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McCormick’s Department Of Education Lays Off 34 Employees

Jennifer McCormick speaks with the press on Nov. 8, 2016. (Eric Weddle/WFYI)

Jennifer McCormick speaks with the press on election night, after defeating Glenda Ritz for state superintendent. (photo credit: Eric Weddle/WFYI)

The Indiana Department of Education fired 34 employees this week, as the department transitioned to a new administration under state superintendent Jennifer McCormick. The IDOE employees 250 people, making the this a 14 percent reduction in staff. Those fired were low, mid and high-level employees in all departments within the IDOE.

Incoming Communications Director Molly Deuberry says some of the terminations were because of shifting priorities in the department. Some part of those priorities were influenced by surveys the new administration conducted with school districts across the state, asking about how their needs were met by the IDOE. Some of this feedback influenced the terminations.

In a statement, Chief of Staff Lee Ann Kwiatkowski said this is normal.

“As with any government transition, we have some staff turnover. Yesterday 34 people across a number of divisions were impacted,” Kwiatkowski said.

Deuberry says the money that funded the 34 positions may be reallocated to other positions.

McCormick officially became state superintendent Monday after her official swearing in ceremony.


  • lastcamp2

    If this happened in Russia, we’d call it a purge.
    Other media resources tell us that the total number of McCormick’s firings/resignations will exceed 60.

  • Chris Robb

    We need more detail here on what those shifting priorities are.

  • CJ

    This is a normal transition. Same thing happens at local level when a new mayor from a different party wins. Police, fire, and department head leaders will all change. The outreach coordinators didn’t seem to do much. That was easy.

  • Nancy

    So it’s “normal” to dismantle all the good done by Supt Ritz and scuttle the technical expertise schools depend on? New appointments are friends and political payoffs. Watch out schools. Too bad the new guys didn’t learn from Tony Bennett’s bullying and the outcome that just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it. And let’s be honest – more than 60 DOE employees were forced to resign in the last two weeks.

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