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Bennett To Indy Star: 'I Regret Voters Didn’t Know The Real Me'

Kyle Stokes / StateImpact Indiana

State superintendent Tony Bennett delivers his concession speech at Lucas Oil Stadium on election night.

On the heels of his electoral defeat, outgoing state superintendent Tony Bennett — who recently accepted the job of Florida’s state schools chief — spoke to Indianapolis Star ed reporter Scott Elliott about the lessons of his tenure.

“I kind of regret that the persona of Tony Bennett the state superintendent that seemed to prevail in many areas is really a lot different than the person people know,” Bennett told the Star. The full interview is here, on the Get On The Bus blog.

His advice to Glenda Ritz: “Regardless of where she falls on her ideology, she should pursue what she believes with passion and without any concern about future elections In 2008, my wife and I were at the Republican state convention and Gov. Daniels walked up to us behind the stage before we were all nominated. He likes to shake his finger at you when he makes a point. He shook it at me and said, ‘promise me you will never let this change you.’ That is what I would say to Glenda Ritz, regardless of what we agree on or disagree on. Gov. Daniels said, ‘Come to Indianapolis to do something and not be something.’ That would be my very humble advice to her.”

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