-Owen Community Schools4646100.0%
Rosedale Elementary SchoolSouthwest Parke Com Sch Corp444397.7%
Montezuma Elementary SchoolSouthwest Parke Com Sch Corp312993.5%
Rockville Elementary SchoolNorth Central Parke Comm Schl Corp494898.0%
Turkey Run Elementary SchoolNorth Central Parke Comm Schl Corp2727100.0%
Perry Central Elem SchoolPerry Central Com Schools Corp8282100.0%
Cannelton Elem & High SchoolCannelton City Schools121191.7%
William Tell Elementary SchoolTell City-Troy Twp School Corp13712289.1%
Otwell Elementary SchoolPike County School Corp2828100.0%
Winslow Elementary SchoolPike County School Corp434093.0%
Petersburg Elementary SchoolPike County School Corp766382.9%
Hebron Elementary SchoolM S D Boone Township959094.7%
Jackson Elementary SchoolDuneland School Corporation6363100.0%
Brummitt Elementary SchoolDuneland School Corporation635993.7%
Liberty Elementary SchoolDuneland School Corporation12311492.7%
Discovery Charter SchoolDiscovery Charter School525198.1%
Morgan Township Elementary SchoolEast Porter County School Corp484797.9%
Pine Elementary SchoolMichigan City Area Schools584781.0%
Kouts Elementary SchoolEast Porter County School Corp6666100.0%
Porter Lakes Elementary SchoolPorter Township School Corp11210997.3%
Union Center Elementary SchUnion Township School Corp565292.9%
John Simatovich Elem SchUnion Township School Corp474697.9%
Washington Twp Elementary SchoolEast Porter County School Corp6767100.0%
Wallace Aylesworth ElementaryPortage Township Schools858397.6%
Crisman Elementary SchoolPortage Township Schools877889.7%
Central Elementary SchoolPortage Township Schools1149886.0%
Ethel R Jones Elem SchPortage Township Schools766788.2%
Rowena Kyle Elementary SchoolPortage Township Schools857891.8%
Paul Saylor Elementary SchoolPortage Township Schools595288.1%
George L Myers Elem SchPortage Township Schools676394.0%
South Haven Elementary SchoolPortage Township Schools574884.2%
Thomas Jefferson Elem SchValparaiso Community Schools535298.1%
Central Elementary SchoolValparaiso Community Schools545194.4%
Flint Lake Elementary SchValparaiso Community Schools817997.5%
Cooks Corners Elementary SchoolValparaiso Community Schools393692.3%
Hayes Leonard Elementary SchValparaiso Community Schools616098.4%
Memorial Elementary SchoolValparaiso Community Schools626198.4%
Northview Elementary SchoolValparaiso Community Schools4848100.0%
Parkview Elementary SchoolValparaiso Community Schools292586.2%
Bailly Elementary SchoolDuneland School Corporation10410096.2%
Newton Yost Elementary SchoolDuneland School Corporation878294.3%
West Elementary SchoolM S D Mount Vernon766281.6%
Farmersville Elementary SchM S D Mount Vernon312890.3%
Marrs Elementary SchoolM S D Mount Vernon655889.2%
North Elementary SchoolM S D North Posey Co Schools595796.6%
South Terrace Elem SchM S D North Posey Co Schools363494.4%
Eastern Pulaski Elem SchEastern Pulaski Com Sch Corp1059893.3%
West Central Elem SchWest Central School Corp514894.1%
Bainbridge Elementary SchoolNorth Putnam Community Schools777192.2%
Roachdale Elementary SchoolNorth Putnam Community Schools474697.9%
Central Elementary SchoolSouth Putnam Community Schools525096.2%
Fillmore Elementary SchoolSouth Putnam Community Schools262284.6%
Cloverdale Elementary SchoolCloverdale Community Schools817896.3%
Tzouanakis Intermediate SchGreencastle Community Sch Corp15715095.5%
Randolph Southern Elem SchRandolph Southern School Corp3535100.0%
Union Elementary SchoolUnion School Corporation232295.7%
Willard Elem SchoolRandolph Central School Corp646296.9%
Deerfield Elementary SchoolRandolph Central School Corp3232100.0%
Monroe Central Elem SchoolMonroe Central School Corp878496.6%
North Side Elementary SchoolRandolph Eastern School Corp656193.8%
South Ripley Elementary SchoolSouth Ripley Com Sch Corp9494100.0%
Jac-Cen-Del ElementaryJac-Cen-Del Community Sch Corp645992.2%
Milan Elementary SchoolMilan Community Schools676292.5%
Sunman Elementary SchoolSunman-Dearborn Com Sch Corp827591.5%
Batesville Intermediate SchoolBatesville Community Sch Corp16215998.1%
Milroy Elementary SchoolRush County Schools322784.4%
Mays Elementary SchoolRush County Schools2727100.0%
Arlington Elementary SchoolRush County Schools292586.2%
Carthage Elementary SchoolC A Beard Memorial School Corp1616100.0%
Rushville Elementary School EastRush County Schools444295.5%
Rushville Elementary School WestRush County Schools434093.0%
Hay Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp987172.4%
Walt Disney Elementary SchoolPenn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp746993.2%
Prairie VistaPenn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp949196.8%
Mary Frank Harris Elementary SchPenn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp726793.1%
Madison Elementary SchoolPenn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp3030100.0%
Olive Township Elem SchNew Prairie United School Corp757498.7%
Elm Road Elementary SchoolPenn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp686392.6%
Elsie Rogers Elem SchPenn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp4444100.0%
Moran Elementary SchoolPenn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp827996.3%
Bittersweet Elementary SchoolPenn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp757093.3%
Horizon Elem SchPenn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp8383100.0%
Meadow's Edge Elementary SchPenn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp494387.8%
Northpoint Elementary SchPenn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp9292100.0%
LaVille Elementary SchoolUnion-North United School Corp838197.6%
Warren Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp665583.3%
Darden Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp11510692.2%
Swanson Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp595389.8%
North Liberty SchoolJohn Glenn School Corporation817997.5%
Walkerton Elementary SchoolJohn Glenn School Corporation534584.9%
Fred J Hums Elementary SchoolSchool City of Mishawaka4141100.0%
Joint Service Campus ProgramSchool City of Mishawaka*********
Battell Elementary SchoolSchool City of Mishawaka393282.1%
Beiger Elementary SchoolSchool City of Mishawaka706288.6%
Liberty Elementary SchoolSchool City of Mishawaka737095.9%
Emmons Elementary SchoolSchool City of Mishawaka464291.3%
Lasalle Elementary SchoolSchool City of Mishawaka686189.7%
Twin Branch Elementary SchoolSchool City of Mishawaka514792.2%
Coquillard Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp705274.3%
Harrison Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp1028381.4%
Hamilton Traditional SchoolSouth Bend Community Sch Corp747195.9%
Kennedy Primary AcademySouth Bend Community Sch Corp13012999.2%
Lincoln Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp1067873.6%
McKinley Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp998181.8%
Xavier School of ExcellenceXavier School of Excellence373183.8%
Madison Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp1178774.4%
Marquette Montessori AcademySouth Bend Community Sch Corp705680.0%
Monroe Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp665278.8%
Wilson Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp776483.1%
Muessel Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp776077.9%
Nuner Primary CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp746993.2%
Perley Fine Arts AcademySouth Bend Community Sch Corp605388.3%
Tarkington Traditional CenterSouth Bend Community Sch Corp575596.5%
Austin Elementary SchoolScott County School District 1837590.4%
Johnson Elementary SchoolScott County School District 2282589.3%
Lexington Elementary SchoolScott County School District 23636100.0%
Scottsburg Elem SchoolScott County School District 2736690.4%
Vienna-Finley Elem SchScott County School District 2595898.3%
Morristown Elementary SchoolShelby Eastern Schools727198.6%
Waldron Elementary SchoolShelby Eastern Schools4747100.0%
Triton Central Elementary SchoolNorthwestern Con School Corp1039996.1%
Southwestern Elementary SchSouthwestern Con Sch Shelby Co403997.5%
Coulston Elementary SchoolShelbyville Central Schools807492.5%
Thomas A Hendricks Elem SchShelbyville Central Schools918593.4%
William F Loper Elem SchShelbyville Central Schools908998.9%
Chrisney Elementary SchoolNorth Spencer County Sch Corp313096.8%
David Turnham Edl CtrNorth Spencer County Sch Corp313096.8%
Nancy Hanks Elementary SchNorth Spencer County Sch Corp313096.8%
Lincoln Trail Elementary SchNorth Spencer County Sch Corp444295.5%
Luce Elementary SchoolSouth Spencer County Sch Corp403997.5%
Rockport-Ohio Elem SchSouth Spencer County Sch Corp676495.5%
Oregon-Davis Elementary SchOregon-Davis School Corp403895.0%
Knox Community Elementary SchoolKnox Community School Corp14913892.6%
North Judson-San Pierre Elem SchNorth Judson-San Pierre Sch Corp837590.4%
Fremont Elementary SchoolFremont Community Schools646296.9%
Hamilton Community Elem SchHamilton Community Schools313096.8%
Carlin Park Elementary SchoolM S D Steuben County555294.5%
Ryan Park Elementary SchM S D Steuben County595694.9%
Hendry Park Elementary SchoolM S D Steuben County575393.0%
Pleasant Lake Elem SchM S D Steuben County4242100.0%
Dugger Elementary SchoolNortheast School Corp211885.7%
Farmersburg Elementary SchoolNortheast School Corp232295.7%
Shelburn Elementary SchoolNortheast School Corp1818100.0%
Hymera Elementary SchoolNortheast School Corp1515100.0%
Indiana Connections AcademyIndiana Connections Academy11810891.5%
Rural Community AcademyRural Community Schools Inc1717100.0%
Carlisle Elem and Junior HighSouthwest School Corp2828100.0%
Sullivan Elementary SchoolSouthwest School Corp949095.7%
Jefferson-Craig Elem SchSwitzerland County School Corp443784.1%
Switzerland Co Elem SchSwitzerland County School Corp736690.4%
Mayflower Mill Elem SchTippecanoe School Corp777192.2%
Wyandotte ElementaryTippecanoe School Corp595796.6%
Hershey Elementary SchoolTippecanoe School Corp1009898.0%
Mintonye Elementary SchoolTippecanoe School Corp717098.6%
Dayton Elementary SchoolTippecanoe School Corp636196.8%
Burnett Creek Elementary SchoolTippecanoe School Corp8585100.0%
Wea Ridge Elementary SchoolTippecanoe School Corp11210089.3%
Battle Ground Elem SchTippecanoe School Corp625588.7%
James Cole Elementary SchoolTippecanoe School Corp3232100.0%
Klondike Elementary SchoolTippecanoe School Corp19117491.1%
Edgelea Elementary SchoolLafayette School Corporation999899.0%
Glen Acres Elementary SchoolLafayette School Corporation817997.5%
Miami Elementary SchoolLafayette School Corporation898191.0%
Thomas Miller Elementary SchLafayette School Corporation726488.9%
Murdock Elementary SchoolLafayette School Corporation565394.6%
Woodland Elementary SchoolTippecanoe School Corp898292.1%
Vinton Elementary SchoolLafayette School Corporation757296.0%
Amelia Earhart Elem SchLafayette School Corporation947781.9%
Cumberland Elementary SchoolWest Lafayette Com School Corp18518097.3%
Tri Central ElementaryTri-Central Community Schools666192.4%
Tipton Elementary SchoolTipton Community School Corp12512096.0%
Joshua AcademyJoshua Academy363288.9%
Liberty Elementary SchoolUnion Co/Clg Corner Joint Sch Dist645992.2%
College Corner Union Elem SchUnion Co/Clg Corner Joint Sch Dist464393.5%
Cynthia Heights Elem SchEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp918997.8%
Scott Elementary SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp10710396.3%
Oak Hill ElementaryEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp1039996.1%
Lincoln SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp413278.0%
Caze Elementary SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp957376.8%
Cedar Hall Community SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp564275.0%
Academy for Innovative StudiesEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp*********
Delaware Elementary SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp685682.4%
Dexter Elementary SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp655483.1%
Fairlawn Elementary SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp826781.7%
Glenwood Leadership AcademyEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp553563.6%
Harper Elementary SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp796784.8%
Hebron Elementary SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp15013388.7%
Stockwell Elementary SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp888192.0%
Highland Elementary SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp17615487.5%
Lodge Community SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp584781.0%
Evans SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp845970.2%
Stringtown Elementary SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp857689.4%
Tekoppel Elementary SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp948388.3%
Vogel Elementary SchoolEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp1019493.1%
Daniel Wertz Elementary SchEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp494387.8%
West Terrace Elementary SchEvansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp10810496.3%
North Vermillion Elem SchNorth Vermillion Com Sch Corp454497.8%
Central Elementary SchoolSouth Vermillion Com Sch Corp716388.7%
Ernie Pyle Elementary SchoolSouth Vermillion Com Sch Corp3636100.0%
Van Duyn Elementary SchoolSouth Vermillion Com Sch Corp383797.4%
Sugar Creek Consolidated Elem SchVigo County School Corp494898.0%
Davis Park Elementary SchoolVigo County School Corp605185.0%
Deming Elementary SchoolVigo County School Corp413687.8%
Adelaide De Vaney Elem SchVigo County School Corp787393.6%
Dixie Bee Elementary SchoolVigo County School Corp11410592.1%
Farrington Grove Elem SchVigo County School Corp756282.7%
Fayette Elementary SchoolVigo County School Corp343294.1%
Rio Grande Elementary SchoolVigo County School Corp949095.7%
Benjamin Franklin Elem SchoolVigo County School Corp595288.1%
Blanche E Fuqua Elem SchVigo County School Corp565394.6%
Hoosier Prairie Elem SchoolVigo County School Corp635892.1%
Lost Creek Elementary SchoolVigo County School Corp1039188.3%
Meadows Elementary SchoolVigo County School Corp514180.4%
Ouabache Elementary SchoolVigo County School Corp545194.4%
Riley Elementary SchoolVigo County School Corp636196.8%
Sugar Grove Elementary SchoolVigo County School Corp746486.5%
Terre Town Elementary SchoolVigo County School Corp1089890.7%
West Vigo Elementary SchoolVigo County School Corp514282.4%
Manchester Elem SchoolManchester Community Schools11010494.5%
Southwood Elementary SchoolM S D Wabash County Schools747195.9%
Metro North Elementary SchoolM S D Wabash County Schools767092.1%
O J Neighbours Elem SchWabash City Schools948893.6%
Williamsport Elementary SchM S D Warren County2727100.0%
Pine Village Elementary SchM S D Warren County171588.2%
Warren Central Elem SchM S D Warren County343191.2%
Yankeetown Elementary SchoolWarrick County School Corp737095.9%
John H Castle Elementary SchWarrick County School Corp15314896.7%
Elberfeld Elementary SchoolWarrick County School Corp2323100.0%
Lynnville Elementary SchoolWarrick County School Corp383694.7%
Loge Elementary SchoolWarrick County School Corp726894.4%
Tennyson Elementary SchoolWarrick County School Corp1616100.0%
Oakdale Elementary SchoolWarrick County School Corp746891.9%
Chandler Elementary SchoolWarrick County School Corp817896.3%
Newburgh Elementary SchoolWarrick County School Corp969599.0%
Sharon Elementary SchoolWarrick County School Corp12712396.9%
Bradie M Shrum Upper ElemSalem Community Schools15114294.0%
West Washington Elem SchWest Washington School Corp4848100.0%
East Washington Elem SchEast Washington School Corp1009595.0%
Northeastern Elementary SchNortheastern Wayne Schools837995.2%
Western Wayne Elem SchWestern Wayne Schools777597.4%
Centerville-Abington Elem SchoolCenterville-Abington Com Schs12912697.7%
Hagerstown Elementary SchoolNettle Creek School Corp949196.8%
Charles Elementary SchoolRichmond Community Schools929097.8%
Crestdale Elementary SchoolRichmond Community Schools666090.9%
Fairview Elementary SchoolRichmond Community Schools4646100.0%
Kenneth A Christmon STEMM AcademyKenneth A Christmon STEMM Academy262076.9%
Elizabeth Starr Acad for Young EntRichmond Community Schools655483.1%
Vaile Elementary SchoolRichmond Community Schools373594.6%
Westview Elementary SchoolRichmond Community Schools494285.7%
Community Youth ServicesRichmond Community Schools*********
Southern Wells Elem SchSouthern Wells Com Schools625588.7%
Ossian ElementaryNorthern Wells Com Schools1009797.0%
Lancaster Central SchoolNorthern Wells Com Schools736791.8%
Bluffton-Harrison Elem SchM S D Bluffton-Harrison13112998.5%
Frontier ElementaryFrontier School Corporation575494.7%
North White Primary SchoolNorth White School Corp595593.2%
Eastlawn Elementary SchoolTwin Lakes School Corp333193.9%
Tri-County Intermediate SchoolTri-County School Corp564987.5%
Oaklawn Elementary SchoolTwin Lakes School Corp3636100.0%
Meadowlawn Elementary SchoolTwin Lakes School Corp615895.1%
Woodlawn Elementary SchoolTwin Lakes School Corp363083.3%
South Whitley Elementary SchWhitko Community School Corp696797.1%
Little Turtle Elementary SchoolWhitley Co Cons Schools878395.4%
Coesse SchoolWhitley Co Cons Schools534788.7%
Northern Heights Elementary SchWhitley Co Cons Schools959296.8%
Mary Raber Elementary SchoolWhitley Co Cons Schools464495.7%
Churubusco Elementary SchoolSmith-Green Community Schools908594.4%
Indiana School For The BlindIN Sch for the Blind & Vis Imprd11327.3%
Indiana School For The DeafIndiana School For The Deaf17741.2%
Saint Joseph SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne302996.7%
St Peter Immanuel Lutheran SchLutheran Schools of Indiana1010100.0%
Wyneken Memorial Lutheran SchLutheran Schools of Indiana2323100.0%
St Joseph-St Elizabeth Campus 2Diocese of Fort Wayne4949100.0%
Most Precious Blood SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne191789.5%
Queen Of Angels SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne222195.5%
Saint Charles Borromeo SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne868497.7%
Saint John The Baptist SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne2929100.0%
Saint Jude Elementary SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne444397.7%
Blackhawk Christian Elem SchIndependent Non-Public Schools3737100.0%
Saint Therese SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne1919100.0%
Saint Vincent DePaul SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne7676100.0%
Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran SchLutheran Schools of Indiana1313100.0%
Concordia Evangelical Lutheran SchLutheran Schools of Indiana444295.5%
Emmanuel St Michael Lutheran SchLutheran Schools of Indiana3030100.0%
Emmaus Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana171588.2%
Holy Cross Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana4545100.0%
Lutheran South Unity SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana211676.2%
Cornerstone College Prep SchIndependent Non-Public Schools1616100.0%
Saint Paul Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana1818100.0%
Ascension Lutheran SchLutheran Schools of Indiana151493.3%
Central Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools2020100.0%
Saint Peter's Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana2525100.0%
Saint Aloysius Catholic SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne*********
Horizon Christian Academy 3Independent Non-Public Schools*********
Saint Joseph Catholic SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne141392.9%
St Joseph Hessen Cassel Cath SchDiocese of Fort Wayne1010100.0%
Saint John The Baptist Catholic ScDiocese of Fort Wayne333297.0%
Saint Louis Besancon Catholic SchDiocese of Fort Wayne*********
St John-Emmanuel Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana1515100.0%
Central Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana4141100.0%
Woodburn Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana1717100.0%
St Bartholomew SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis323196.9%
White Creek Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana1010100.0%
Saint Peter Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana4343100.0%
Columbus Christian School IncIndependent Non-Public Schools1919100.0%
Sacred Heart SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch1717100.0%
ClearView Education IncIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
All Saints Catholic SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch201995.0%
Saint Paul SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis2828100.0%
Saint Anthony SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis3535100.0%
Sacred Heart SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis232191.3%
Washington Catholic Elem SchoolDiocese of Evansville232295.7%
Saint Nicholas SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis*********
Saint Paul Catholic SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis*********
Saint Mary SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis1212100.0%
Saint Lawrence SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis2828100.0%
Good Shepherd Christian AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Saint Mary SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis2929100.0%
Saint Joseph SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne1212100.0%
Lakewood Park Christian SchIndependent Non-Public Schools4242100.0%
Heritage Hall Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools141392.9%
Saint Lawrence SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch1414100.0%
Saint Mary SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch*********
Holy Family SchoolDiocese of Evansville1313100.0%
Precious Blood SchoolDiocese of Evansville373697.3%
Clinton Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
St Thomas The Apostle SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne5252100.0%
St Vincent DePaul SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne251976.0%
Elkhart Christian AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools3131100.0%
St John Evangelist SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne1919100.0%
St Gabriel Parochial SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis2020100.0%
Christian Academy of IndianaIndependent Non-Public Schools6060100.0%
Holy Family SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis3939100.0%
Our Lady Of Perpetual SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis343397.1%
Saint Mary's Catholic SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis1212100.0%
St Mary of-the-Knobs Catholic SchArchdiocese of Indianapolis151493.3%
Covington Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Saint Michael SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis2626100.0%
St Joseph SchoolDiocese of Evansville131292.3%
Holy Cross SchoolDiocese of Evansville1414100.0%
Saint James SchoolDiocese of Evansville161487.5%
Sts Peter & Paul SchoolDiocese of Evansville2020100.0%
The King's AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Lakeview Christian School IncIndependent Non-Public Schools212095.2%
Saint Paul Parish SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch1313100.0%
Eman SchoolsIndependent Non-Public Schools1111100.0%
Cicero Adventist SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Our Lady Of Mt Carmel SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch7676100.0%
Saint Maria Goretti SchDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch5151100.0%
Saint Louis de Montfort SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch515098.0%
Our Lady of Grace SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch464495.7%
Legacy Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Saint Michael SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis424197.6%
Saint John Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana1212100.0%
Saint Joseph SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis*********
Saint Malachy SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis4848100.0%
Bethesda Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools2121100.0%
Todd Academy IncIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Kingsway Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools6666100.0%
Saint Susanna SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis3434100.0%
Redeemer Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana*********
Sts Joan of Arc & Patrick SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch383797.4%
Huntington Catholic SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne181794.4%
Saint Ambrose SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis1515100.0%
Immanuel Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana474493.6%
Lutheran Central SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana1616100.0%
DeMotte Christian SchIndependent Non-Public Schools3030100.0%
Saint Augustine SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch1818100.0%
Jay County Christian AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Christian Academy of MadisonIndependent Non-Public Schools131292.3%
Pope John XXIII SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis262596.2%
Saint Mary SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis2525100.0%
St Rose of Lima SchArchdiocese of Indianapolis2626100.0%
Our Lady Of Greenwood SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis3838100.0%
SS Francis and Clare Catholic SchlArchdiocese of Indianapolis454497.8%
Flaget Elementary SchoolDiocese of Evansville2424100.0%
Warsaw Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Sacred Heart SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne2424100.0%
Faith AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Aquinas School at St Andrew'sDiocese of Gary171694.1%
Avicenna AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Crown Point Christian SchIndependent Non-Public Schools676698.5%
Saint Michael SchoolDiocese of Gary3838100.0%
Saint John Evangelist SchoolDiocese of Gary3939100.0%
Hammond Baptist Elem & High SchIndependent Non-Public Schools524790.4%
Ambassador Chrisitan AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools323196.9%
Saint Mary Catholic Comm SchoolDiocese of Gary444397.7%
Trinity Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana2222100.0%
St Stanislaus SchoolDiocese of Gary2424100.0%
Trinity Educational Daycare & AcadIndependent Non-Public Schools131292.3%
Spirit of God Accelerated SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Saint Mary SchoolDiocese of Gary2727100.0%
Saint Casimir SchoolDiocese of Gary2929100.0%
Saint John Bosco SchoolDiocese of Gary272592.6%
Saint John The Baptist SchoolDiocese of Gary3939100.0%
City Baptist SchoolsIndependent Non-Public Schools221463.6%
Our Lady Of Grace SchoolDiocese of Gary1414100.0%
Trinity Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana*********
Saint Thomas More SchoolDiocese of Gary6666100.0%
St Paul's Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana1515100.0%
Notre Dame Elementary SchoolDiocese of Gary2626100.0%
Queen Of All Saints SchoolDiocese of Gary201995.0%
Door Prairie Adventist SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Saint Stanislaus Kostka SchoolDiocese of Gary111090.9%
Saint Paul Lutheran SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools141285.7%
Saint John Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana1818100.0%
Saint Vincent DePaul SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis2323100.0%
Indiana Christian AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools151493.3%
Saint Mary SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch1010100.0%
Saint Ambrose SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch2323100.0%
Saint Mary SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch222090.9%
Liberty Christian ElementaryIndependent Non-Public Schools5252100.0%
Anderson Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools1111100.0%
Nativity SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis3737100.0%
Holy Cross Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana2424100.0%
Curtis Wilson Primary SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Heritage Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools9393100.0%
Saint Lawrence SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis302790.0%
Horizon Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools222090.9%
Saint Barnabas SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis595898.3%
Saint Jude Elementary SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis5757100.0%
Saint Mark SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis252496.0%
Saint Roch SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis323196.9%
Calvary Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana2323100.0%
Southport Presbyterian Chrst SchIndependent Non-Public Schools1414100.0%
Traders Point Christian AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools4949100.0%
Holy Spirit SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis353188.6%
Trinity Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana211990.5%
Saint John Ev Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana2424100.0%
Saint Luke SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis6565100.0%
Saint Matthew SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis2222100.0%
Saint Monica SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis463984.8%
Saint Pius X SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis5353100.0%
Indianapolis Junior AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools11981.8%
Hasten Hebrew Acad Of IndianapolisIndependent Non-Public Schools1717100.0%
Our Shepherd Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana1919100.0%
Holy Name SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis242395.8%
Trinity Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools171482.4%
Baptist AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Calvary Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools1313100.0%
Christ The King SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis5050100.0%
Holy Angels Catholic SchArchdiocese of Indianapolis252392.0%
Holy Cross Central SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis191789.5%
Immaculate Heart of Mary SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis5252100.0%
Our Lady Of Lourdes SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis262596.2%
Central Catholic SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis221777.3%
MTI School of KnowledgeIndependent Non-Public Schools161487.5%
Saint Joan Of Arc SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis2727100.0%
St Michael The Archangel SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis272696.3%
Saint Philip Neri SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis191789.5%
Saint Simon The Apostle SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis7777100.0%
St Therese Little Flower SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis2424100.0%
Saint Thomas Aquinas SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis2525100.0%
Capitol City SDA Church SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools1010100.0%
TP SchoolsIndependent Non-Public Schools1919100.0%
The Oaks AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools3838100.0%
Saint Christopher SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis333297.0%
Saint Michael SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne252496.0%
Pinnacle SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools10440.0%
Saint Charles Boromeo SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis302893.3%
The Prep SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools2424100.0%
Lighthouse Christian AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools1919100.0%
Clear Creek Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools1717100.0%
Mooresville Christian AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools1717100.0%
Greenwood Christian AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools3131100.0%
Saint Mary Elementary SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne1515100.0%
St John Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana1717100.0%
Saint Patrick SchoolDiocese of Gary4040100.0%
Nativity of Our Savior SchoolDiocese of Gary2929100.0%
Victory Christian AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools191789.5%
Saint Paul Catholic SchoolDiocese of Gary5353100.0%
Immanuel Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana2121100.0%
St Matthew SchoolDiocese of Evansville*********
St Philip SchoolDiocese of Evansville2525100.0%
Saint Wendel SchoolDiocese of Evansville2020100.0%
Saint Louis SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis3535100.0%
Saint Mary Elementary SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis*********
North Liberty Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
St Pius X Catholic SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne5757100.0%
Grace AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Mishawaka Catholic SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne3434100.0%
Covenant Christian SchIndependent Non-Public Schools1111100.0%
South Bend Hebrew Day SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools1515100.0%
Queen of Peace SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne2626100.0%
Christ The King SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne535298.1%
Corpus Christi SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne252496.0%
Holy Cross SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne322990.6%
Holy Family SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne302996.7%
New Vision Christian AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Our Lady Of Hungary SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne161593.8%
Saint Adalbert SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne252288.0%
Saint Anthony De Padua SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne2929100.0%
Saint John The Baptist SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne1313100.0%
Saint Joseph SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne545398.1%
Saint Jude Catholic SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne232191.3%
Saint Matthew Cathedral SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne4040100.0%
South Bend Jr Academy SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Granger Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Michiana Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Grace Christian Academy IncIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Saint Joseph SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis121191.7%
St Bernard SchoolDiocese of Evansville1414100.0%
Saint Peter Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana*********
Saint Lawrence Elementary SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch3030100.0%
Saint Mary Cathedral SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch4747100.0%
Saint James Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana191894.7%
Lafayette Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools4141100.0%
T C Harris School at IDTC LAFIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Faith Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools4545100.0%
Saint John The Baptist SchoolDiocese of Lafayette Catholic Sch*********
Evansville Christian SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools5555100.0%
Evansville Day School PK-08Independent Non-Public Schools1717100.0%
Christ The King SchoolDiocese of Evansville2424100.0%
Corpus Christi SchoolDiocese of Evansville2727100.0%
Good Shepherd SchoolDiocese of Evansville313096.8%
Holy Redeemer SchoolDiocese of Evansville201995.0%
Holy Rosary SchoolDiocese of Evansville262596.2%
Holy Spirit SchoolDiocese of Evansville211885.7%
Westside Catholic SchoolDiocese of Evansville1919100.0%
St Benedict Cathedral SchoolDiocese of Evansville4444100.0%
Saint Joseph SchoolDiocese of Evansville1414100.0%
Resurrection SchoolDiocese of Evansville3636100.0%
St Theresa SchoolDiocese of Evansville111090.9%
Evansville Lutheran SchoolLutheran Schools of Indiana232191.3%
Saint Patrick SchoolArchdiocese of Indianapolis3636100.0%
Holy Cross SchoolIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Saint Bernard Elementary SchoolDiocese of Fort Wayne*********
Saint John The Baptist SchoolDiocese of Evansville414097.6%
St Elizabeth Ann Seton E & WArchdiocese of Indianapolis4141100.0%
Richmond AcademyIndependent Non-Public Schools*********
Community Christian SchIndependent Non-Public Schools1010100.0%
Kingdom Academy of Bluffton IncIndependent Non-Public Schools*********

Source: Indiana Department of Education