Sortable Table: 2013 ISTEP+ Results By School Corporation

Below, we’ve created a sortable table of the percentage of students in each school corporation who passed both the English language arts and math portions of the 2013 ISTEP+. Asterisks (***) mean the state cannot release results for the school without breeching federal privacy laws, usually indicating a small number of students who took the exam.

We have included data from the 2012 ISTEP+ test so you can see if a school’s score went up or down. For nonpublic schools, check out the results by individual school.

See district-wide results by typing the name of the corporation into the box below:

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Corporation Name
2013 Pass Rate
2012 Pass Rate
Adams Central Community Schools85.40%84.50%
Alexandria Com School Corp73.40%73.40%
Anderson Community School Corp60.10%58.10%
Argos Community Schools80.40%73.20%
Attica Consolidated Sch Corp59.90%63.80%
Avon Community School Corp85.50%84.90%
Barr-Reeve Com Schools Inc88.90%84.40%
Bartholomew Con School Corp71.00%73.70%
Batesville Community Sch Corp89.30%89.10%
Baugo Community Schools67.60%64.90%
Beech Grove City Schools72.00%73.70%
Benton Community School Corp71.60%72.90%
Blackford County Schools76.20%75.20%
Bloomfield School District79.70%77.70%
Blue River Valley Schools71.90%70.40%
Bremen Public Schools72.40%80.60%
Brown County School Corporation73.50%77.70%
Brownsburg Community Sch Corp89.40%88.30%
Brownstown Cnt Com Sch Corp72.00%73.20%
C A Beard Memorial School Corp70.30%70.70%
Cannelton City Schools69.20%67.80%
Carmel Clay Schools92.90%92.60%
Carroll Consolidated Sch Corp78.00%82.10%
Caston School Corporation69.90%60.80%
Center Grove Com Sch Corp86.00%86.30%
Centerville-Abington Com Schs84.30%83.00%
Central Noble Com School Corp69.30%63.20%
Clark-Pleasant Com School Corp85.00%82.90%
Clarksville Com School Corp65.00%63.70%
Clay Community Schools78.20%73.20%
Clinton Central School Corp73.40%77.60%
Clinton Prairie School Corp77.90%76.10%
Cloverdale Community Schools73.50%67.90%
Community Schools of Frankfort54.30%61.20%
Concord Community Schools69.50%69.20%
Covington Community Sch Corp75.00%80.20%
Cowan Community School Corp71.10%65.10%
Crawford Co Com School Corp84.60%78.90%
Crawfordsville Com Schools74.90%72.60%
Crothersville Community Schools69.10%69.10%
Crown Point Community Sch Corp88.50%87.80%
Culver Community Schools Corp72.70%69.20%
Daleville Community Schools81.50%75.50%
Danville Community School Corp76.60%74.30%
Decatur County Com Schools76.40%73.30%
DeKalb Co Ctl United Sch Dist76.20%73.60%
DeKalb Co Eastern Com Sch Dist68.70%70.20%
Delaware Community School Corp80.80%76.40%
Delphi Community School Corp79.10%73.20%
Duneland School Corporation79.00%77.00%
East Allen County Schools66.50%65.50%
East Gibson School Corporation79.60%73.30%
East Noble School Corp71.00%68.90%
East Porter County School Corp89.10%87.50%
East Washington School Corp76.60%75.70%
Eastbrook Community Sch Corp74.30%76.30%
Eastern Greene Schools74.70%65.20%
Eastern Hancock Co Com Sch Corp75.60%71.20%
Eastern Howard School Corp79.40%76.70%
Eastern Pulaski Com Sch Corp82.10%84.80%
Edinburgh Community Sch Corp74.70%73.30%
Elkhart Community Schools63.40%59.50%
Elwood Community School Corp63.90%56.10%
Eminence Community School Corp62.10%63.60%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp64.80%59.90%
Fairfield Community Schools80.80%79.90%
Fayette County School Corp75.00%75.60%
Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp65.90%61.70%
Fort Wayne Community Schools66.60%66.90%
Franklin Community School Corp74.70%72.00%
Franklin County Com Sch Corp69.70%66.30%
Franklin Township Com Sch Corp81.60%81.50%
Frankton-Lapel Community Schs77.00%78.10%
Fremont Community Schools76.60%72.10%
Frontier School Corporation78.90%74.30%
Garrett-Keyser-Butler Com66.10%68.80%
Gary Community School Corp46.00%43.20%
Goshen Community Schools59.40%56.20%
Greater Clark County Schools69.20%69.60%
Greater Jasper Con Schs79.70%79.00%
Greencastle Community Sch Corp74.70%71.90%
Greenfield-Central Com Schools77.50%75.90%
Greensburg Community Schools83.80%79.50%
Greenwood Community Sch Corp77.60%79.30%
Griffith Public Schools72.90%72.10%
Hamilton Community Schools73.40%72.90%
Hamilton Heights School Corp77.80%77.20%
Hamilton Southeastern Schools88.40%86.90%
Hanover Community School Corp74.30%71.10%
Huntington Co Com Sch Corp75.70%76.10%
Indianapolis Public Schools51.10%48.30%
Jac-Cen-Del Community Sch Corp75.30%73.60%
Jay School Corp80.90%81.00%
Jennings County Schools76.80%69.70%
John Glenn School Corporation73.50%72.60%
Kankakee Valley School Corp76.90%75.60%
Knox Community School Corp61.40%60.90%
Kokomo-Center Twp Con Sch Corp61.30%59.20%
Lafayette School Corporation75.00%68.30%
Lake Central School Corp79.50%78.90%
Lake Ridge Schools63.50%60.30%
Lake Station Community Schools71.30%67.10%
Lakeland School Corporation65.30%63.90%
Lanesville Community School Corp83.90%72.60%
LaPorte Community School Corp80.70%77.20%
Lawrenceburg Com School Corp70.10%67.50%
Lebanon Community School Corp75.10%78.10%
Liberty-Perry Com School Corp72.90%73.00%
Linton-Stockton School Corp70.50%72.50%
Logansport Community Sch Corp67.60%62.40%
Loogootee Community Sch Corp75.70%70.30%
M S D Bluffton-Harrison83.40%78.20%
M S D Boone Township84.80%82.80%
M S D Decatur Township66.80%64.40%
M S D Lawrence Township67.10%63.20%
M S D Martinsville Schools73.10%69.50%
M S D Mount Vernon78.30%74.30%
M S D North Posey Co Schools85.70%81.80%
M S D of New Durham Township71.20%71.60%
M S D Perry Township70.70%71.40%
M S D Pike Township64.30%60.40%
M S D Shakamak Schools66.30%62.00%
M S D Southwest Allen County84.70%84.80%
M S D Steuben County74.90%70.00%
M S D Wabash County Schools68.70%70.40%
M S D Warren County77.20%77.00%
M S D Warren Township65.20%65.20%
M S D Washington Township68.90%65.70%
M S D Wayne Township58.40%59.00%
Maconaquah School Corp71.70%70.10%
Madison Consolidated Schools68.20%70.20%
Madison-Grant United Sch Corp74.50%71.80%
Manchester Community Schools76.70%77.00%
Marion Community Schools58.20%53.90%
Medora Community School Corp48.40%53.80%
Merrillville Community School68.20%66.90%
Michigan City Area Schools62.10%60.10%
Middlebury Community Schools77.60%75.10%
Milan Community Schools71.50%77.90%
Mill Creek Community Sch Corp87.80%84.80%
Mississinewa Community School Corp67.60%66.70%
Mitchell Community Schools70.40%71.00%
Monroe Central School Corp81.50%73.50%
Monroe County Com Sch Corp77.30%77.60%
Monroe-Gregg School District64.20%67.60%
Mooresville Con School Corp78.10%77.50%
Mt Vernon Community Sch Corp77.30%77.50%
Muncie Community Schools59.00%58.60%
Nettle Creek School Corp76.80%73.90%
New Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch78.10%78.90%
New Castle Community Sch Corp76.80%73.30%
New Harmony Town & Twp Con Sch82.40%
New Prairie United School Corp79.70%79.70%
Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United81.90%76.90%
Noblesville Schools83.80%83.20%
North Adams Community Schools76.00%77.30%
North Central Parke Comm Schl Corp*70.20%
North Daviess Com Schools77.80%76.40%
North Gibson School Corp76.90%71.40%
North Harrison Com School Corp85.30%79.60%
North Judson-San Pierre Sch Corp70.90%66.90%
North Knox School Corp62.90%65.90%
North Lawrence Com Schools69.80%66.60%
North Miami Community Schools79.40%74.90%
North Montgomery Com Sch Corp66.40%66.20%
North Newton School Corp71.70%70.50%
North Putnam Community Schools70.00%68.40%
North Spencer County Sch Corp88.60%85.50%
North Vermillion Com Sch Corp63.00%57.60%
North West Hendricks Schools90.80%88.20%
North White School Corp79.50%78.30%
Northeast Dubois Co Sch Corp75.40%80.10%
Northeast School Corp63.20%64.40%
Northeastern Wayne Schools73.90%67.10%
Northern Wells Com Schools81.20%82.10%
Northwest Allen County Schools85.20%83.10%
Northwestern Con School Corp77.10%72.10%
Northwestern School Corp79.60%82.10%
Oak Hill United School Corp78.00%79.90%
Oregon-Davis School Corp68.40%64.50%
Orleans Community Schools70.70%74.60%
Paoli Community School Corp70.40%71.10%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp87.80%86.90%
Perry Central Com Schools Corp78.20%72.70%
Peru Community Schools76.30%73.90%
Pike County School Corp76.80%73.70%
Pioneer Regional School Corp77.80%77.60%
Plainfield Community Sch Corp87.40%85.20%
Plymouth Community School Corp79.20%76.70%
Portage Township Schools74.00%79.50%
Porter Township School Corp81.00%76.20%
Prairie Heights Com Sch Corp71.80%67.80%
Randolph Central School Corp69.70%63.70%
Randolph Eastern School Corp70.60%67.30%
Randolph Southern School Corp78.70%76.20%
Rensselaer Central School Corp68.40%73.80%
Richland-Bean Blossom C S C70.00%66.70%
Richmond Community Schools68.20%68.80%
Rising Sun-Ohio Co Com70.50%73.80%
River Forest Community Sch Corp63.00%66.30%
Rochester Community Sch Corp80.70%78.80%
Rockville Community School Corp*67.10%
Rossville Con School District81.20%80.50%
Rush County Schools73.30%72.40%
Salem Community Schools70.70%69.30%
School City of East Chicago49.30%43.60%
School City of Hammond52.90%50.80%
School City of Hobart75.00%74.40%
School City of Mishawaka73.10%72.00%
School Town of Highland76.10%75.70%
School Town of Munster85.20%81.10%
School Town of Speedway78.40%82.20%
Scott County School District 165.00%62.50%
Scott County School District 270.70%65.70%
Seymour Community Schools66.00%65.20%
Shelby Eastern Schools74.80%72.90%
Shelbyville Central Schools80.40%78.70%
Shenandoah School Corporation75.20%76.40%
Sheridan Community Schools75.50%75.50%
Shoals Community School Corp69.80%61.40%
Smith-Green Community Schools76.90%75.40%
South Adams Schools82.00%80.50%
South Bend Community Sch Corp59.40%58.60%
South Central Com School Corp78.80%74.90%
South Dearborn Com School Corp76.00%71.90%
South Gibson School Corp80.30%80.60%
South Harrison Com Schools73.40%69.60%
South Henry School Corp73.00%68.40%
South Knox School Corp80.60%76.40%
South Madison Com Sch Corp81.60%80.40%
South Montgomery Com Sch Corp78.20%80.20%
South Newton School Corp78.20%76.90%
South Putnam Community Schools68.50%72.30%
South Ripley Com Sch Corp85.20%81.90%
South Spencer County Sch Corp80.10%76.80%
South Vermillion Com Sch Corp77.10%75.90%
Southeast Dubois Co Sch Corp87.80%85.90%
Southeast Fountain School Corp69.40%64.00%
Southeastern School Corp71.80%70.90%
Southern Hancock Co Com Sch Corp82.20%80.90%
Southern Wells Com Schools82.20%83.10%
Southwest Dubois Co Sch Corp79.90%79.10%
Southwest Parke Com Sch Corp66.20%65.10%
Southwest School Corp76.30%78.10%
Southwestern Con Sch Shelby Co74.50%74.90%
Southwestern-Jefferson Co Con65.20%63.70%
Spencer-Owen Community Schools74.50%72.60%
Springs Valley Com School Corp77.10%78.40%
Sunman-Dearborn Com Sch Corp79.90%81.80%
Switzerland County School Corp70.60%68.30%
Taylor Community School Corp67.40%71.30%
Tell City-Troy Twp School Corp82.60%81.40%
Tippecanoe School Corp78.50%76.40%
Tippecanoe Valley School Corp67.50%69.00%
Tipton Community School Corp80.10%75.40%
Tri-Central Community Schools68.20%68.00%
Tri-County School Corp77.70%74.50%
Tri-Creek School Corporation77.10%75.20%
Tri-Township Cons School Corp81.20%80.60%
Triton School Corporation84.50%70.20%
Turkey Run Community Sch Corp*74.10%
Twin Lakes School Corp76.20%76.30%
Union Co/Clg Corner Joint Sch Dist76.70%76.70%
Union School Corporation70.30%75.30%
Union Township School Corp85.20%83.80%
Union-North United School Corp73.70%71.50%
Valparaiso Community Schools84.50%84.80%
Vigo County School Corp71.20%71.60%
Vincennes Community Sch Corp63.70%64.60%
Wa-Nee Community Schools82.50%81.60%
Wabash City Schools70.30%72.90%
Warrick County School Corp81.90%81.70%
Warsaw Community Schools78.50%76.30%
Washington Com Schools70.20%66.50%
Wawasee Community School Corp65.80%72.30%
Wes-Del Community Schools79.00%80.70%
West Central School Corp66.60%63.50%
West Clark Community Schools71.50%71.20%
West Lafayette Com School Corp91.10%92.80%
West Noble School Corporation64.10%65.70%
West Washington School Corp84.80%77.40%
Western Boone Co Com Sch Dist82.00%79.20%
Western School Corp79.90%78.30%
Western Wayne Schools79.20%78.30%
Westfield-Washington Schools86.50%86.30%
Westview School Corporation76.50%78.60%
White River Valley Sch Dist82.20%76.00%
Whiting School City70.80%68.20%
Whitko Community School Corp70.10%66.70%
Whitley Co Cons Schools77.70%75.90%
Yorktown Community Schools79.50%77.60%
Zionsville Community Schools91.30%91.30%

Source: Indiana Department of Education


* The Turkey Run and Rockville school corporations merged in 2012 to become the North Central Parke Community School Corporation.