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What Tony Bennett Didn't Say In Last Night's State Of Education Address

What Tony Bennett didn’t say during last night’s State of Education Address may be just as important as what he did say, writes Indiana education blogger Steve Hinnefeld. The state superintendent didn’t talk about early education — something Democrat John Gregg has mentioned in his campaign for governor — but hit on several points from Republican Mike Pence’s platform. From School Matters:

Noticeably absent from the speech in this election year: any explicit reference to the Common Cores Standards, which Bennett has supported in the past but which are anathema for many conservatives.
Also missing were any of the customary kind words for President Barack Obama and his secretary of education, Arne Duncan. Bennett has made a point, previously, of noting that some of his ideas – more charter schools, test-based accountability for teachers – are bipartisan. Not so this week.

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