Sortable Table: 2012-13 IREAD-3 Results By School Corporation

UPDATE, Sept. 4, 2013: Since we posted this table, the state has released IREAD-3 results that include the retakes students who did not pass in March took over the summer. Take a look at this page for those results.

This table shows what percentage of students in each Indiana school corporation passed the IREAD-3 exam in March 2013. We’ve also posted the results for each individual school. Statewide, 86 percent of third graders passed the exam in March 2013. Search for your school district using the box below.

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Corporation Name
2013 Pass Percent
2012 Pass Percent
Adams Central Community Schools93.40%92.2
Alexandria Com School Corp84.50%90.3
Anderson Community School Corp71.10%80.1
Argos Community Schools90.40%84.8
Attica Consolidated Sch Corp82.40%84.2
Avon Community School Corp93.70%92
Barr-Reeve Com Schools Inc98.10%96.8
Bartholomew Con School Corp88.50%86.8
Batesville Community Sch Corp95.60%95.5
Baugo Community Schools89.60%86.2
Beech Grove City Schools83.80%86.8
Benton Community School Corp95.10%87.2
Blackford County Schools90.90%82.5
Bloomfield School District91.80%89.3
Blue River Valley Schools80.40%84.2
Bremen Public Schools75.20%86.9
Brown County School Corporation86.60%88.2
Brownsburg Community Sch Corp95.40%91
Brownstown Cnt Com Sch Corp89.10%79.6
C A Beard Memorial School Corp88.40%85.7
Cannelton City Schools83.30%83.3
Carmel Clay Schools92.40%93.6
Carroll Consolidated Sch Corp88.20%92.7
Caston School Corporation98.10%90.7
Center Grove Com Sch Corp91.90%92.7
Centerville-Abington Com Schs94.50%94.5
Central Noble Com School Corp97.10%83.7
Clark-Pleasant Com School Corp90.00%87.7
Clarksville Com School Corp86.40%78.8
Clay Community Schools88.40%83.1
Clinton Central School Corp90.40%89.3
Clinton Prairie School Corp94.40%92.8
Cloverdale Community Schools95.10%92
Community Schools of Frankfort64.40%79.1
Concord Community Schools82.40%78.3
Covington Community Sch Corp92.60%83.6
Cowan Community School Corp93.80%93.7
Crawford Co Com School Corp91.80%88.4
Crawfordsville Com Schools84.00%79
Crothersville Community Schools77.80%83.7
Crown Point Community Sch Corp95.00%93.4
Culver Community Schools Corp89.00%84.6
Daleville Community Schools91.00%97
Danville Community School Corp94.10%90.7
Decatur County Com Schools89.30%91.6
DeKalb Co Ctl United Sch Dist92.60%88.4
DeKalb Co Eastern Com Sch Dist85.70%80.2
Delaware Community School Corp96.80%90.6
Delphi Community School Corp95.00%86.7
Duneland School Corporation93.90%90
East Allen County Schools78.90%78.8
East Gibson School Corporation91.50%84
East Noble School Corp84.40%86.5
East Porter County School Corp98.30%94.2
East Washington School Corp94.90%93.7
Eastbrook Community Sch Corp90.60%87.6
Eastern Greene Schools91.90%84.7
Eastern Hancock Co Com Sch Corp91.50%78.6
Eastern Howard School Corp98.90%99.1
Eastern Pulaski Com Sch Corp90.40%88.9
Edinburgh Community Sch Corp93.20%88.4
Elkhart Community Schools76.50%71.2
Elwood Community School Corp85.90%84.5
Eminence Community School Corp96.30%94.6
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp81.80%79.6
Fairfield Community Schools91.20%89
Fayette County School Corp84.60%83.7
Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp93.50%78.7
Fort Wayne Community Schools82.00%78.3
Franklin Community School Corp92.20%87.6
Franklin County Com Sch Corp86.10%83.7
Franklin Township Com Sch Corp89.40%91.3
Frankton-Lapel Community Schs92.80%91.3
Fremont Community Schools96.80%87.1
Frontier School Corporation87.70%89.8
Garrett-Keyser-Butler Com90.20%75.9
Gary Community School Corp54.20%66.7
Goshen Community Schools76.30%80
Greater Clark County Schools83.40%83.6
Greater Jasper Con Schs88.40%88.6
Greencastle Community Sch Corp89.20%86.5
Greenfield-Central Com Schools92.80%89.7
Greensburg Community Schools94.90%86.2
Greenwood Community Sch Corp89.40%88.3
Griffith Public Schools87.40%83.4
Hamilton Community Schools96.80%92.3
Hamilton Heights School Corp92.30%91.2
Hamilton Southeastern Schools93.00%95.2
Hanover Community School Corp96.80%88.8
Huntington Co Com Sch Corp91.50%90.6
Indianapolis Public Schools66.10%66.3
Jac-Cen-Del Community Sch Corp90.30%92.6
Jay School Corp91.30%87.8
Jennings County Schools88.40%86.6
John Glenn School Corporation89.50%85.7
Kankakee Valley School Corp93.90%89.3
Knox Community School Corp90.30%82.6
Kokomo-Center Twp Con Sch Corp70.80%78.8
Lafayette School Corporation89.40%80.3
Lake Central School Corp92.40%90.1
Lake Ridge Schools78.90%76.9
Lake Station Community Schools85.10%86.4
Lakeland School Corporation81.10%79.2
Lanesville Community School Corp97.80%87.8
LaPorte Community School Corp90.70%86.4
Lawrenceburg Com School Corp85.40%84.7
Lebanon Community School Corp84.80%88.7
Liberty-Perry Com School Corp91.40%86.7
Linton-Stockton School Corp92.10%95.1
Logansport Community Sch Corp78.00%84.2
Loogootee Community Sch Corp92.50%87.1
M S D Bluffton-Harrison93.80%93.4
M S D Boone Township92.60%96.4
M S D Decatur Township80.70%82.1
M S D Lawrence Township74.60%73.2
M S D Martinsville Schools92.00%90.9
M S D Mount Vernon80.50%87
M S D North Posey Co Schools91.60%90.9
M S D of New Durham Township98.50%87.5
M S D Perry Township77.50%78.8
M S D Pike Township80.90%75.3
M S D Shakamak Schools96.10%81.8
M S D Southwest Allen County Schls91.20%91.1
M S D Steuben County91.50%89.4
M S D Wabash County Schools87.30%90.4
M S D Warren County84.60%88
M S D Warren Township76.80%81.6
M S D Washington Township78.40%73.6
M S D Wayne Township79.00%75.1
Maconaquah School Corp80.50%89.2
Madison Consolidated Schools88.80%86.5
Madison-Grant United Sch Corp88.20%92.1
Manchester Community Schools90.00%86.7
Marion Community Schools77.70%71.9
Medora Community School Corp85.00%42.1
Merrillville Community School84.00%84.6
Michigan City Area Schools80.00%71.4
Middlebury Community Schools88.50%90.8
Milan Community Schools92.50%89.5
Mill Creek Community Sch Corp93.50%90.6
Mississinewa Community School Corp86.40%85.9
Mitchell Community Schools87.80%91.7
Monroe Central School Corp93.00%90.1
Monroe County Com Sch Corp88.60%88.2
Monroe-Gregg School District87.80%86.5
Mooresville Con School Corp90.60%91.1
Mt Vernon Community Sch Corp95.20%94.8
Muncie Community Schools77.60%77.7
Nettle Creek School Corp90.40%88.5
New Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch90.60%86.9
New Castle Community Sch Corp85.60%82
New Prairie United School Corp97.20%93.3
Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United95.60%99.2
Noblesville Schools95.50%91.4
North Adams Community Schools79.50%87.6
North Central Parke Comm Schl Corp88.20%
North Daviess Com Schools88.90%90.6
North Gibson School Corp89.00%78.8
North Harrison Com School Corp96.60%91.9
North Judson-San Pierre Sch Corp86.70%83.9
North Knox School Corp91.00%83.7
North Lawrence Com Schools89.90%87.5
North Miami Community Schools87.10%93.4
North Montgomery Com Sch Corp80.70%83.2
North Newton School Corp77.30%88.4
North Putnam Community Schools88.60%86.7
North Spencer County Sch Corp94.20%93.4
North Vermillion Com Sch Corp88.90%80.7
North West Hendricks Schools98.60%94.7
North White School Corp93.20%92
Northeast Dubois Co Sch Corp93.30%89.7
Northeast School Corp90.90%79
Northeastern Wayne Schools86.70%90.7
Northern Wells Com Schools89.60%90.6
Northwest Allen County Schools92.90%91.8
Northwestern Con School Corp86.10%87.3
Northwestern School Corp94.60%95.3
Oak Hill United School Corp92.50%95.5
Oregon-Davis School Corp90.00%97.5
Orleans Community Schools94.80%82.5
Paoli Community School Corp89.30%88.1
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp92.80%90.1
Perry Central Com Schools Corp98.80%84.1
Peru Community Schools90.70%86.1
Pike County School Corp85.50%90.9
Pioneer Regional School Corp89.60%84.6
Plainfield Community Sch Corp96.50%95.6
Plymouth Community School Corp92.60%93.4
Portage Township Schools86.30%86.3
Porter Township School Corp93.70%93.9
Prairie Heights Com Sch Corp89.60%85.6
Randolph Central School Corp94.80%85.8
Randolph Eastern School Corp76.90%78.1
Randolph Southern School Corp91.40%96.4
Rensselaer Central School Corp82.90%88.1
Richland-Bean Blossom C S C90.00%88.6
Richmond Community Schools82.70%75.8
Rising Sun-Ohio Co Com90.80%87.7
River Forest Community Sch Corp82.00%78
Rochester Community Sch Corp86.20%91.2
Rossville Con School District92.90%93.4
Rush County Schools86.70%87.8
Salem Community Schools90.70%82.4
School City of East Chicago76.70%66.2
School City of Hammond76.40%74.9
School City of Hobart95.50%87.9
School City of Mishawaka84.70%86.4
School Town of Highland88.70%88.6
School Town of Munster93.90%90.8
School Town of Speedway84.00%85.2
Scott County School District 186.40%76.7
Scott County School District 292.80%85.8
Seymour Community Schools78.10%74.9
Shelby Eastern Schools92.40%90.9
Shelbyville Central Schools93.50%88.6
Shenandoah School Corporation85.80%83.5
Sheridan Community Schools92.10%88
Shoals Community School Corp82.60%96.2
Smith-Green Community Schools93.30%89.7
South Adams Schools90.60%91.7
South Bend Community Sch Corp71.20%71.6
South Central Com School Corp82.60%94.5
South Dearborn Com School Corp91.00%89.6
South Gibson School Corp81.30%86.2
South Harrison Com Schools90.90%88.1
South Henry School Corp80.00%79.6
South Knox School Corp98.00%93
South Madison Com Sch Corp90.40%92.7
South Montgomery Com Sch Corp87.80%92.5
South Newton School Corp94.90%80.7
South Putnam Community Schools86.80%86.9
South Ripley Com Sch Corp98.90%97.7
South Spencer County Sch Corp95.30%94.2
South Vermillion Com Sch Corp86.90%84.9
Southeast Dubois Co Sch Corp96.20%94.5
Southeast Fountain School Corp86.20%79.3
Southeastern School Corp88.50%84.6
Southern Hancock Co Com Sch Corp93.40%91.8
Southern Wells Com Schools83.60%90.9
Southwest Dubois Co Sch Corp90.50%87.2
Southwest Parke Com Sch Corp93.20%82.9
Southwest School Corp86.80%88
Southwestern Con Sch Shelby Co92.50%91.1
Southwestern-Jefferson Co Con83.20%82.4
Spencer-Owen Community Schools89.10%87.6
Springs Valley Com School Corp85.10%88.3
Sunman-Dearborn Com Sch Corp93.90%91.9
Switzerland County School Corp81.00%90.2
Taylor Community School Corp88.60%83.5
Tell City-Troy Twp School Corp84.70%89.7
Tippecanoe School Corp88.50%88.5
Tippecanoe Valley School Corp83.20%90.7
Tipton Community School Corp96.00%96.4
Tri-Central Community Schools66.70%82.8
Tri-County School Corp85.70%94
Tri-Creek School Corporation92.80%89.8
Tri-Township Cons School Corp100.00%88
Triton School Corporation97.00%95.8
Twin Lakes School Corp90.40%85.3
Union Co/Clg Corner Joint Sch Dist90.90%90.8
Union School Corporation95.70%95.8
Union Township School Corp94.20%92.1
Union-North United School Corp95.20%88.4
Valparaiso Community Schools95.30%94.2
Vigo County School Corp86.70%84.2
Vincennes Community Sch Corp89.10%86.7
Wa-Nee Community Schools91.10%90.1
Wabash City Schools89.20%87
Warrick County School Corp95.30%92.2
Warsaw Community Schools88.70%86.6
Washington Com Schools88.80%81.3
Wawasee Community School Corp89.80%87.3
Wes-Del Community Schools87.50%85.5
West Central School Corp94.10%85.5
West Clark Community Schools80.20%55.3
West Lafayette Com School Corp96.10%96.2
West Noble School Corporation70.90%79.7
West Washington School Corp100.00%91.3
Western Boone Co Com Sch Dist92.60%87.5
Western School Corp93.10%93
Western Wayne Schools93.50%94.4
Westfield-Washington Schools93.30%90.7
Westview School Corporation80.80%87.8
White River Valley Sch Dist88.10%83.3
Whiting School City90.00%78.7
Whitko Community School Corp92.00%89.7
Whitley Co Cons Schools90.70%91.6
Yorktown Community Schools91.90%91.5
Zionsville Community Schools96.80%95