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StateImpact Special: The State of Education In Gary, Indiana

Think for a second about what first comes to mind when you hear mention of GARY, INDIANA

Most likely, the image you have in mind is not a positive one. You might have some preconceived notions – and that might not be your fault. What we hear about the city of Gary usually comes in the form of news reports about crime, dwindling industry, or most recently the failing schools.

(Photo Credit: Rachel Morello/StateImpact Indiana)

(Photo Credit: Rachel Morello/StateImpact Indiana)

But the perception of Gary and the reality appear to be in a sort of disconnect: many residents really see the school community as one with a lot of promise – they seem to have faith in what district administration, teachers, parents and students are trying to do.

All this week, we’ll bring you stories from inside the Gary Community School Corporation – a district many agree is in need of repair. You’ll get to know the neighborhood and the people fighting to make it a better place.

Today, we introduce you to the city of Gary – one many of its residents say is misunderstood.

A sneak peek…

Gary has experienced a host of economic and social issues for quite some time. How do urban leaders plan to fix things? State Senator Earline Rogers says she thinks it all starts with the schools.

Schools mirror the community. So we’re working on making changes as a community, and as the community gets better then hopefully the schools get better.

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