Map & Sortable Table: Final 2013 IREAD-3 Results For All Indiana School Corporations

This map shows the percentage of third graders in each Indiana district who passed the IREAD-3 exam in 2013, either in March or after a retake over the summer. Search for an individual corporation’s pass rate in our sortable table below. Find an individual school’s pass rate here. In the map, the darker the shading, the higher the district’s pass rate.

91.1 percent of Indiana third graders passed the exam in 2013. In the average traditional public school district, 93.4 percent of third graders passed.

Find the passing rates at every charter, traditional public or private school here.

Search for a district’s IREAD-3 results in the table below. Type the name of a corporation into the search box, or use the arrows in the column headers to sort the table.

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Corporation Name
Students Tested
Students Passing
Percent Passing
Adams Central Community Schools767294.7%
North Adams Community Schools1129483.9%
South Adams Schools968891.7%
M S D Southwest Allen County Schls57154996.1%
Northwest Allen County Schools49747495.4%
Fort Wayne Community Schools2353202586.1%
East Allen County Schools61152285.4%
Bartholomew Con School Corp84877291.0%
Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp7777100.0%
Benton Community School Corp14213796.5%
Blackford County Schools14313493.7%
Western Boone Co Com Sch Dist12211795.9%
Zionsville Community Schools47246598.5%
Lebanon Community School Corp26925293.7%
Brown County School Corporation14313090.9%
Carroll Consolidated Sch Corp857689.4%
Delphi Community School Corp12211997.5%
Pioneer Regional School Corp777597.4%
Southeastern School Corp877889.7%
Logansport Community Sch Corp30024280.7%
West Clark Community Schools35630184.6%
Clarksville Com School Corp1039895.1%
Greater Clark County Schools81074091.4%
Clay Community Schools33630891.7%
Clinton Central School Corp737197.3%
Clinton Prairie School Corp908594.4%
Community Schools of Frankfort24719980.6%
Rossville Con School District716794.4%
Crawford Co Com School Corp11010292.7%
Barr-Reeve Com Schools Inc545398.1%
North Daviess Com Schools817795.1%
Washington Com Schools18017295.6%
Sunman-Dearborn Com Sch Corp29428095.2%
South Dearborn Com School Corp20018492.0%
Lawrenceburg Com School Corp15814692.4%
Decatur County Com Schools15013590.0%
Greensburg Community Schools15715598.7%
DeKalb Co Eastern Com Sch Dist989192.9%
Garrett-Keyser-Butler Com12211392.6%
DeKalb Co Ctl United Sch Dist27226597.4%
Delaware Community School Corp18818397.3%
Wes-Del Community Schools726387.5%
Liberty-Perry Com School Corp706694.3%
Cowan Community School Corp656193.8%
Yorktown Community Schools16115395.0%
Daleville Community Schools6767100.0%
Muncie Community Schools55147886.8%
Northeast Dubois Co Sch Corp757296.0%
Southeast Dubois Co Sch Corp10610397.2%
Southwest Dubois Co Sch Corp13012293.8%
Greater Jasper Con Schs21521298.6%
Fairfield Community Schools14713793.2%
Baugo Community Schools16415896.3%
Concord Community Schools34130489.1%
Middlebury Community Schools35032392.3%
Wa-Nee Community Schools22521294.2%
Elkhart Community Schools103788385.1%
Goshen Community Schools55146083.5%
Fayette County School Corp28024687.9%
New Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch82977593.5%
Attica Consolidated Sch Corp514792.2%
Covington Community Sch Corp817693.8%
Southeast Fountain School Corp878496.6%
Franklin County Com Sch Corp20718488.9%
Rochester Community Sch Corp14513291.0%
Caston School Corporation545398.1%
East Gibson School Corporation756992.0%
North Gibson School Corp17215791.3%
South Gibson School Corp12912395.3%
Eastbrook Community Sch Corp1069993.4%
Madison-Grant United Sch Corp868396.5%
Mississinewa Community School Corp18716990.4%
Marion Community Schools30926686.1%
Bloomfield School District857992.9%
Eastern Greene Schools868295.3%
Linton-Stockton School Corp11411399.1%
M S D Shakamak Schools5151100.0%
White River Valley Sch Dist595898.3%
Hamilton Southeastern Schools1659161997.6%
Hamilton Heights School Corp18517996.8%
Westfield-Washington Schools56955196.8%
Sheridan Community Schools767193.4%
Carmel Clay Schools1266120595.2%
Noblesville Schools77575797.7%
Southern Hancock Co Com Sch Corp21521198.1%
Greenfield-Central Com Schools33531894.9%
Mt Vernon Community Sch Corp24924397.6%
Eastern Hancock Co Com Sch Corp837894.0%
Lanesville Community School Corp454497.8%
North Harrison Com School Corp17817397.2%
South Harrison Com Schools23221693.1%
North West Hendricks Schools146146100.0%
Brownsburg Community Sch Corp63562097.6%
Avon Community School Corp67365296.9%
Danville Community School Corp18718397.9%
Plainfield Community Sch Corp36736098.1%
Mill Creek Community Sch Corp10910293.6%
Blue River Valley Schools514588.2%
South Henry School Corp555090.9%
Shenandoah School Corporation11310592.9%
New Castle Community Sch Corp26323890.5%
C A Beard Memorial School Corp958791.6%
Taylor Community School Corp888192.0%
Northwestern School Corp12912395.3%
Eastern Howard School Corp9494100.0%
Western School Corp21720996.3%
Kokomo-Center Twp Con Sch Corp45738684.5%
Huntington Co Com Sch Corp40037593.8%
Medora Community School Corp201890.0%
Seymour Community Schools32827985.1%
Brownstown Cnt Com Sch Corp12811892.2%
Crothersville Community Schools453884.4%
Kankakee Valley School Corp24824398.0%
Rensselaer Central School Corp10710194.4%
Jay School Corp25523993.7%
Madison Consolidated Schools20919291.9%
Southwestern-Jefferson Co Con10910495.4%
Jennings County Schools34632293.1%
Clark-Pleasant Com School Corp49146594.7%
Center Grove Com Sch Corp55654798.4%
Edinburgh Community Sch Corp595796.6%
Franklin Community School Corp35834295.5%
Greenwood Community Sch Corp31229092.9%
Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United13513398.5%
North Knox School Corp1009595.0%
South Knox School Corp9898100.0%
Vincennes Community Sch Corp20418791.7%
Wawasee Community School Corp25724394.6%
Warsaw Community Schools56952592.3%
Tippecanoe Valley School Corp14413895.8%
Whitko Community School Corp13813396.4%
Prairie Heights Com Sch Corp969093.8%
Westview School Corporation21517681.9%
Lakeland School Corporation17515689.1%
Hanover Community School Corp15515096.8%
River Forest Community Sch Corp13311888.7%
Merrillville Community School52649493.9%
Lake Central School Corp73570796.2%
Tri-Creek School Corporation23722695.4%
Lake Ridge Schools14511881.4%
Crown Point Community Sch Corp58457498.3%
School City of East Chicago44335780.6%
Lake Station Community Schools13611786.0%
Gary Community School Corp79556170.6%
Griffith Public Schools17416092.0%
School City of Hammond115397784.7%
School Town of Highland23922393.3%
School City of Hobart29328597.3%
School Town of Munster26325597.0%
Whiting School City706491.4%
New Prairie United School Corp21221099.1%
M S D of New Durham Township6767100.0%
Tri-Township Cons School Corp3434100.0%
Michigan City Area Schools45340088.3%
South Central Com School Corp696391.3%
LaPorte Community School Corp49445992.9%
North Lawrence Com Schools36834393.2%
Mitchell Community Schools11710791.5%
Frankton-Lapel Community Schs23623197.9%
South Madison Com Sch Corp34432694.8%
Alexandria Com School Corp868194.2%
Anderson Community School Corp50841681.9%
Elwood Community School Corp12811489.1%
M S D Decatur Township46942891.3%
Franklin Township Com Sch Corp67864695.3%
M S D Lawrence Township1165102187.6%
M S D Perry Township115597784.6%
M S D Pike Township93980385.5%
M S D Warren Township88274284.1%
M S D Washington Township84874187.4%
M S D Wayne Township1278107884.4%
Beech Grove City Schools19718995.9%
Indianapolis Public Schools2904222976.8%
School Town of Speedway12510987.2%
Culver Community Schools Corp827895.1%
Argos Community Schools524994.2%
Bremen Public Schools12511491.2%
Plymouth Community School Corp28326995.1%
Triton School Corporation686697.1%
Shoals Community School Corp474187.2%
Loogootee Community Sch Corp716591.5%
Maconaquah School Corp16515090.9%
North Miami Community Schools706390.0%
Oak Hill United School Corp13413197.8%
Peru Community Schools16215696.3%
Richland-Bean Blossom C S C23221693.1%
Monroe County Com Sch Corp76672794.9%
North Montgomery Com Sch Corp15113186.8%
South Montgomery Com Sch Corp11611296.6%
Crawfordsville Com Schools18116993.4%
Monroe-Gregg School District11611195.7%
Eminence Community School Corp2727100.0%
M S D Martinsville Schools40438795.8%
Mooresville Con School Corp35133495.2%
North Newton School Corp1109788.2%
South Newton School Corp595796.6%
Central Noble Com School Corp10810698.1%
East Noble School Corp27625090.6%
West Noble School Corporation20317284.7%
Rising Sun-Ohio Co Com656193.8%
Orleans Community Schools5858100.0%
Paoli Community School Corp12211493.4%
Springs Valley Com School Corp676089.6%
Spencer-Owen Community Schools19318595.9%
Southwest Parke Com Sch Corp757296.0%
Perry Central Com Schools Corp8282100.0%
Cannelton City Schools121191.7%
Tell City-Troy Twp School Corp13712289.1%
North Central Parke Comm Schl Corp767598.7%
Pike County School Corp14713189.1%
M S D Boone Township959094.7%
Duneland School Corporation44041895.0%
East Porter County School Corp18118099.4%
Porter Township School Corp11210997.3%
Union Township School Corp1039895.1%
Portage Township Schools63056790.0%
Valparaiso Community Schools42741296.5%
M S D Mount Vernon17214886.0%
M S D North Posey Co Schools959195.8%
Eastern Pulaski Com Sch Corp1059893.3%
West Central School Corp514894.1%
South Putnam Community Schools787292.3%
North Putnam Community Schools12411794.4%
Cloverdale Community Schools817896.3%
Greencastle Community Sch Corp15715095.5%
Union School Corporation232295.7%
Randolph Southern School Corp3535100.0%
Monroe Central School Corp878496.6%
Randolph Central School Corp969497.9%
Randolph Eastern School Corp656193.8%
South Ripley Com Sch Corp9494100.0%
Batesville Community Sch Corp16215998.1%
Jac-Cen-Del Community Sch Corp645992.2%
Milan Community Schools676292.5%
Rush County Schools17516192.0%
John Glenn School Corporation13412492.5%
Penn-Harris-Madison Sch Corp76373195.8%
School City of Mishawaka39135590.8%
South Bend Community Sch Corp1517127584.0%
Union-North United School Corp838197.6%
Scott County School District 1837590.4%
Scott County School District 219618594.4%
Shelby Eastern Schools11911899.2%
Northwestern Con School Corp1039996.1%
Southwestern Con Sch Shelby Co403997.5%
Shelbyville Central Schools26124895.0%
North Spencer County Sch Corp13713296.4%
South Spencer County Sch Corp10710396.3%
Oregon-Davis School Corp403895.0%
North Judson-San Pierre Sch Corp837590.4%
Knox Community School Corp14913892.6%
Fremont Community Schools646296.9%
Hamilton Community Schools313096.8%
M S D Steuben County21320395.3%
Northeast School Corp777394.8%
Southwest School Corp12211896.7%
Switzerland County School Corp11710388.0%
Lafayette School Corporation56652492.6%
Tippecanoe School Corp94188594.0%
West Lafayette Com School Corp18518097.3%
Tri-Central Community Schools666192.4%
Tipton Community School Corp12512096.0%
Union Co/Clg Corner Joint Sch Dist11010292.7%
Evansville Vanderburgh Sch Corp1842159586.6%
North Vermillion Com Sch Corp454497.8%
South Vermillion Com Sch Corp14513693.8%
Vigo County School Corp1227110890.3%
Manchester Community Schools11010494.5%
M S D Wabash County Schools15014194.0%
Wabash City Schools948893.6%
M S D Warren County787393.6%
Warrick County School Corp75372596.3%
Salem Community Schools15114294.0%
East Washington School Corp1009595.0%
West Washington School Corp4848100.0%
Nettle Creek School Corp949196.8%
Western Wayne Schools777597.4%
Centerville-Abington Com Schs12912697.7%
Northeastern Wayne Schools837995.2%
Richmond Community Schools35632791.9%
Southern Wells Com Schools625588.7%
Northern Wells Com Schools17316494.8%
M S D Bluffton-Harrison13112998.5%
North White School Corp595593.2%
Frontier School Corporation575494.7%
Tri-County School Corp564987.5%
Twin Lakes School Corp16615593.4%
Smith-Green Community Schools908594.4%
Whitley Co Cons Schools28126694.7%
Charter School of the Dunes432967.4%
Community Montessori Inc433888.4%
Irvington Community School757296.0%
New Community School363288.9%
Timothy L Johnson Academy403690.0%
Veritas Academy121191.7%
Fall Creek Academy544277.8%
Christel House Academy535094.3%
Flanner House Elementary School393897.4%
Thea Bowman Leadership Academy10710093.5%
Rural Community Schools Inc1717100.0%
SE Neighborhood Sch of Excellence513364.7%
Joshua Academy363288.9%
Gary Lighthouse Charter School534177.4%
21st Century Charter Sch of Gary292793.1%
East Chicago Urban Enterprise Acad4444100.0%
Kenneth A Christmon STEMM Academy262076.9%
Indpls Lighthouse Charter School725880.6%
West Gary Lighthouse Charter474391.5%
Monument Lighthouse Charter School716084.5%
East Chicago Lighthouse Charter585391.4%
IN Sch for the Blind & Vis Imprd11327.3%
Indiana School For The Deaf17741.2%
Andrew J Brown Academy797088.6%
Burris Laboratory School3737100.0%
Challenge Foundation Academy999697.0%
Geist Montessori Academy453884.4%
Paramount School Of Excellence Inc645992.2%
Aspire Charter Academy807897.5%
Renaissance Academy Charter School201680.0%
Imagine MASTer Academy705984.3%
Andrew Academy1919100.0%
Padua Academy242291.7%
Canaan Community Academy141392.9%
Thurgood Marshall Leadership Acad11872.7%
Indiana Cyber Charter Sch Inc*********
Indiana Math and Science Academy494081.6%
Anderson Preparatory Academy584882.8%
Dr Robert H Faulkner Academy363494.4%
Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis443784.1%
Hoosier Academy - Muncie*********
Imagine Life Sciences Acad - East1066056.6%
Imagine MASTer on Broadway594474.6%
The Bloomington Project School333297.0%
Xavier School of Excellence373183.8%
Imagine Life Sciences Acad - West967578.1%
Hoosier Acad Virtual Charter21817680.7%
Discovery Charter School525198.1%
Rock Creek Community Academy2929100.0%
Indiana Math Science Academy North433479.1%
Indiana Connections Academy11810891.5%
Damar Charter Academy*********

Source: Indiana Department of Education