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What They’re Saying About Obama’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ Announcement (A Daily Report Card Special Edition!)

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What with all this NCLB hullabaloo, I thought I’d link you to some of the reactions that are coming in after President Obama’s big speech this afternoon — in which he announced the Department of Education would take applications from states for waivers from requirements of the federal ‘No Child’ law:

The Waiver Wire: A Few Surprises – Education Sector Education Sector is one of the most even-handed, non-partisan ed think tanks in D.C. that I can find. This is a really useful breakdown of what’s new in the Obama plan. (The Quick and the Ed)

Education Waivers 101: Eight Questions You Should Ask About Education Waivers – Center for American Progress “The move is a step in the right direction,” says the left-wing group. (

The problem with Obama’s plan to issue NCLB waivers – Answer Sheet “If the administration believes it has the power to relieve states of NCLB mandates without congressional input, why not do it without favor?” (

Arne and Obama Gut School Accountability – Dropout Nation, by RiShawn Biddle “The waivers from the No Child Left Behind Act being pushed by President Barack Obama and his education secretary, Arne Duncan, aren’t worth the paper upon which they are written.” (Dropout Nation)

White House Fact Sheet on NCLB ‘Flexibility’ …Details, straight from the source. (The White House)

Will Arne Duncan’s Education Reforms Get Left Behind? – HuffPo “In light of the now hyper-partisan House and the stalled implementation of Race to the Top, Duncan’s RTTT-inspired changes may prove as temporary as they are bombastic.” (


  • Anonymous

    NCLB was never intended to improve education. It was intended to make it appear public education was a failure, so that vouchers could be implemented instead. It’s been working splendidly so far; this is it’s first speed bump on the road to ending public education.

    But I have little doubt that the “punishment mentality” nation will, in the end, eat it’s own children to avoid the real cost of educating them.

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