Indiana's Contract With Online Exam Provider CTB/McGraw Hill

Widespread interruptions to the online ISTEP+ exam forced many Indiana schools to suspend testing on Monday, April 29, and Tuesday, April 30, 2013. In the days that followed, server problems at testing company CTB/McGraw Hill were blamed for the problems.

Here’s a copy of the contract CTB signed with state education officials to provide the online assessments. (It’s worth more than $95 million for the company.) StateImpact reporters have added a few notes to the contract — click on the links in the sidebar on the right to view them.

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May 2: We’ve notated the portions of the contract that lay out what fines and penalties the state can assess should CTB fail to abide by the agreement.

We’ll update this page if we make any other notes in the contract. Drop us a line if you notice something we should point out — or, of course, leave us a comment below. What stands out in this lengthy document to you?