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See How Your District Fares For State Funding

When Indiana lawmakers made changes to the state’s school funding formula as part of the budget process during the most recent legislative session, it left a lot of people scratching their heads.

We’ve explained the jargon and some of the overall takeaways. But in addition to wondering what the different components of the formula were, many parents, teachers and taxpayers wanted to know: How will this affect my school corporation?

Now, thanks to the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy at Indiana University, you can find out just that. CEEP’s School Finance Team has developed an online tool to review the changes with a series of graphics outlining the data for each Indiana school district.

Overall, researchers found that 307 school corporations and charters gained funding, while 56 lost funding.

“We first focused on the complexity grant because it was one of the more complicated parts of the school funding formula,” says Thomas Sugimoto, a member of CEEP’s School Finance Team. “Our goal was to show how changes to the Complexity Index formula affect funding to school corporations based on the types of students they serve. These changes have large impacts on how funding is distributed between Indiana’s school corporations.”

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