Map: Did Your District’s ISTEP+ Scores Go Up Or Down From 2012 To 2013?

Below is a map showing whether Indiana public school districts’ ISTEP+ pass rates increased or decreased from 2012 to 2013. Districts in shades of green saw increases in their ISTEP scores. Districts in shades of brown saw decreases. The deeper the color, the bigger the change in the district’s pass rate.

Find ISTEP+ scores for schools or districts on our two sortable tables: one listing school district results and one listing pass rates for every private, charter and traditional public school in the state.

The average district’s score went up 1.4 percentage points. Statewide, 73.5 percent of students passed the exam.

Note some of the deepest color in some of the state’s smaller, rural districts. With fewer students, of course, one student’s test result can have a larger impact on the school’s pass rate.

Note also a hole in the map northeast of Terre Haute: North Central Parke Community School Corporation posted a 70.2 percent pass rate this year.  Since it was formed from the consolidation of the former Rockville and Turkey Run school districts, we don’t have a 2012 pass rate with which to compare this year’s scores, so we removed the district from the map.